Best Rechargeable Heated Work Gloves

Just because there is cold weather, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. It signals the opportunity for even enjoyable activities of a very different variety. The key is to be equipped with the right gear.

Heated gloves are some of the best tools to have if you are going outdoor for work in cold weather. But you need to choose the best gloves to protect you and offer overall comfort. 

Our research convinced us that the Savior Heated Gloves was the best rechargeable geared glove out of the 5 best that we tested. It earned top marks for water resistance, construction, and comfort. 

Top pick

1. Savior Heated Electric 

We found this lithium battery-powered glove to be the most effective in maintaining warmth for your hands, wind protection, and flexibility. These benefits came from its exterior shell which is 40 percent made out of lambskin.

Comfort for your skin is boosted by the soft cotton liner that lies on the inside. You can always tweak the 3  temperature settings to pick the warmth level you want for your hands. We liked these gloves a lot for activities like sledding, ice skating, camping, hunting or just having a cold day hike. 

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Runner Up

2. Aroma Season Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves 

Aroma Season Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

Close on the heels of our first pick is the Aroma Season Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

This glove features an insert that is windproof and waterproof so you can keep out the moisture.

You get a decent amount of breathability with these gloves and it also curbs sweaty hands. 

The heat that warms your hands comes from heated wires that encircle your fingers and covers your palm and palm’s back. 

For your touchscreen support, its index fingers come with pads that enable you to swipe and use your phone easily just like your bare hands. 

Best for Saving on price

3. Global Vasion Electric Heated Gloves

Global Vasion Electric Heated Gloves

If you don’t want to shell out a lot of money but still get yourself a decent pair of heat gloves, you should try the Global Vasion Electric Heated Gloves

For its attractive price, you can reap a wide sweep of benefits such as its insulating soft interior liner, a waterproof fabric shell, and a wrist adjustment strap that will keep off the snow. 

This is another heat glove that boasts touchscreen support through pads that are on the index fingers. This makes it easy to shoot a selfie or to answer a call. 

Best Gloves for skiing 

4. Snow Deer Heated Ski Gloves 

Skiing is one of the most favorite pastimes of cold winters. So it’s nice to have the Snow Deer Heated Ski Gloves which is tailor-made to address this activity. 

This glove will keep your hands toasty warm with their heated wires covering your entire hand back all the way to the fingertips. So you can speed down the slopes or navigate your way through the black run with hardly the sensation of cold in your hands. 

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Best for motorcycle

5. Savior Heat Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves

If you are plying bitter cold highways with your motorbike with the icy cold wind whipping you, your natural choice should be the Savior Heat Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves.

With its 3 temperature setting options and waterproof and windproof shell, you can easily block out the cold air. The adjustable wrist strap also gives you good control over the cold.

It also has an injury-proof hard shell that is placed over the knuckles, an ideal shield if you have accidents. 

This glove is a nice gripper and gives you an excellent grip on the brake levers and bike handlebars. This is due to its extra thinness which allows for maximum dexterity. 

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The research

Why electrically heated glove and who it is for

Bitterly cold weather brings a number of discomforts. It can induce numbness in your hands and fingers. It can also create poor circulation, a trigger for other health issues such as clots and poorly thriving cells. 

Frostbite is another common problem for those exposed to severe cold. 

Most traditional gloves have been designed to protect you against cold but they only do so up to a point. Heated gloves are a better choice as they will give more consistent comfort. 

A heated glove depends on a heating source such as batteries or chemical packets. These provide heat or warmth for a certain period of time. To give further heat or warmth, the battery has to be recharged or chemical packets have to replace. 

An electrically heated glove comes with a battery compartment with heated wires extending from them into the glove fabric. 

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What to look for in a good heat glove

1.) Material: an ideal heated glove should have a windproof shell which is typically made from polyester blend or nylon. If you are skiing or performing some work you will need gloves that are thin enough to give you flexibility, grip, and dexterity for your finger.

However, if you are just having a walk in the cold, wearing bulky gloves is sufficient and won’t get into the way of your comfort.

2.) Waterproofing: when you are directly in contact with ice or snow, waterproof protection is essential. The answer to this is typically sealed leather or shell that is made from silicone or nylon. This offers an effective barrier against water soaking your gloves.

Of course, this can cause the problem of sweat being retained in the glove causing it to build up and cause discomfort. To solve this, some glove makers place the ventilated fabric on the backside while using the waterproof material on the palms.

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3.) Touch screen support – smartphones have become an essential part of our culture even when you are caught up in the most frigid conditions. You need a convenient way to swipe your phone without having to constantly pull out your glove to use your phone. 

Compared with your skin, nylon does not conduct as well. So you won’t get a response swiping your phone with a nylon glove. A touch screen compatible glove should have a pad on the index finger that is embedded with conductive fabric. 

4.) Battery life: the typical electric heated glove, comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that gives you an average of 2 to 6 hours of heat before requiring recharging. 

Our pick

Savior Heated Electric manages to achieve an excellent balance between endurance and comfort

It has a wide heating area so we found it is a perfect gear not just for cold weather but for arthritis and poor blood circulation. For water and wind resistance, it beat the pack with its combined construction of lambskin and polyester materials. 

However, it can’t be machine washed to safeguard the internal heating element. All the other gloves we tested also suffer this limitation and can only be spot cleaned by hand with mild detergents. It’s why our top pick stays in its spot as the best rechargeable heat glove. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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