Why Do Cowboys Wear Long Sleeves in Summer?

Everyone loves to dress up like a modern-day cowboy because the entire ensemble is absolutely stylish, and you can wear it both in the winters and summers with just a switch in the material.

Apart from being stylish, these outfits are very comfortable. History however teaches us that every piece of their clothing was designed to serve a specific purpose and function in a cowboys day to day activities.

You must have often seen a cowboy wear long sleeve shirts even in the summers and wondered why they would do that instead of wearing something more comfortable for the weather.

Why Do Cowboys Wear Long Sleeves in Summer

The truth of the matter is that cowboys wear long sleeves in summers because it helps them remain cool throughout the day when working outside, protects them from getting sunburnt, shields their skin from the harmful ultra-violet rays, keeps them away from dirt and grime, plus from getting scraped, cut, etc from any injurious elements.

We will learn more on the subject as you read further into the article. Below I have discussed everything there is to know about the benefits of wearing long sleeves during summers and the other pieces of clothing that they wear for work. 

What are the benefits of wearing long sleeves in summer?

Cowboys benefit a great deal from wearing long sleeves in the summers. Take a look at the various advantages that I have explained below.

1.) One of the primary advantages of wearing long sleeves in the summers is that it provides protection against sunburns. Being a cowboy, you end up spending a lot of time outside in the open and are exposed to the sun throughout the day.

2.) A long sleeve shirt will be able to block harmful ultra-violet rays generated from the sun, especially when you are constantly exposed to the sun, which can lead to various health issues.

3.) Wearing long sleeves keeps you cooler than wearing short sleeves. It keeps your skin covered, which helps you to remain cool throughout the day.

Also, when you are sweating your shirt will get damp, and then even the slightest air or breeze will automatically make you feel cool.

 4.) Summer nights can sometimes be breezy in the evenings, especially in open spaces, which is where a cowboy can be generally found working. A long sleeve shirt will help keep you warm from the brisk cool winds if it gets a little chilly.

 5.) A long sleeve shirt will shield you from getting rubbed against rough bushes, which can be quite painful.

 6.) Your arms will be protected from getting scraped and cut when working in rough areas.

 7.) As a cowboy you will be doing a lot of manual labor, which results in dealing with a lot of dirt. Wearing a long-sleeve shirt can help prevent you from getting dirty, so it is one less thing to worry about.

 8.) Bugs, insects, and mosquitoes are in abundance during the summer season. You would not want to be bitten by them, so wearing a long sleeve shirt will be helpful in such a case.

9.) As a style quotient, a long sleeve shirt always makes you look smarter, and sophisticated when compared to wearing a short sleeve shirt.

Therefore, you understand now that wearing a long sleeve shirt in the summers is actually better than wearing short sleeve shirt, contrary to popular belief that you will feel even hotter in the former.

However, one thing to note here is that cowboys generally wear long sleeve shirts throughout the year be it winters or summers, because it has been their standard dress code forever.

The material of the shirts is what differs according to the season to be more comfortable while working, instead of having to worry about the temperature.

What kind of clothes do cowboys wear in the summer?

You will notice that cowboys generally wear the same items of clothing throughout the year. The difference lies in the material and number of layers according to the changing weather conditions.

Here I have listed out what their general dress code includes.

 1.) Top wear always includes a full or long sleeve shirt, which is made of cotton to keep themselves cool while working. A cotton shirt is also more breathable than any other material in the summers.

 2.) For pants, cowboys always prefer wearing jeans or trousers that are constructed from sturdy materials like canvas or denim.

It is the best option for a cowboy to keep blisters away as it protects their legs with the smooth seam that can be found on the inside of the pants.

 3.) Cowboys wear their signature cowboy hat that aids in keeping the sun and dust away from their eyes. The hats are usually high-crowned with a wide brim. In winters, these hats help protect their ears from frostbites.

 4.) Many cowboys also wear bandannas that are mainly made from cotton, which soaks up the sweat, in turn keeping you comfortable and cool when working. It also protects them from the harsh sun and dust storms.

 5.) We all love cowboy boots as they are extremely stylish and come in several designs. But for a cowboy, they are a practical piece of footwear.

These boots have a high top that protects the shins, pointed toes that aid in guiding their feet into clamps and to avoid slipping through the clamp the boots have high heels.

 6.) When a cowboy is riding his horse, it is natural for him to get dirt on his legs. Therefore, they wear chaps, which helps in keeping such debris from being generated.

 7.) A cowboy also wears gloves, which protect their hands from getting cuts and scrapes. Especially while working with barbed wire, other equipment, or even when involved in vegetation.

cowboy also wears gloves

Gloves are also great to get a grip on the reins of their horses. Cowboy gloves are generally made from soft leather like that of deerskin.

 8.) Vests are also part of a cowboy’s uniform when working. They come with practical pockets which allow a cowboy to store necessary items and makes it easy for them to access these items when on the saddle.

It is quite difficult to take things out from their pants pocket when sitting on a horse. In winters, these vests add an extra layer of warmth as wearing heavy coats will limit their movement.

Today, many people aspire to dress like a real cowboy because over the years their attire has become something of a style statement. One can easily find cowboy clothing in different designs and embellishments that are very popular.

Wrapping up

When we look at a cowboy’s attire, not much has changed over the years. A certain dress code was set decades ago and is still being followed with great honor and pride.

The only change that we see today is mainly in the several designs that are available. Earlier the designs and styles were limited. A modern-day cowboy is still a cowboy at heart with only a few modern tweaks!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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