What are Orange Gloves Used For?

Orange gloves are quite catchy, aren’t they? The bright color makes them stand apart no matter what you are wearing.

But is it just the color and its appeal? Does it have a specific purpose? Are they better than other colored gloves?

A lot of such questions might pop up in your head while you think about this attractive work gear. This blog is going to tell you all that!

Orange gloves are used by auto mechanics. They are a necessity in industries or workplaces to ensure safety where visibility is compromised due to lack of light or to easily recognize dark stains or greases from machines. There are many other significant reasons that make orange gloves popular in the industrial field.

What are Orange Gloves Used For

Who needs orange gloves?

Orange provides visibility more than any other color. In dark or confined spaces, where light is minimal, orange gloves can help in ensuring safety. 

Now, this becomes even more important if you are dealing with machines or any other sophisticated systems. And that is why orange gloves are in high demand by the automobile industry.

Mechanics who often have to handle automobiles, their engines, and other parts will find their hands or garments stained with black oil or grease. With a bright orange covering your hands, spotting these marks will be easy.

But it is not just mechanics but many other workmen who go for these due to their advantages.

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Why orange gloves are popular among industrial workers?

There are a few factors that make these gloves stay in demand despite 

1.) Easy for the eye:

The color orange lets the person see what he is doing. It shows him where his hands are going and where his fingers might be reaching. This is vital for auto mechanics as they are to put their hands in engines.

2.) Chemical stains are not a nuisance anymore:

Contact with chemicals can be easily noted with orange fabric. Chemicals can affect the quality of the fabric and orange gloves can tell you even faster than other colored gloves as the change will be quite visible.

3.) Effective prevention of contamination spread:

As the stains or contamination are effortlessly spotted, the spreading of the same can be prevented efficiently. Once you are aware that the gloves are affected, you can immediately change them and go for new ones. 

4.) A quick way to check the safety measures:

Yes, the orange gloves are noticeable even from a distance and this gives the employers a quick way to check whether the employees are wearing the important needed work gear when involved in risky activities.

And orange gloves are not thin. They are made with thick material to avoid the user’s hand getting injured while dealing with dangerous objects. They are made of nitrile.

Why do orange gloves come mostly in nitrile?

If you search for good-quality orange gloves, you will surely find that these are made of nitrile and not latex.

For medical purposes and general use, latex gloves are popular, while for harsh working conditions the gloves are preferred to be made of nitrile. 

Let’s see a comparison between nitrile and latex for you to get an idea about the two popular glove materials:

Material Latex Nitrile
Type of rubber Natural Synthetic
Robustness Medium High
Chemical resistance Low High
Puncture resistance Low High
Easily mouldable to the palm shape Yes No

Here you can clearly see how nitrile is more beneficial than latex.

For auto mechanics, orange nitrile gloves are a perfect choice. They ensure safety due to their qualities of chemical and puncture resistance.

Moreover, latex gloves have been observed to result in skin allergies to many which is not that common an issue with nitrile gloves.

Due to these advantages and new cost-effective methods of production, nitrile gloves are even taking over latex gloves even in the medical field. They are gaining acceptance by the day.

Things to keep in check while buying orange nitrile gloves:

1.) Inner lining: Check the inner lining to know what material is used for it. The better the lining cloth, the more will be the comfort.

Cotton, polymer, acrylic, and the list goes on. The comfort, therefore, is your choice. Try and see what suits you well.

2.) Strength of the glove material: Do see how robust the glove fabric is. They need to be pretty robust not to be torn with a slight pull or when caught inside a machine. Protection of your palm is vital.

3.) Thickness: The glove fabric should not be too thin, especially if you are to work where you have to deal with machines.

You can find orange gloves in different thicknesses. The higher the thickness, the better will be your safety.

4.) The grip: Diamond grip is one of the most important features that define a set of quality gloves. Diamond grip means the small protrusions on the glove surface that gives friction for you to have a good hold of anything.

5.) Good fit: Ensure you choose the apt size for you. If too tight or loose, you will not find the gloves fulfilling your needs.

They might be uncomfortable and can create situations that can harm the nature of your work. It can also lead to skin irritation.

6.) Flexibility: The gloves you choose should be flexible enough to give you comfort while working. Dexterity matters a lot. Make sure that the gloves are of good quality and help you in conducting your activities with ease.

7.) Versatility: The orange gloves are not limited to one work environment. They are supposed to be used in different situations.

Gardening, plumbing, cleaning, lab work, auto detailing, manufacturing, automotive, and cooking are just a few on the list. A good set of orange gloves will be suitable to be used in any situation.

8.) Free of powder: Gloves often come with powder which acts as the donning agent. This might react with the user’s skin resulting in an allergic reaction causing irritation.

Powder-less gloves are now available in the market. Go for them if you think they are the option for you.

Top Orange Nitrile Gloves

1.) GLOVEWORKS HD Orange Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Suitable for different purposes, these latex-free gloves are of best quality and provide great fit. Consider buying a size larger for the best result.


Excellent in ensuring safety, these gloves come powder-free and are crafted to serve different jobs. They have some amazing reviews. So do check out!

3.) ASAP Orange Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves

Offering good dexterity and strong built these gloves are suitable for any complicated activity. Moreover, these are powder-free and latex-free so that you can forget about your allergies!

4.) Tiger Grip Orange Superior Grip Disposable Nitrile Gloves

With diamond grip and top quality materials, these pair of gloves can give you comfort and make your job easy. With 7ml thickness, they give good safety for your palms.

5.) Venom Steel Maximum Grip Nitrile Gloves

Strong and thick these are good for tough working conditions. The thickness does not affect the fit. The raised diamond grip is another important feature that makes these gloves a good choice.

To Sum Up

Orange gloves will never go out of style nor demand. Visibility of bright orange is essential in ensuring safety for industrial working conditions.

And that is why these gloves are constantly experimented with and innovated, making them even better!

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