5 Best Disposable Work Gloves for Any Job

When referring to work gloves, most professionals, with the exception of medical and food industry pros think reusable.

This is a pretty good idea if you are not working with lubricants, chemicals, or substances in general that leave a residue or dirty your hand during work. In this case, a disposable work glove can be really convenient.

Reusable gloves that suffer spills will need to be washed if nothing else to protect your skin from a chemical that can pass through your glove and irritate or burn your skin.

A reliable disposable glove will save you from having to clean gloves and risk handling them if stained with a dangerous fluid or material.

Best Disposable Work Gloves

We researched a dozen of the best disposable work gloves on the market and then had a mixed team of pros test them on-site for ten days. Our group included mechanics, HVAC pros, farm and agricultural workers, and plumbers.

All these professions are exposed daily to chemicals and substances that can cause harm and all these professions could benefit from being able to toss work gloves at the end of a task.

After all the trying, testing, and tossing, our choice fell to the Venom Steel Disposable Work Gloves. These gloves are very impressive because they boast a 6-mil thickness dual layer of hand protection that is difficult to tear or puncture.

We also were impressed with the Gloveworks Heavy-Duty Orange Disposable Work Gloves because of their efficacious raised texture and resistance to chemicals and puncturing.

Disposable GlovesMaterialSizesColorThickness
Venom Steel VEN6145N DisposableNitrileL, X-L, one-size-fits-allBlack externally, white internally6-mil
Gloveworks HD Orange DisposableNitrileM, L, X-LOrange8-mil
Adenna Dark Light DLG675 NitrileNitrileM, L, X-LBlack9-mil
Curad Disposable Latex TexturedLatexS, M, LBeige
Gloveworks Vinyl Industrial DisposableVinylS, M, L, X-LTransparent3-mil

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Best Overall Disposable Work Gloves 

1. Venom Steel VEN6145N Disposable Work Gloves

These disposable work gloves manufactured by Venom Steel are quite impressive for a throw-away glove. Made with nitrile rubber, they boast a 6-mil thickness dual layer of hand protection.

When we tested, we had to use a lot of pressure to get this glove to tears and we had to work equally hard to cut and puncture this glove. 

These gloves protect against water and chemicals along with grease, dirt, fuels, grime, oil and more, to keep your hands safe and dry while at work.

Venom Steel produces the gloves in three sizes: large, x-large, and a one-size-fits-all version. This fully textured work glove helps to prevent slippage in both wet and dry working conditions. 


      • Fully textured glove for improved grip
      • 3 sizings available
      • Powder-free
      • Latex-free
      • Dual-layer 6 mil thick protection
      • Durable and comfortable


      • Sizing may not work for smaller-sized hands
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Best Heavy-Duty Disposable Work Glove 

2. Gloveworks HD Orange Disposable Work Glove

Produced in high-quality nitrile, these industrial-grade work gloves can handle just about any heavy-duty project and protect your hands.

A raised diamond texture prevents tools and liquids from slipping if in wet working conditions. They are free of latex and of powder, so no residue remains on your hands after you remove them.

Produced with a thickness of 8-mil, they offer exceptional elasticity for improved comfort and are resistant to both chemicals and the risk of punctures.

Available in sizes medium, large, and X-large, they come in a bright orange hue. A polymer coating inside makes these gloves easy to put on and remove.


      • Top-quality nitrile
      • Raised texture for improved grip
      • Powder and latex-free
      • Chemical and puncture-resistant
      • 8-mil thickness
      • High visibility bright orange tint


      • Sizes run small
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Best Nitrile Disposable Work Gloves 

3.) Adenna Dark Light DLG675 Nitrile Work Gloves

If you want a disposable work glove that can manage most work projects, these disposable gloves by Adenna should grab your attention.

Made from top-quality nitrile rubber that is an industrial grade, they boast an impressive 9-mil thickness offering substantial protection, resistance, and durability.

Sold in boxes of 100 gloves, these are 100% powder and latex-free. If you are allergic to rubber that is natural, these Adenna gloves are a viable alternative.

Textured fingertips add to increased grip even in wet conditions and they come in black, so stains and dirt won’t be as visible during use. Sizes M, L, and X-L are sold.


      • Produced in nitrile rubber
      • 9-mil thickness
      • Sold in boxes of 100
      • Powder and latex-free 
      • Multi-task resistant work gloves


      • Sizes run small
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Best Latex Disposable Work Gloves 

4.) Curad Disposable Latex Textured Gloves 

Exceptionally comfortable is the first thing that comes to mind once you’ve tried a pair of the Curad latex gloves.

If you don’t suffer from allergies to natural rubber, these latex gloves merit attention. Designed to guarantee hand dexterity, they offer both flexibilities for hand movements and easy stretch for wear.

A form-fitting glove that makes tactile sensitivity a priority with a textured finished ensuring a good grip regardless of working conditions.

Sizes Small, Medium, and Large are available and come in boxes of 100. They are powder-free and come in beige with a full beaded cuff.


      • Easy to slide your hand into
      • Comfortable during wear
      • Textured for improved grip
      • Beaded cuff
      • Improved tactile sensitivity
      • Sizes for smaller hands



      • Some concerns with quality control
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Best Vinyl Disposable Work Gloves 

5.) Gloveworks Vinyl Industrial Disposable Work Gloves 

If you need a budget glove that is only used for short work tasks, consider these work gloves by Gloveworks. Vinyl is a less expensive material to produce and is also considerably less elastic.

