Why Are My Hands Peeling After Wearing Gloves?

Gloves are a very important piece of PPE in all industries whether it’s the health and medical sector, the food processing industry, or the construction industry. However, at times, hands start peeling after wearing gloves and that’s a very serious issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

Although there’s no replacement for gloves, if your hands start peeling after wearing gloves, it means you are having an allergic reaction. This condition is known as hand dermatitis. 

Latex gloves, synthetic gloves, and rubber gloves have certain chemicals used in their synthesis. If your hands start peeling after wearing any of these gloves, it means the chemicals are reacting badly with your skin. 

Why Are My Hands Peeling After Wearing Gloves

In this guide, you will be able to learn everything about hard dermatitis: why do your hands start peeling after wearing gloves, how to identify that you have hand dermatitis, how can you effectively solve the problem, and much more. 

Why Do Hands Start Peeling After Wearing Gloves: Is It a Serious Issue? 

Wearing protective gloves isn’t optional; it’s a necessity. But, when the hands start peeling after wearing gloves, it becomes a problem. 

Wondering why your hands have started peeling after wearing gloves despite you dispose of the gloves after every use? Find the answers in the pointer below.

1.) Certain chemicals in the gloves are reacting with your skin that’s peeling your skin. 

2.) Moisture gets trapped inside the gloves for a long time. 

3.) You don’t wash your hands frequently or you over wash them. 

4.) You keep touching the top of the gloves while removing them after each use. 

5.) You’re wearing cheap quality gloves. 

6.) You’re using acidic cleaners to wash your hands before and after wearing the gloves. 

7.) You’re wearing gloves that are not approved by the FDA, OSHA, and ANSI. 

The most common irritants that cause skin peeling after wearing gloves are sulfur-based accelerators, lanolin, dyes ammonium, polyoxypropylene glycol, dithiocarbamates, and mercaptobenzothiazole. 

Hand dermatitis is a very serious occupational hazard that can cause rashes, irritation, swelling, and redness. It could get so worse if untreated that you might have to leave your career altogether. 

How to Identify That You Have Hand Dermatitis That’s Peeling Your Skin? 

Hand dermatitis has certain symptoms that are the signs that you are not maintaining healthy hand hygiene. The most common indications that your hands are peeling because of wearing gloves due to hand dermatitis are as follows:

1.) Severe rashes occur on the top of your hands. 

2.) Your cuticles start cracking. 

3.) The peeling is accompanied by swelling, irritation, redness, and acute pain. 

4.) It’s impossible to wear gloves even if you apply a moisturizer.

5.) The peeling skin might develop painful blisters too.

When all these symptoms occur at the same time, it’s about time to see a medical practitioner so that the issue can be resolved before it fully blows out of control. 

How to Get Rid of Hand Dermatitis that is Peeling Your Skin After Wearing Gloves? 

The good thing about hand dermatitis is that it can be fully cured. Certain precautions and treatments that can get rid of this chronic issue are listed below. 

Precaution to Protect Your Hands From Peeling After Wearing Gloves 

1.) Wash your hands with a chemical-free gentle cleanser before and after wearing the gloves. It’s important that the PH level of the skin isn’t disturbed. 

2.) Ensure that your hands are fully dry before you wear the gloves. 

3.) Make sure that you apply a moisturizing lotion every day after work. 

4.) Ensure that your hands don’t get moist while you’re wearing the gloves. 

5.) Do not ever wear gloves that are not approved by the FDA. 

6.) Refrain from using gloves if your skin has been cut.

7.) Ensure you invest in wearing gloves that are moisture-wicking. 

8.) It’s also a very good idea to wear high-quality ANSI-approved protective cotton gloves so that no irritant can have direct contact with your skin. 

9.) Wear gloves that are made by using cross-linking technology since these gloves do not irritate the skin. 

How To Treat Peeling Hands Due to Hand Dermatitis? 

The first obvious step is to seek medical help and not wear gloves at all till the peeling stops. Other ways to treat skin peeling after wearing gloves have been discussed in the upcoming pointers. 

1.) Apply topical steroids as prescribed by the doctor. Severe cases also require oral consumption of steroids. Follow your doctor’s advice. 

2.) Applying cool compresses on the affected area reduces inflammation and itching that speeds up the process of recovery. 

3.) Don’t scratch the skin that is peeling after wearing gloves. Dipping the hands in cold water and simply dabbing them dry with a pure cotton towel will help a lot. 

Gloves You Can Wear So that Your Hands Do Not Peel

1.) Industrial Nitrile Gloves by AMMEX GLOVEWORKS

These disposable gloves are powder-free and latex-free. They’re one of the best choices for healthcare workers and people in the food processing industry. 

      • The textured surface offers a good grip. 
      • They offer protection from chemicals. 
      • They’re strong and tensile. 
      • They’re available in different sizes.

Cons: Some people have an issue with the pricing of these gloves. However, they’re so strong that they’re absolutely worth the price. 

2.) Nitrile Disposable Gloves by Wostar

These are powder-free disposable gloves that can be worn in a variety of fields. They’re silicone-free and extremely stretchable too. 

      • They’re excellent alternatives for people who have allergies to latex. 
      • They’re highly resistant to abrasion too. 

Cons: Size could be an issue. So, follow the chart as provided by the manufacturer to find your ideal fit. 

3.) Sensitive FDA-Compliant Disposable Gloves by Eagle Protect

These are powder-free FDA-approved nitrile gloves that do not lead to peeling. They’re accelerator-free as well. Hence, there’s no danger of hand dermatitis whatsoever. 

      • These gloves are ambidextrous. 
      • They’re latex-free. Hence, they’re ideal for multiple industries such as the food processing industry and the healthcare sector.
      • They’re ASTM-approved alongside being approved by the FDA. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Hand dermatitis leads to the peeling of hands after wearing gloves. It’s a painful condition that’s accompanied by blistering, swelling, rashes, irritation, and inflammation. 

In order to ensure that your hands do not peel after wearing gloves, it is required that you do not wear gloves that contain sulfur compounds. It’s also recommended that you should put on your gloves after your hands are thoroughly dried. 

Bear in mind, peeling of hands after wearing gloves should be treated on priority. If you fail to take care of your hands or you delay getting hand dermatitis treated for long, the road to recovery can be really long and unsettling. 

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