5 Best Ranch Work Gloves

If you have the good fortune to run your own ranch, or even farm with cattle, cows, sheep, and may be horses, you also have quite a bit of work to do.

This is especially true for those that work on ranches or farms…there is always work to be done and a good pair of work gloves manufactured specifically for this profession is crucial to protecting your hands from cuts, infection, and injuries in general.

We asked some top ranchers in the southwest to give us the lowdown about the ideal ranch work gloves. If they are worn, how long they last, and what are the principal tasks where a good pair of gloves is necessary.

Best Ranch Work Gloves

Then we asked them to test a selection of ranch gloves that we chose to help us compile a list of the best ranch work gloves for you, to save you some time and perhaps even some money.

We narrowed down the competition and below is our list of the top five best ranch work gloves for you to consider.

Our top overall choice, Ironclad Ranchworx Leather Ranch Work Glove, got high votes across the board from our group of professional ranchers for premium quality goatskin leather, Kevlar reinforcements, rolltop fingertips, and the fact that they are machine washable. Hopefully, you’ll like them as well.

Work GloveMaterialWaterproofInsulationFeatures
Ironclad Ranchworx Leather RanchPremium goatskin leatherNoNoKevlar reinforcements, Rolltop fingertips, Terrycloth, Thumb sweat wipe, Machine washable
Ironclad Heavy Utility RanchSynthetic leather, PVC, stretch nylon, and terryWeatherproofNoKnuckle protection in thermoplastic rubber, Machine washable
Carhartt Insulated Waterproof RanchPolyester and polyurethane with Polytex shellYesYesReinforced palm
Ozero Flex Grip RanchFull-grain cowhide leatherNoNoReinforced palm patch
Wells Lamont Leather Ranch100% cowhide leatherNoNoPuncture resistant, Abrasion resistant, Reinforced palm

The Reviews

Best Overall Ranch Work Gloves

1.) Ironclad Ranchworx Leather Ranch Work Glove

This Ranchworx glove is a flagship model for manufacturer Ironclad and is specifically designed and engineered for working on a ranch so they should be appropriate for any ranch task imaginable. 

Produced with top-notch goatskin, they take the shape of your hand, adapting to its contours guaranteeing exceptional manual dexterity and durability. This glove also benefits from Reinforcements in Kevlar. 


      • Premium goatskin leather
      • Thermoplastic rubber feature for pulling on the gloves
      • Kevlar reinforcements
      • Good sizing options
      • Rolltop fingertips
      • Terrycloth Thumb sweat wipe
      • Machine washable


      • No insulation
      • Not waterproof
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Best Utility Ranch Work Gloves

2.) Ironclad Heavy Utility Ranch Work Gloves

Ironclad not only describes the products of this manufacturer but their reputation as well. Known for the excellent quality of their working gloves, this manufacturer has created these utility gloves to furnish great protection while at work on the ranch and elsewhere. 

Perfect for heavy-duty chores, this is a popular work glove. The glove is constructed with several durable and resistant materials and features extra palm and knuckle protection.


      • Constructed with synthetic leather, PVC, stretch nylon, and terry
      • Knuckle protection in thermoplastic rubber against abrasion and impact
      • Good range of sizes
      • Terrycloth sweat feature on the back of the thumb
      • Machine washable 
      • Hook and loop closure
      • Weatherproof  


      • Not waterproof
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Best Waterproof Ranch Work Gloves 

3.) Carhartt Insulated Waterproof Ranch Work Glove

Manufacturer Carhartt has a well-deserved reputation when it comes to protective gear and wear. These particular gloves are both insulated and waterproof, meaning that they will serve you well in intemperate weather regardless of the task at hand.

Because you need to pull on these gloves, initially they may feel snug, but they will remain snugly in place for any kind of work. A closure that uses a hook and loop secures the gloves.

Constructed in polyester and polyurethane, they provide excellent dexterity and range of motion all the while keeping your hands dry thanks to FastDry lining that is moisture-wicking. Washable by hand.


      • Made of polyester and polyurethane with Polytex shell
      • Waterproof insert
      • Many sizes available 
      • Palm is reinforced 
      • Stick and digital grip
      • Insulated with exceptional breathability


      • A bit bulky
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Best Grip Ranch Work Gloves

4.) Ozero Flex Grip Ranch Work Gloves 

Ozero has produced a high-quality leather work glove with comfort and grip in mind.  Made from 100% genuine full-grain cowhide, they feature a palm reinforcement patch.

Thanks to the suppleness, there is less risk of hand fatigue and the eventual formation of blisters all the while offering an improved grip during chores. Ozero also offers a convenient three-pack.


