Which Is Warmer Flannel or Fleece Lined Jeans?

Jeans are indeed a blessing from the gods. No matter the occasion or the season, they just blend in completely to give you ample comfort while not dialing down the fashion quotient. 

With the stylish look, thick texture and cozy warmth, jeans are indeed an essential part of every winter wardrobe. 

If you are out there winter shopping, do get yourself a few snug pair of jeans. Well, flannel and fleece lined jeans are the most popular options during winters? 

If you have no idea how to choose or which one to choose among the two, we have all the deets on them, to help you make an informed decision. 

Which Is Warmer Flannel or Fleece Lined Jeans

Which is warmer, flannel or fleece lined jeans? 

Among the two, flannel is more breathable and has a loosely woven structure which makes it less warmer than fleece.

Fleece is a synthetic fabric, with tight knit texture that has the capability to retain more warmth. When warmth comes into question, fleece is the most perfect option for jean-lining.

But before you rush into a final decision, you can just weigh out the good and bad of both, to find the option that suits you best. 

Why are fleece lined jeans warmer than flannel lined jeans? 

Fleece is a soft, warm fabric made of polyester that resembles the fleece of a sheep. Fleece has excellent insulation properties and therefore a fleece lined jean can keep your warm and cozy even in the coldest of winters.

But why are fleece lined jeans warmer than flannel lined jeans? Well read on coz we have jotted down why it is so. 

1.) Fleece fabric has innumerable tiny air pockets within them that helps trap heat. Animals stay warm without woolens because of the same reason. The air pockets can hold immense warmth against your skin. 

2.) Fleece is made of polyester which is known for its non breathable nature. The non breathability ensures that there is no loss of heat through the material. 

3.) Fleece do not really retain moisture so even if you sweat, there is no chance that your jeans will feel damp and cold. This makes fleece, the warmer alternative for jean lining. 

4.) Usually fleece is thicker than flannel and therefore is warmer most of the time.  

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When does flannel become warmer than fleece?

Well given the synthetic nature and the tightly knit pattern of fleece, it is usually warmer than flannel. But flannel need not necessarily be made of cotton. It can also be made of silk, wool and other materials.

Woolen flannel can be warmer than fleece and if you are someone who really wants to get a flannel lined jean, opt for a woolen flannel one for optimum warmth this winter. 

Pros and cons of flannel lined jeans


1.) Softness: Flannel is made of cotton fiber and is brushed on one side to create a soft nap. Therefore flannel lined jeans will feel softer against the skin and will prevent abrasions or rashes. 

2.) Breathability: The loosely knit fabric gives room for aeration and therefore improves the coziness of the jeans. 

3.) Lightweight: Since flannel is usually made with cotton fiber, the material is very lightweight. 

4.) Warmth: Even though the material is all natural, breathable and lightweight, it does provide great levels of warmth while ensuring your comfort. 

5.) Temperature regulation: Since flannel is very breathable, it will not cause over heating or over sweating and it brilliantly regulates the temperature. 


1.) Absorbs moisture: Flannel absorbs moisture and hence flannel lined jeans won’t let your sweat evaporate easily. 

2.) Prone to Pilling: Flannel over the course of time will collect annoying little fiber bobbles all over it’s surface. This will probably cause irritation of the skin as it rubs against the legs. 

3.) Shrinkage: When washed with hot water, the flannel lining of the jeans can shrink. 

Pros and cons of fleece lined jeans 


1.) Warmth: Fleece is thicker and has small air pockets in the tight knit fabric, that ensures that it provides great warmth even at extremely low temperatures. 

2.) Softness: Despite being a synthetic fabric, fleece is actually much softer than flannel. It has the appearance and texture of the fleece of a sheep. 

3.) Durable: It is a well known fact that synthetic fabrics are much more durable than natural fabrics. The polyester in fleece prevents it from giving in to wear and tear.

But it is indeed important to take good care of your fleece lined jeans if you want them to live longer and in good shape as well. 

4.) Cost: Synthetic fabrics are made in factories in bulk and are hence a lot cheaper than natural fabrics. Fleece is cheaper when compared to flannel, but the rate does depend a lot on quality and brands as well. 

5.) No heat loss: The tightly knit polyester fabric of fleece do not allow air to pass through it and thereby prevents any form of heat loss in winters. 

6.) No moisture wicking: Fleece do not retain moisture and therefore the sweat will dry off easily and even post laundry it will be easier to dry fleece lined jeans. 


1.) Non breathable: Fleece lined jeans are non breathable and therefore it might get a bit too sweaty and hot when you wear them while working and it can cause a burning sensation over a prolonged period if you are involved in physical work. 

2.) Collects static electricity: Fleece tends to collect static electricity which is not a good thing when you toss it in the dryer. 

3.) Not for sensitive skin: Since fleece is made of synthetic fiber, despite its soft texture, it does not really get along well with sensitive skin. It can cause discomfort, rashes and abrasions. 

Flannel lined jeans Vs Fleece Lined jeans 

Properties  Flannel lined jeans Fleece lined jeans
Price  Costs more Cheaper
Warmth  Warm Warmer
Breathability Breathable Non breathable
Moisture wicking  Yes No
Maintenance Harder Easier
Softness Soft Softer
Pilling  High Low
Shrinkage  Yes No
Heat loss  Yes No
For sensitive skin  Yes No
Durable  No Yes

How to take care of flannel and fleece lined jeans ? 

Even though both flannel and fleece lined jeans have different textures and properties, it is important to take some care and caution while washing them so as to ensure their durability and to retain their quality. Just keep in mind the following tips and your winter jeans will thank you for sure. 

1.) Set washing machine to delicate cycle. This helps to dial down the friction and chance of pilling. 

2.) In case of normal woolens we turn the garments inside out while washing so in case of fleece and flannel lined jeans, it’s best to leave the denim part out while washing. 

3.) Use cold water to wash the jeans as the hot water can shrink flannel and damage fleece. 

4.) Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

5.) Try to air dry the jeans if possible. 

6.) When using dryer set it to medium to prevent damage. 

 Top 3 flannel lined jeans

1.) Dickies Men’s Relaxed Fit Flannel Lined Jean

This 100% cotton relaxed fit jeans cries comfort and is such a comfortable and easy option for this winter as it ensures warmth and is machine washable. 

2.) Eddie Bauer Men’s Flannel-Lined Flex Jeans

This high rise, flannel lined jeans will keep you comfy, warm and stylish this winter. 

3.) Dickies Women’s Flannel Lined Jean

This boot cut, high rise, flannel lined jean is a statement piece that would give you warmth and make you stand out from the crowd this fall. 

Top 3 fleece lined jeans

1.) Wrangler Authentics Men’s Bonded Fleece Lined Regular Tapered Jean

This classic 5 pocket blue jean, is the coziest and most utilitarian jean for men during the cold months. 

2.) GUNLIRE Men’s Thermal Fleece Lined Jeans Winter Slim Fit Thicken Stretch Warm Denim Pants

This unique, stylish and comfortable fleece lined jean is definitely one of a kind in terms of fashion quotient and utility. 

3.) Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fleece Lined Slim Straight jeans 

The trendy, slim fit jean gives you cozy warmth without any bulky appearance. The best pair of fleece lined jeans a woman can have this frosty winter. 

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