Can Kevlar Be Cut? (Facts and Myths)

How do you cut something that can be 5 times tougher than steel, excessively resistant to heat and abrasion, and used to make bulletproof uniforms?

Well, we’re sure you’ve already understood that we’re talking about Kevlar. The sheer strength of Kevlar naturally gives rise to the question: whether or not you can cut Kevlar?

Although the strength of Kevlar is unparalleled, the very fact that it is used to manufacture so many products makes it clear that Kevlar can indeed be cut.

Industries have heavy-duty pieces of equipment to cut through Kevlar. It’s obvious you can’t have those machines at home or in your small shop. 

There’s nothing to get disheartened about though. There are many high-quality scissors that are specifically designed to cut Kevlar neatly.

In fact, if it’s a very small patch of Kevlar that you want to cut, you can actually use a sewing scissor too. Just don’t forget to sharpen the edges of the scissor after cutting Kevlar though. 

Expect to learn a lot more about Kevlar and its strength in this guide: Can Kevlar be cut, can you cut it using normal scissors and knives, is it required to wear any sort of PPE while cutting Kevlar, how to cut Kevlar neatly, and much more!

Hype Around Kevlar and Its Strength – Can Kevlar be Cut NEATLY? 

To clear the entire confusion once and for all, the answer is, yes! Yes, you can cut Kevlar. However, how neatly it’s cut depends on many factors.

Here’s a list of pointers that’ll help you figure out how to cut Kevlar with precision. Have a look! 

1.) Use A Sewing Scissor for Small Patches of Kevlar – If you have limited use of Kevlar and you just have to cut a small patch, you don’t have to buy any specific scissors.

Take a sewing scissor and sharpen its edges with the help of sandpaper. After using it to cut through Kevlar, make sure to rub the edges with sandpaper again to make sure that the edges stay sharp. 

2.) Use an Army Knife – Some people think that knives cannot cut through Kevlar. That’s, however, a myth. Obviously, if you use your kitchen knife to cut Kevlar, it might not work. But, using an Army Knife is a good option to cut Kevlar. 

3.) Use Special Scissors Designed to Cut Kevlar – If you own a small shop and your work involves cutting Kevlar frequently, sewing scissors and army knives won’t last long since Kevlar is extremely tough. In such cases, buying special Kevlar scissors makes the most sense. 

These are the 3 ways in which you can cut Kevlar. Now, let’s cover the ‘NEATNESS’ factor. Every individual fabric of Kevlar moves and shifts while the fabric is being cut. So, it’s important to hold the fabric stable. 

Here’s how you can cut Kevlar neatly:

1.) Keep the fabric to be cut on a solid strong surface.

2.) Now use masking tape to hold the Kevlar fabric in place. 

3.) Ensure that the masking tape has a solid grip. 

4.) Once Kevlar is held in place tightly, cut through it at one go. 

5.) Make it a point to use a very sharp scissor to cut Kevlar neatly. 

Do You Require PPE Equipment to Cut Kevlar – Does it Make a Difference?

Let’s just say, sharp knives and sharp scissors used to cut Kevlar are just as dangerous as the fabric dust released while cutting Kevlar. Your safety matters a lot when dealing with Kevlar. 

So, yes, you do require all sorts of PPE equipment pieces if you want to carry out the procedure without sustaining any major or minor injury. 

Wondering what all you need as protection equipment while cutting Kevlar? Fret not, we have the list and we have compiled it at your disposal in the section below. 

1.) Invest into buying very strong cut-resistant gloves. The PPE gloves you wear should offer strong protection from sharp objects. 

2.) Buying goggles to protect your eyes from the dust arising from Kevlar is very important. Did you know that constant exposure to Kevlar dust can even cause blindness? 

3.) Wearing earplugs is also a good idea to ensure workplace safety while cutting Kevlar. 

Bear in mind, the quality of the safety equipment you buy will matter the most. Working with Kevlar and cutting it while wearing cheap gloves is as good as wearing nothing at all. So, invest in buying the right pieces of equipment to prevent serious injuries. 

How to Care for Equipment You Use to Cut Kevlar?

Whether it’s a small patch of Kevlar you’ve cut or a complicated pattern with the help of rotary tools and blades, you will, most likely, need those pieces of equipment again.

