Is Polyester Good for Gloves?

A darling of the textile industry, polyester is used to make a range of garments. From bedsheets to sportswear there is nothing that the material is not a part of.

Polyester gloves are one in the long list of apparel that synthetic material has made its mark in.

You might be well aware of how popular they are. But, being something that lay close to your skin, have you wondered how viable polyester is for work gloves?

You might have. Or you would not be here. This blog is going to throw light all about the topic and even more!

Is Polyester Good for Gloves

Polyester for gloves is a viable option. It is flexible, guarantees warmth, and is not prone to shrinkage. However, pure polyester gloves can be uncomfortable due to the lack of breathability of the material. But, with the improvements in technology, mixing other fibers with polyester is proven to reduce the effect.

What is polyester?

Polyester is a synthetic fiber made to cater to the needs of humans that the other fabrics cannot completely fulfill. 

Commonly referred to as polyethylene terephthalate or PET, the material is a kind of plastic that exhibits characteristics different from cotton or other synthetic fabrics.

It is a chock-a-block of fibers that makes it flexible and resistant to wrinkles. 

Made by combining, terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, the man-made polymer is long-lasting and lustrous. The shine of the fabric makes it pretty attractive and preferable for stylish attires.

Being one the most preferable fabric for textile and other industrial purposes polyester can be seen almost anywhere. For instance, it is a component that is used in recording tapes. It is also utilized for home furnishings and electrical insulation. 

Polyester is therefore not just a man-made synthetic fiber that wicks your sweat, but an invention that serves many other purposes. 

Enough with the intro…now let’s get into the real subject. 

Why polyester gloves are in demand?

Polyester is breathable. Yup, it feels smooth against your skin. And give you warmth more than any other fabric out there. (Are 100% Polyester Jackets Warm?)

Imagine you in your car driving through the woods, feeling all cozy. But alas! The steering wheel is not yet warm for you to comfortably drive.

Polyester gloves can be the solution here. The capacity to withstand extreme environmental conditions and to resist cold effectively makes them excellent hand warmers.

Moreover, the material is so light that you need not feel all covered up while you can get the needed heat. 

Woolen gloves cannot give you the exact feel. They are a little too much when it comes to fibers. Your grasp around the wheel might not be that comfortable. (Is Wool Warmer Than Polyester?)

Polyester for gloves has other advantages too. They are:

1.) Can be washed easily:  Dirt or dust built up is less on polyester. As a result, cleaning these gloves is not a difficult task. With water, you can do it without any effort.

2.) Dries quickly:  As the fabric does not have an affinity with water, the water droplets do not cling to it like cotton. When washed the fabric dries easily and it takes very limited time to completely dry the gloves even when air-dried.

3.) Stay in the same shape: The tightness of the fibers not only gives flexibility but also prevents the loosening up of the material when stretched. No matter the number of times you have put them on, they come back to their original shape without any resistance.

4.) Can also act as a water barrier: You might be thinking how this is possible because in the introduction we said it wicks sweat, then how can it act as a water barrier?  Well, it all depends on how the fibers are weaved.

A closely woven polyester acts as a barrier to water which is how work gloves are made. And loosely weaved polyester absorbs sweat making polyester sportswear never go out of demand.

Are there any drawbacks of using pure polyester for work gloves?

Polyester is indeed flexible. But, the breathability of the fabric is very less. 

The capacity of the material to trap heat is quite good and it can be slightly uncomfortable when the fabric is very close to the skin. Irritation due to sweat is therefore almost unavoidable if you are using pure polyester gloves.

And what can be the result of perspiration trapped inside? Bad odor. Imagine how it can be with the fabric very close to the skin and the sweat not able to evaporate. The insides will always be clammy. 

These are the major concerns if you are going for pure polyester gloves. But, you can often go for a mix of fabrics to avoid these problems. Polycotton is one such option.

Are polycotton gloves better than pure polyester gloves?

Yes, they are.

Polycotton as the name suggests is a mix of polyester and cotton. When cotton is added to polyester the characteristic of the fabric takes a different nature. 

In the combination, however, polyester is given more importance. The ratio can vary depending upon the type of garment and use. 

Advantages of polycotton gloves

1.) They are more comfortable: The breathability of the fabric is better when compared to pure polyester. The cotton fibers reduce the tightness of pure polyester and add looseness. Thus polycotton gloves are comfortable to wear than pure polyester ones.

