5 Best Nitrile Work Gloves


Single-use gloves are widely used as professional equipment in the medical, cleaning, law enforcement, and food industries. But they can also be used at home by non-professionals for routine tasks like gardening or cleaning. 

They protect hands against harm such as dirt, bacteria as well as abrasions, and scrapes. We spent considerable time researching nitrile gloves that are available in the market. 

We found Infi-Touch Nitrile Glove to be our highest-rated nitrile glove, notable for its price advantage, protection, and high durability. 

1. Infi-Touch Nitrile Glove

With many disposable gloves, it can be frustrating to find something that adequately covers you to keep off liquids. Not Infi-Touch Nitrile Glove.

This glove gives you great coverage that extends to your wrists. The acrylic liner in this powder-free glove also prevents skin contact with the nitride layer. So you can easily pull on or pull out the glove. 

You will enjoy the extremely nice gripping power this glove offers through its micro-textured fingertips. This combines very well with its 6-millimeter thickness that makes it resistant to punctures and provides strength. 

This glove is a good choice for household chores especially if you want to paint, clean, or prepare food. 

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2. Safeguard Nitrile Disposable Gloves – Best glove for price 

This is a powder-free and latex-free glove version so you won’t be troubled by the issue of allergies triggered by latex or powder. 

Texture has been added to them to give you a good grip so that your tools or parts don’t slip from your hand. 

They are also food grade being FDA certified. So they are suitable to use for food handling or preparation. At its price point, this is an excellent option for consumers. 

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3. Hand – E Touch Disposable Nitrile Gloves 

When it comes to dexterity, Hand – E Touch Disposable Nitrile Gloves makes a superb choice. 

It offers you a very tactile grip through its textured fingertips and 3-millimeter thickness. Their thinness can still afford some good durability so that you can handle less intense tasks like painting, or cleaning. 

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4. MedPride Nitrite Exam Gloves – Best Nitrite for light duty 

For performing light tasks with very good protection, we think that MedPride Nitrite Exam Gloves is the best option. While they are highly rated for medical use, households will also find them useful. They are also used by mechanics, or law enforcement personnel. 

They are quite versatile which makes them suitable for many tasks. These include food preparations, first aid tasks, cleaning, and dealing with common chemicals. The high puncture resistance means this glove can protect against gas, liquid, or chemicals. Its tactile sensitivity is also superb. 

These gloves, also win at their snug nature. They fit exceptionally well making them true to size. Despite being thin they are also very stretchable retaining their strength. They are also easy to slip on and off making them very convenient for users. 

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5. AMMEX Gloveworks HD Nitrite Gloves – Best for the bathroom 

If you need gloves for cleaning bathrooms with plenty of contact with strong chemicals and use of much water, AMMEX Gloveworks HD Nitrite Gloves is suited for the job.

Among all the nitrile gloves, it’s more pricey because of its durability and suitability for many tasks. 

With a thickness of 8 millimeters, they are best for heavy-duty tasks. The length between the cuffs and fingers tips also has a span of 9.5 inches giving you ample protection as you work. The whole of the glove exterior is covered with a textured grip, giving you good dexterity. 

This glove performs well for the automobile industry and shows good resistance to harsh chemicals including oils and solvents. It readily resists tear and punctures. 

The glove surface features a  raised diamond texture which functions by removing liquids so that have a tight grip in wet conditions. 

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The Research

Nitrile gloves are an alternative to latex gloves. It is a synthetic or man-made material that differs from latex which is typically from natural rubber.

Unlike latex, nitrile does not produce allergic reactions. They are thin and usually insulate against the entry of liquid or irritating materials. They are also puncture-proof which shield you from pointed objects. 

Nitrile gloves are usually used in the doctor’s office or the food industry like other gloves but they go a further distance in providing some benefits not found in other gloves. 

What to Look for in a Good Nitrile Glove

1.) Thickness: glove thickness usually ranges from 3 to 6 millimeters. Users have to choose them according to the requirements they needed for their work.

Thicker gloves offer more durability but with the loss of tactile feel which may be needed for dexterity. Thinner gloves offer more tactile sensitivity but they could easily tear. 

2.) Medical grade vs industrial:

As a user, you need to know which category your use of the glove falls. Medical grade and industrial gloves are often not distinguished from each other by most users but they have key differences.

Medical grade gloves are usually thoroughly vetted by the FDA  to ensure they can be safely used on patients. They are used in labs, hospitals, dental offices, etc.

Industrial grade gloves are usually thicker gloves with less tactile feel than medical grade gloves. They aim to protect users against chemicals, abrasions, and punctures. They are often used in factories, automotive areas, food service, and janitorial services. 

3.) Powdered or not: nitrile gloves sometimes come with cornstarch powder, added to stop them from sticking to your skin or sticking together. This also eases the process of putting them on. 

The downside of powder-free gloves is that you can have trouble removing them. They may also make it hard to handle or grip smaller items. However, they offer better protection to water, oil, or chemicals. 

4.) Skin sensitivity: disposable gloves are typically tight-fitting and this can irritate allergic people. Unlike latex, nitrile causes less skin irritation due to allergy.

Powdered gloves can also cause allergic reactions. So people with sensitive skin may generally prefer non-powdered nitrile gloves. 


No single glove tops in every single metric.  All in all, we found that Infi-Touch Nitrile Glove performed excellently when we applied it to our various tests.

Its most impressive showing was in toughness and durability. As a result, it achieves the best balance between thickness and abrasive strength and dexterity.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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