How to Choose Laser Safety Glasses?

How to Choose Laser Safety GlassesChoosing the right laser safety glasses can really be a challenging task. And choosing the wrong glasses will not only accelerate your problems but also end you up in fatal eye hazards!

The harmful radiation from the laser can penetrate the eyes and damage the cornea or the retina in severe cases making you blind.

Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the correct safety laser glasses in order to prevent the harmful rays from the laser to enter your eyes.

For example, a good laser safety glass will have Optical Density not less than 4+, better if it’s OD 6+. The VLT should be not less than 28% and the lens should be able to reflect wavelength between 200nm to 490nm. In the US, laser safety falls under the standard of ANSI Z136.1 and are categorized in to the following categories:laser safety falls under the standard of ANSI Z136.1This is not all, there are in fact, other parameters to be taken into consideration while buying the perfect laser safety glasses which you need to understand and check our top 3 picks of laser safety glasses for you!

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Terms Related to Laser Safety Eyewear

1.) Optical density:

Optical density generally refers to the amount of light absorbed by the lenses thus preventing the harmful laser rays from hitting directly to your eyes. Optical Density is also the measure of the attenuation of the energy that passes through the filter. In other words, OD is also the logarithmic reciprocal of transmittance that is expressed by the following table:

Optical density

2.) Modes of operation:

It is also essential the mode of operation of the lenses because lasers operating at different modes will have different characteristics and thus would require different eyewear requirements. Look at the table below for a better understanding:

Modes of operation

3.) VLT (visibility light transmission):

Visibility light transmission is actually the amount of visible light that is allowed to pass through an optical lens. This is also called as the visible light transmittance or VLT%.  The lower the VLT%, the darker the lenses will be and vice versa.

4.) Wavelength:

UV radiation of lasers consists of wavelengths ranging from 180nm to 400nm and the visible region consists of radiation with wavelengths ranging from 400nm to 700nm which is called visible light.

And the infrared region is with wavelength ranging between 700nm to 1mm. the visible and the infrared radiation passes through the cornea and can cause several eye ailments and laser safety glasses prevents the entry of such rays or in other words reflects them back to the source.

Why Laser Safety Glasses?

It is possible to have an irreversible ocular injury even at lower power output levels from a single sudden exposure to a direct laser beam depending on the wavelength, exposure duration and the output.

Laser safety glasses with the perfect wavelength, optical density and visibility light transmittance can prevent the harmful radiation from the laser from entering your eyes and damaging your retina.

They reflect back the harmful rays thus saving your eyes from the direct exposure of the definite harmful lights. They even stop glares that are produced due to hitting of bright light to the eyes.

Quick tips on selecting the right laser safety glasses:

      • First of all you should know the wavelength of your laser
      • Then you have to determine the needed protection level that would be solely based on the output parameters of your laser. You can also search for the Optical Density of the lens which can be found in the laser manual
      • Select the filter matching the above specifications
      • Then go for the one that offers the highest visibility also known as VLT
      • Next is to find the perfect frame that suits the shape of your face and fits well

Our Top 3 Picks for Laser Safety Glasses

Most Affordable laser safety glasses:

1.) IPL 200nm-2000nm Laser Protection Goggles Protective Safety Glasses OD+4

 This laser safety eyewear is made for broad spectrum protection with wavelength ranging from 200nm to 450nm. It absorbs all the harmful radiation emitted by laser equipments. The optical density of the lenses is >5.0, (OD +4) and the VLT (visibility light transmittance) is >55% blue, >80% red and >40% green.

However, if you need minimum protection level laser safety glasses only then go for it because they can’t offer protection for 450nm laser. Still, I would say, a decent buy in minimum price range.


      • Optical density: 4+
      • Wavelength: >200nm
      • VLT: >55% blue, >80% red and >40% green
      • Affordable
      • Good looks
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Best Laser safety glasses with Optical Density 6+:

2.) Professional OD 6+ 190nm-490nm Wavelength UV light / Violet & Blue Laser Safety Glasses 

 These lenses have wavelength ranging from 190nm to 490nm and the optical density is OD 6+. The visibility light transmittance offered by these lenses is 55% which is pretty commendable.

The lenses are also compatible with 275nm, 365nm, 405nm, 445nm and 450nm laser lights. These glasses are rated under European standards: EN207: 19988 + A1EN207: 1998 + A1: 2002. The design is pretty cool too.


      • Wavelength: 190nm to 490nm
      • Optical Density: 6+
      • VLT: 55%
      • Great eye protection
      • Stylish design
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Best CO2 laser safety glasses:

3.) Cloudray 10600nm Safety Goggles OD4+ CE Protective Goggles For CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

These safety glasses are made of fiber laser lenses of wavelength 10.6 um or 10600nm and the optical density is 4+ and 6+ (you can choose as per your requirements). These glasses are perfect for CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines.

To give it a stylish appearance, lenses from both sides are eliminated and are replaced by high quality frames. It has added silicon lanyards which are grey in color. The slight tint on the glasses helps with resisting bright flashes that are emitted during material burning.

You can use the included straps to give the glasses a tight fit according to the shape and size of your face. And at last, the CE ratings give you assurance of the durability and the safety of the glasses.


      • CE certified
      • Used standard: EN 207:2009+AC:2011
      • VLT: 28%
      • OD: 4+, 6+
      • Wavelength: 10600nm
      • Grey lanyards
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It’s time to bid Adieu!

Remember eyes are the most sensitive parts of the body and its protection stands supreme. So, do not neglect the protection and take your time reading our article, understanding different aspects before you make decision in buying your laser safety glasses.

That’s all for today’s article! See you guys soon in our next article! Till then…

Take care, stay safe and…

Have a great day ahead!

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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