How to Keep Your Pants Up With Big Belly

Have those extra muffins and waffles come out of hiding? Well if it has, that belly is indeed going to have some issues with your pants. 

The struggle of keeping the pants up with a big belly is indeed real. Nobody wants to keep pulling them up and adjusting the belt all the long.

Not only is it so very uncomfortable but also it is not really something you would enjoy doing in front of people. 

How to Keep Your Pants Up When You Have a Big Belly

So if you are desperately searching for an answer to how you can keep your pants up with a big belly, bid adieu to your worries, we are here to help you.

With a few tips, tricks and products you can keep your pants in place without having to pull them up every other second. 

How to keep your pants from falling down? 

Middle aged people often struggle with their pants rolling down as their middle gets bulkier and their buttocks begin to shrink.

The shirts won’t remain tucked in and while working or walking people have to go through the discomfort and embarrassment of pulling up their pants every now and then. 

Well, by using shapewear to even out the bulky midriff area or by using suspenders or shirt locks you can keep your shirt in and pants up despite having a big belly.

Depending on the working conditions as well as gender you can opt for different types of pants made of different types of fabrics to attain the same goal as well. But the most common solution to falling pants have always been belts.

A perfectly adjusted belt can indeed help you save yourself from all that uneasiness. You can also get your pants tailored to fit you perfectly or you can opt for pants with side adjusters.

In the upcoming sections we will into look into the different ways to keep your pants up and that too in greater detail. 

Should you wear the pants over or under your belly? 

Even when you have bough a suitable pair of pants and a good belt to go with it, the question that keeps bugging most individuals is, “ Where should I wear my pants?”.

People with a big belly often do not know if they should wear the pants over the belly or under the belly

Well it is more advisable to wear your pants over your belly or over your belly button to be precise

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If the pants are high rise ie if they sit at your waist, it will indeed help you look slimmer and the top portion of the pants would also help even out folds of the belly.

Wearing the pants higher up will prevent the shirt from lifting up and revealing your back when you bend or lean. It can also prevent you from having a muffin top. 

But in the end it all comes down to personal choice and comfort. If you are ok with showing off that belly and owning it, feel free to wear the pants under your belly. 

Why does my pant keep falling down even with a belt? 

Well even after using a belt to tighten your pants, if it keeps falling down then the following reasons are to blame. 

The fact that you have a big belly and an almost flat butt is the most common reason for falling pants.

Another reason is that usually pants are made in such a way that they sit too high or too low, making it almost impossible for the belt to sit comfortably.

In most belts the holes are placed in such a way that when you adjust it, it just gets a bit too tight or a bit too loose. And also it must be noted that depending on the temperature the body can swell up and shrink as well.

So if you adjusted the belt when your body was poofy, once it shrinks down the pant is definitely going to fall down. 

 How to prevent your pants from falling down without a belt? 

If your are not that happy with wearing a belt, or adjusting it over and over again you can opt for other methods to prevent the rolling down of your pants. 

You can use shapewear to cinch your waist and even out the belly. Then you can opt for a well fitted pair of trousers that would sit perfectly well on your waist. High rise jeans/ trousers are best when you have a bit of a belly. 

You can also use suspenders to keep the pants up. The suspenders will run over the shoulders and provide the necessary support that the pants require.

If you wear suspenders of the right colour and size, they can give you a classy vintage look. Suspenders can look very elegant even when worn on formal occasions. It has a slimming effect as well. 

Women with a belly can opt for leggings instead of pants as they stick on to the body and does not fall down that easily. 

Types of pants to wear when you have a big belly 

If you have a belly wear pants that fits you perfectly. Do not go looking for pants that are too tight or too loose on you. No matter what the material or type, pants will look and feel much better if the fit is right. 

If you have a belly you should opt for thin breathable fabric instead of thick ones. Switch on to cotton or tropical wool, instead of thick and bulky fabrics. 

Also do not opt for fabrics that cling on to your skin like satin, silk or lycra. These fabrics accentuate the unevenness on the body and can make the belly folds look way more prominent. 

No matter what type of pants you choose, opt for high rise pants as they provide more comfort, support and slimming effect to the wearer.

Also look for pants with stretchable fabric as it will be able to accommodate your belly with more ease. It is also advisable to go with pants that has an elastic band as this can be worked with more ease when you have a belly. 

Products to help keep pants up

1.) Suspenders 

There are indeed a wide variety of suspenders available in the market today. Despite the conventional one that is worn over the shirt there are suspenders that are worn under the shirt.

There are suspenders that go over your undershirt or undergarments and are to be worn when your shirt is untucked. 

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2.) Belt adjusters 

There are products available in the market that helps you to adjust the belt perfectly to fit your waist without any fuss.

Most of the times the holes of the belts are spaced in such a way that, when you adjust the belt it ends up being a bit too tight or a bit too loose.

With special tools like beltbro, the belt can be adjusted to fit you perfectly and where you decide is where the belt will remain. 

3.) Clips 

There are clips available which can be used to tighten the waistbands of pants. Just slide the device on to the waistband, twist and clip and the pant remains there. 

4.) Belt alternatives 

Adhesive belt like devices or belts with built in supportive mechanism to prevent pants from falling down are also perfect options you have a big belly. 

5.) Padded underwear 

Since shrinking buttocks is a common cause of falling pants, underwear with pads on the buttocks can be used to prevent the pants from rolling down the back. 

Recommended Gears

1.) NoSaggs Hidden Belt Pant Suspender 

This belt has a built in ridge that sits under your belt and keeps your pants from falling down. This belt is totally invisible to any onlooker and lets you tuck in your shirt for a much more elegant look without a tinge of worry. 

2.) Invisible Belt Suspender 

This device attaches on to the undershirt and it hooks on to the belt to give more support to your pants. There are no long bands involved. You get a clean look while your pants stay put without any trouble. 

3.) ROunderbum Men’s Butt-Enhancing Padded Trunk 

This underwear has a heavily padded butt area which provides more support to the pants and helps them stay in place without sliding down your back.

How do you keep pants in with a big stomach and no butt?

With the help of good belts, you can keep your pants up even though you have a small butt. But belts have nothing to rest on if you don’t have a butt or hips. The only method to keep your jeans from coming down is to tighten your belt till it digs into your lower abdomen. 

However, the idea is to feel comfortable and look good, and for that, all you can do is work out and concentrate on exercises that help reduce belly fat so that your pants fit you well without having to worry about the belt. 

How to keep pants up with a big belly woman? 

When you have a huge stomach, there are several techniques to keep your clothes up. 

1.) Go for loose fitting pants

The first method is to wear loose clothing, pants included. Wearing pants with large pockets will assist in keeping them from dropping, as pockets that are too tiny for your hands can cause the pants to fall, particularly if you have a bigger tummy. 

2.) Tuck in your shirt so that it doesn’t fall

Women with huge bellies can wear pants with their shirts tucked in so that no space exists between the cloth and your pants. If there is a space, your clothing will be forced outward as you sit.

3.) Use suspenders 

Suspenders are another excellent technique to hold your pants in place and prevent them from slipping down if you have a big tummy. Also, they make a good fashion statement for women. 

They make it simple to alter the fit and give support around the abdominal area. They are responsible for keeping the clothes in place and preventing it from falling down.

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