Sadly, Kevlar is very very hard. It’s quite likely that the edges of the tools you use will go blunt very quickly if you don’t care for them.

Some of the ways to prolong the life of tools you use to cut Kevlar are as follows. 

1.) Do not let the dust from Kevlar settle on the tools. 

2.) Clean the edges of the knife, scissor, blade, or whichever equipment you use to cut Kevlar with wet sandpaper. 

3.) Rub the surface until it’s properly cleaned. 

4.) Rub the edges with dry sandpaper too. 

5.) Apply resin or some sort of lubricant, in the end, to protect the equipment from developing rust. 

2 Best Tools You Can Use to Cut Kevlar Without Much Trouble 

6 1/4″ Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter by Vampire Professional Tools Store

This is one of the best and most durable Kevlar cutting scissors out there in the market. It’s so strong that it can also be used to cut carbon fiber. 

1.) The blades are pointed.

2.) The blade is also serrated so that you can make a solid grip on the Kevlar material you want to cut. 

3.) It’s a RoHS compliant scissor used to cut Kevlar for industrial purposes. 

4.) High carbon alloy steel, Molybdenum, and Vanadium that are combined to make the blades are corrosion resistant. 

5.) The exception cutting hardness is HV1200.

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KS-1 Yellow Fiber Optic Kevlar Scissor by Miller

This is another stunning portable Kevlar scissor that’s usually used by people working as technicians and electricians. 

1.) Despite being lightweight, this scissor is very strong and durable. 

2.) It has a next-gen ergonomic design. It means that whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, this scissor is the right choice for you. 

3.) The blades are micro-serrated. It ensures that they won’t slip while cutting Kevlar. Hence, they offer a neat cut. 

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3 Best PPE Equipment Pieces to Wear While Cutting Kevlar 

Level 9 Cut Resistant Glove Upgraded Cutting Gloves by Schwer

These are the kind of gloves you require for protection while cutting Kevlar using sharp objects. 

1.) They’re equipped with stainless steel mesh that makes them extremely durable against penetration from sharp objects. 

2.) They do not rust or corrode. Besides, they’re certified by ISEA.

3.) The blend of polyethylene fibers and stainless steel makes these gloves avoid 16 times more cut-resistant than many other gloves in the market. 

4.) Despite such a level of protection, they’re surprisingly lightweight, moisture-wicking, and very comfortable to wear. 

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Anti-Fog Protective Safety Goggles by YunTuo

These are some of the best safety goggles on the market. These industrial-grade protection goggles are perfect when cutting Kevlar due to many reasons, listed below. 

1.) They protect airborne dust (hence, Kevlar dust) from entering the eyes. 

2.) They are scratch-resistant. So, they will not block your vision while you’re working. 

3.) They have a very comfortable adjustable headband that won’t cause pain. 

4.) They protect the eyes from liquids too.

5.) They are perfect even for people who wear glasses. 

6.) They’re equipped with 4 vents so that your vision isn’t fogged while working.

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Jackson Safety Lightweight Premium Face Shield by MAXVIEW

This is another very useful PPE equipment when cutting Kevlar. It doesn’t protect just the eyes, it protects the entire face.

If you’re working in a hardcore industry that requires you to cut and mold Kevlar on a regular basis, just a protective google might not help. Protecting goggles are better for people who cut Kevlar occasionally. 

If you’re a professional who deals with Kevlar day in and day out, this safety PPE Face shield is the best product because of the following features. 

1.) It’s lightweight. Hence, it’s going to be comfortable even if you wear it for longer hours. 

2.) It will protect your eyes and nose from getting in touch with Kevlar dust.

3.) It is compliant with both ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards for workplace protection. 

4.) It doesn’t clog the vision at all and it’s resistant to scratches as well. 

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Concluding Thoughts:

It is possible to cut Kevlar using sharp scissors and army knives if you’re trying to cut a small piece. In case you deal with cutting Kevlar frequently, it’s always recommended to buy scissors and cutting tools that are specially designed to cut Kevlar. 

Although Kevlar is tough, when held flat against a tough surface, it can be cut with neat precision. One of the major precautions that you need to follow while cutting Kevlar is wearing protective cut-resistant gloves and goggles that can protect your eyes from Kevlar dust. 

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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