These gloves will have a looser fit than either nitrile or latex which means for some they will also be more comfortable when executing quick interventions.

Sold in boxes of 100 and 1000, these gloves are transparent and powder-free. Available in sizes Small, Medium, large, and X-L they are constructed with polyvinyl chloride also known as PVC and offer a 3-mil thickness. Latex-free, they are perfect for industrial light applications. 


      • Comfortable loose fit
      • Budget-friendly
      • Sold in quantities of 100 and 1000
      • Latex-free
      • Powder-free


      • Not elastic
      • Some chemical odor
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Read on to find out how we arrived at our choices and what we liked about the disposable work gloves that made our list.

What We Factored into Our Choice

The professionals that tested these gloves may have come from a variety of work situations, but there were specific features that they all agreed were necessary when selecting.

What are you going to do when wearing them?

That’s right. Immediately our team pointed out that what task you will be doing when wearing disposable gloves will really influence the choice.

Do you need an extra grip? Will you be dealing with abrasive chemicals or just dirt and grime? Should the gloves be industrial-grade or medical-grade?

Your profession and specific line of work should be the first indication of the kind of disposable work glove that you need.

Glove Thickness

Again, depending on your job, you don’t want a pair of gloves that tear or puncture easily. Thickness is measured in mils, so picking the right thickness should be relatively simple when considering gloves for purchase. 

1.) 3 to 4 mils will work for lighter tasks

2.) 5 to 6 mils will offer you more protection as long as your work isn’t heavy-duty

3.) 7 to 8 mils thickness is more indicated for heavy-duty tasks.

Our pros agreed that the minimum thickness for normal dirty work without a lot of risks involved is 5 mils.


This may seem like a style consideration, but when working with fluids, gels, or even specific tools, you don’t want a slippery hold.

Our mechanics really emphasized that a textured disposable glove can make all the difference when working around greasy machinery and our agriculture specialists concurred that outdoor wet conditions can complicate work.

Some disposable gloves may come completely textured while others will have texture on specific points of the glove-like fingers, fingertips, and the palm of the hand.


Size is important with any PPE article, whether work boots, shirts, masks, or gloves. A glove, reusable, or disposable needs to fit your hand correctly.

It cannot be loose so that your hand is sliding around, and it cannot be so tight as to cause discomfort and distraction. If you can try one on before purchasing, it will save you from some unfortunate surprises.

To Powder or Not to Powder

Gloves with powder tend to be messy, so even if you are wearing a glove to avoid grease, grime, or oil, you still may have to deal with powder. Disposable powder-free gloves will avoid this aspect and they generally come with a finish in polymer or similar. 

Powdered gloves are a good alternative for those that suffer from hand perspiration due to extended wear. If you have excess moisture, a powdered version will be a better choice.


If you suffer from an allergy to rubber or latex, you will need a latex-free disposable glove. Many gloves on the market are produced in nitrile for those that cannot tolerate latex.

Cost and Quantity

Since these gloves are disposable, a box containing at least 100 on up will be more cost-effective and you won’t have to purchase them as often, saving you both time and money.


Manufacturers with a reputation for quality and dependability are usually safe bets. By choosing a reputable brand, you won’t risk having to look for an alternative after only a few uses.

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Why Choose Disposable Gloves Instead of Reusable Gloves?

Returning to our first observation, sometimes after very messy work, it’s just easier to toss PPE as opposed to attempting to reuse it.

Apart from the convenience of tossing and starting each project with a new, clean pair of gloves, there are a few other advantages to keep in mind.

1.) You don’t have to wash your hands dozens of times a day, scrubbing and exposing skin to repeated doses of water and soaps.

2.) Disposable gloves are less expensive, especially in the short term. If you expose reusable gloves to harsh chemicals, a disposable glove will also be cheaper in the long term because you’ll have to replace reusable gloves more often.

3.) Disposable gloves are multi-purpose, meaning they can be used for numerous projects.

4.) As disposable gloves fit the form of your hand naturally, you should experience a better fit overall.

5.) Most disposable gloves are chemical-resistant.

6.) Finally, lots of these disposable gloves are resistant to extreme temperatures, often from well below zero to well over 100° Celsius*. That’s pretty tough resistance.

*Tip: Always check resistance limits for any type of disposable gloves that you purchase.


1.) Which is better in a disposable glove: nitrile or latex?

Nitrile will tend to be both stronger and more durable than a glove produced with latex. They are also recommended for those allergic to latex.

2.) Do I need an industrial-grade disposable glove?

Painting, mechanics, agricultural work, or similar will probably be better served with industrial-grade gloves. However, this type of glove is not interchangeable with gloves used for food or in the kitchen.

3.) Will a nitrile disposable glove last longer than other disposable gloves?

They will last longer than other disposable gloves, but all will depend on how and what they are used for.  If you choose to reuse them, avoid exposure to direct sunlight as well as any heat sources.

4.) Can disposable gloves be used multiple times?

Again, it depends on what condition they appear after the initial use. If they are torn, punctured, or compromised in some way, no.

5.) Can I sterilize my nitrile gloves?

If you need to, yes but only using a disinfectant on the outside of the glove. Other liquids such as alcohol can compromise the glove’s durability.

The Bottom Line

Good PPE for hands is a necessity in almost all lines of work. Disposable work gloves are n affordable option for keeping your hands clean and safe while on the job.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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