2.) Comes with excellent resistance to wear and tear: The combination of the two types gives much more resistance to the material. Unlike cotton or polyester, polycotton is much more strong and durable. (Which is Warmer Polyester or Cotton?)

3.) They are pocket-friendly: Being a mixture of two types of fabric, polycotton gloves are much affordable than cotton. Even when the advantages are more, the price is on the lower side.

4.) Gives more protection against dirt: Polycotton gloves are suitable for a dry environment. They provide good protection against dirt or dust.

5.) Gives good grip: Due to the addition of cotton, the slippery texture is reduced. Even with polyester, the gloves will give you a good grip.

Do polyester gloves easily become prey to fungus?

The sweaty insides of the gloves make an excellent home to fungus or bacteria. As the flow of air is minimal, it is pretty obvious how it can create a nurturing ground for these. 

But you can avoid such a situation if you go for…

Gloves that are treated with Actifresh, a hygiene function that can prevent bacterial growth. It acts as a sanitizer keeping your gloves hygienic and skin safe.

Also, you can take off the gloves in between your work for the sweat to evaporate, refreshing the material.

How to clean polyester gloves?

Keeping your gloves irrespective of what they are made of is extremely important. Knowing the correct method to cleanse the gloves is also vital. 

Usually, they will have tags giving instructions as to how it can be done. If tags are not there, you can always simply wash them using warm water and detergent.

You can put them in a washing machine without any hesitation. Wrinkling is not much of a concern. But it is best if you do not use the dryer.

Or you can also soak them in water and air dry. 

Is it true that polyester is not a friend of nature?

Polyester as you read in the beginning is a type of plastic. It is made from petrochemicals. Simplifying even further, they are made from petroleum. Polyester is therefore not environment friendly. Rather, it is pretty harmful.

Moreover, the process is energy-intensive. The burning of oil and wood is a part of the production.

It takes time for polyester to degrade making them a problem in the path of conservation nature. In addition to this, polyester also releases microplastics when washed. These will stay in the water bodies contaminating them for decades.

It is estimated that almost 60% of the polyester made is used for clothing. Imagine how much waste that we might be dumping on nature.

Polyester gloves, therefore, are not green. When you buy them you are costing the environment a bit of its peace.

So what is the nearest solution?

Going for recycled polyester gloves.

Where can I get recycled polyester gloves? 

Today, recycling polyester is common and is being taken as one of the major initiatives by many countries to conserve the environment. But the process is not easy. Due to the complex nature of the fabric, breaking down the components is a tedious task.

However, recycling can lead to the material losing its strength. Hence, virgin polyester has to be added in a small amount to prevent the reduction in quality.

Recycled polyester is made not just from fabric waste but also other refuses. For instance, plastic bottles are now increasingly used for this purpose. 

Many brands in the US are now adopting this method to reduce the cost of production and negative effects on the environment.

Here is a list of some of the quality recycled gloves available in the market:

1.) Men’s Classic Gloves – Goodfellow & Co™ Black One size

Men's Classic Gloves - Goodfellow & Co™ Black One size

Made for cold weather, these gloves are ultra-comfortable. Due to its stylish crafting, it can go with any outfit making it the perfect choice.

2.) HDG 100% REPREVE Polyester Gloves 

HDG 100% REPREVE Polyester Gloves 

Made completely out of recycled materials, these gloves provide warmth and comfort like no other. They are also excellent in repelling water.

3.) Trek 100, Recycled Polyester Backpacking Liner Gloves

Trek 100, Recycled Polyester Backpacking Liner Gloves

Durability and dexterity are guaranteed by this well-crafted pair of recycled polyester gloves. Suitable for cold winter, they are made to give the needed breathability too.

4.) Sherpa Fleece Gloves

For good grip and a nice look, you can go for these beauties. Developed with very minimal virgin polyester, these are can give you a complete guilt-free winter experience.

5.) Kombi recycled polyester technical gloves

Kombi recycled polyester technical glovesSoft and well-knitted, these gloves are fully fleece lined. You can go for these anytime for a good and warm adventure.

To Conclude

Polyester is never going out of demand. The incredible invention has brought revolutionary changes in many fields.

Pure virgin polyester gloves are plenty on market. But soon, the need for a green world might make them take a step back paving way for more mixed fabric and recycled gloves.

Want to know more interesting facts? Hope into my other blogs!

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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