Do Cowboy Boots and Belt Need to Match?
A belt with a coordinating style and color will make a huge difference from top to bottom. In order to avoid clashing choose a belt with the same color that complements the colors of your cowboy boots.
Difference Between Jumpsuit and Coveralls
Coveralls are a protective garment that is used at the workplace. Jumpsuits on the other hand are just one-piece garments. Initially worn by parachutists but later evolved into a popular chic attire.
Can Bump Caps be Worn Backwards?
Bump caps are not even approved by OSHA and therefore, there are no set rules whether you can wear your bump caps backwards or not. It entirely depends on your comfort and the demand of the job!
Why Are My Hands Peeling After Wearing Gloves?
Latex, synthetic and rubber gloves have certain chemicals used in their synthesis. If your hands start peeling, it means chemicals are reacting with your skin. 
Are Steel Toe Boots Required for Forklift Drivers?
If you are wondering whether forklift drivers need to wear steel toe boots as part of their PPE – the answer is YES! It is part of the mandatory PPE kit.
Can Inside Shoe Lining Repair? (Fix Shoe Inner Lining)
Yes, you heard it right, the inside lining of shoes can definitely be repaired, whatever be the reason behind its wear and tear. Applying simple tricks!
Why Do Tactical Boots Have Zippers?
Tactical boots with zippers add comfort in a lot of ways. A side zipper (or a back zipper) not only makes wearing and removing tactical boots easier but also makes these boots more practical and time-saving.
Should Scrubs Be Baggy? (Find the Right Fit)
When it comes to the fitting, scrubs shouldn't be baggy or even too tight. They should comfortably fit the body of the wearer for optimal support. Wearing ill-fitted scrubs can be risky in medical field.
Does Gore-Tex Make Your Feet Hot?
Gore-tex fabric is windproof and breathable, however, it is not as breathable as other fabrics and the fact that they are highly insulated makes your feet too hot and sweaty in warm weather conditions. 
Do Rubber Boots Make Your Feet Sweat?
Yes, rubber boots do make your feet sweat. Since we know that rubber is an impermeable material, it absorbs and traps moisture and heat, preventing it from passing through.
Can Electricians Wear Alloy Toe Boots?
Alloy Toe boots are not necessarily the best option for electricians as they are good conductors of electricity, but if the situation demands it and if is used with care they are not that bad either. 
Can You Drill Holes in a Hard Hat?
As hard hats are constructed to give complete protection to the user’s head, drilling holes in them can compromise the safety offered in many ways. So, drilling holes in a hard hat is not a viable option.
Is 600 Grams of Thinsulate Good?
Yes, 600 grams of Thinsulate is good in most conditions. For most US states, 600 gram boots will be warm enough and will be suitable for work which is done in a cold environment.
Why Do Moisture Wicking Shirts Smell? (Reasons and Solutions)
Moisture wicking garments are typically composed of polyester, which, unlike natural fabrics like cotton, absorbs odor and makes it more difficult to remove.
5 Best Work Boot Cleaning Kit
Maintenance is an important part of getting the most worth out of your investment in a pair of work boots. We decided to investigate and test cleaning kits for the care and maintenance of work boots.
What Should You Not Wear When Working with Electricity?
You should NOT wear silk, nylon, wet apparels, steel and iron equipment, apparels made from animal skin, etc. will help to conduct electricity to your body.
Do You Wear Socks With Rubber Boots?
Ideally, you should wear socks with rubber boots in order to avoid getting painful blisters. Since rubber is a non-porous material, it will not absorb sweat that your feet will produce.
Chippewa Apache VS Redwing Iron Ranger Boots Comparison
I prefer Iron Rangers more than the Chippewa Apache due to few comparative features such as a better cushioned insole, durability, ease of breaking in and a more than sufficient outsole.
Is Neatsfoot Oil bad for Leather Boots?
Your leather work boots require conditioning, preservation and Neatsfoot oil is the perfect ingredient for doing that. It not only lubricates the leather but also gives it the shine it needs.
Should You Put Mink Oil Inside Boots?
Using mink oil inside boots is good in the short term as it conditions the inner layer. However, in the long term, mink oil has negative effects as speeding the wear out of the boots.
Can Vaseline be used to Protect Leather Work Boots?
Vaseline is a solid product for your leather work boots. The formula of petroleum jelly not only softens the leather but also prevents it from cracking.
7 Simple Steps to Clean Your Leather Boots with Mink Oil
The one-stop solution to keep your leather boots clean is Mink oil. Applying mink oil to your leather boots is easy. You can do it by simply following the steps given in the post.
Can You OIL Suede Boots?
YES, it's possible to oil suede boots when your shoes are starting to lose their natural color and need to be saved. All you need is a suede brush, clean cloth and natural oil for the best results.