      • Three sizes available
      • Sold as an individual pair or in convenient three packs
      • Elastic wrist cuff is adjustable
      • Full-grain cowhide leather
      • Flexible and durable
      • Great breathability
      • Perspiration absorbing
      • Comfortable
      • Reinforced palm patch


      • Elastic a bit stiff
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Best Budget Ranch Work Gloves

5.) Wells Lamont Leather Ranch Work Gloves

These budget-friendly work gloves by Wells Lamont are produced in 100% cowhide leather, they offer resistance to abrasion and puncture injuries. A reinforced palm patch contributes to increased durability.

Wrist sizes are adjustable thanks to a tape and ball feature that impedes dirt and debris of any kind from entering and keeps your glove securely in place.

Wells and Lamont furnish an ergonomic design that adapts to the natural curves and contours of the hand to increase dexterity and comfort. 


      • 100% cowhide leather
      • Puncture resistance
      • Abrasion resistance
      • Reinforced palm patch
      • Adjustable wrist
      • Ergonomic design
      • Affordable


      • Some quality control considerations
      • No insulation
      • Not waterproof
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All Things Considered

To find a good pair of ranch gloves, you’d have hundreds if not thousands of gloves to consider. This is precisely the reason we went directly to the source, professional ranchers, to save time and discover what is needed and what works well on site.

These are the characteristics that these men and women required for their work.

Type of Work

Obviously, these pros immediately made a distinction regarding the application the gloves are to be used for because there are many jobs to be done on a ranch daily.

They made a point of deciding beforehand exactly what job you need the gloves for, if there are safety risks, and the features a pair of work gloves should have to complete the job efficiently.

Will you be repairing a wooden fence and risk splinters, or will you be working with chemicals or fertilizers? Whatever chore you need to get done, the chore itself will decide the type of glove you need.

Material: There are so many materials used in the manufacturing of work gloves, that’s why it is fundamental that you know the task you intend to get done. When examining work gloves the materials that can be most commonly found include:

Leather: We’ll begin with leather because it is the most common material used for heavy-duty work gloves. You’ll find them at construction or industrial sites or in welding or mechanics’ shops.

Leather offers resistance to heat, to abrasion, to punctures, and it can provide a certain amount of shock absorption.

Bamboo: Uncommon, but available as an alternative, bamboo gloves are lightweight and made of natural fibers. They are great for light applications and offer enhanced breathability.

Cotton: Cotton gloves fabric gloves that are normally soft, washable, pliable, and relatively inexpensive. These are great if you are working in the garden or perhaps repainting your barn. They offer a basic level of immediate protection to your skin but nothing more.

Latex: This material is natural rubber that offers excellent grip thanks to a snug fit, as well as excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

They also offer superior resistance to puncture injuries than either neoprene or vinyl. If you are repairing wire cages or fences, these may prove to be a better choice.

Neoprene: Neoprene is the choice of those that want rubber gloves with no latex content due to allergies or intolerance.

It is an artificial rubber that will offer a snug comfortable fit while guaranteeing dexterity, flexibility, and tactile sensitivity. They are not ideal if you are at risk for abrasions or puncture injuries.

Nitrile: Gloves made with nitrile will feature a knitted material that will be completely coated with liquid rubber. While they do enhance grip, they are lightweight and not appropriate for heavy-duty work.

PVC or Vinyl: Polyvinyl chloride, also referred to as PVC,  is a specific type of plastic used in the production of work gloves. They are another option for those with allergies to latex.

They are more abrasion-resistant than neoprene, but they do not offer resistance to punctures. They work well for tasks that don’t present a great deal of risk and do not require exceptional dexterity or sensitivity.

Safety and Protection

The reason you wear gloves is to protect your hands and skin increasing your safety while at work. A good work glove should protect you from cuts, abrasions, burns, shocks, chemicals, impact, and shocks.

At the same time, you will need a certain degree of tactile sensitivity, agility, or dexterity, and you’ll want to be comfortable.

The materials found and utilized for the construction and manufacturing of work gloves as well as their thickness will influence the level of protection. A good glove for painting may not be adequate when repairing fences or windows.

Ideally, you should have a separate pair of work gloves for each type of task that you need to perform. If you work with glass or tools, you may need puncture resistance whereas welding or metalworking may require heat resistance.

Dexterity and Fit

Whenever you acquire a pair of gloves, the fit is synonymous with efficacy. It must ensure dexterity for your hands so that you can accomplish the task you have scheduled for completion.

Range of motion and manual agility are fundamental for working efficiently, so the glove must maintain physical dexterity while adding a substantial layer of protection.

If you need precision in your movements, a thinner material may be more appropriate than a thicker glove produced in heavy-duty leather or a thicker polyester.

Consider how snugly or loosely gloves fit. A glove that is too tight will be uncomfortable and may even impede circulation in your hand, while a loose glove can impede grip and precision, and leave you battling with too much material.


Regardless of the task at hand, a good pair of safety gloves are crucial for your safety on the job. 

We hope our list of best ranch work gloves will help you get started on your search for the best ranch work glove to meet your needs and that the insights provided will save you time and money in the long run.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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