Top Cowboy Boots For Dancing (Men and Women)

Swayd Urban Step, Shyanne Women’s Floral Embroidered Boots, Swayd Tucson, Justin Bent Rail, and Laredo Boots are some of the top-rated cowboy boots for dancing. Know more regarding the boot’s material, sole types, heel size, etc, to choose what best fits you

Top Cowboy Dancing Boots for Women

Love dancing? Which are your favorite cowboy boots to dance with? Any dancer in boots for class, style, flexibility, durability, and grip with perfectly shaped heels. Here are some of the top picks of cowboy boots for ladies out there! Next time, let the boots shine!

1.) Swayd Urban Step

Swayd Urban Step

Women tend to choose these Swayd Urban Step cowboy boots due to their comfortability and attractiveness with vivid colors and low heels. They feature suede soles added as a complement to it.

This often comes in a variety of colors, nearly in 9 colors. These cowboy boots are mainly designed for dancing and are popularly used for the same.

The boots also deliver a two-in-one option, where you can tuck the top part to make it an ankle boot. Due to the high fashion and effortless glide it provides while dancing, Swayd boots are meant to be one of the tops among other popular boots in town.

2.) Swayd Tucson

Swayd Tucson

Swayd Tucson boots are soft suede boots popularly used for dancing, with a popular title ‘best wide width’. Compared to Swayd Urban Step boots, the swayd Tucson boots do not come in such vivid color combinations.

Mostly, they are seen in two colors, tan & black with a beautiful intricate stitch style. To get a clear-cut cowboy feature, the Tucson boots have ear pulls and buckles with heels and suede soles. This type of boots is generally used for dancing and has high demand among dance lovers.

3.) Shyanne Women’s Floral Embroidered Boots

Shyanne women’s floral embroidered boots are popular among the inside dancers. And often tend to show off a tender feature compared to the other two sets of boots.

There is more of the stylish side with embroidered patterns with floral threads. They tend to attract the eyes more compared to other boots.

But talking about the purpose, they are apt for inside dancing and perfect for bar dancing. With beautiful floral threads, these boots have stolen the hearts of many ladies out there.

Talking about the comfort side and dancing side, these boots are perfect for sliding, spinning, and other delicate moves in dancing.

Apart from the advantages, one single problem that comes along is the small size. Thus, if you are planning to get your hands on some of these slaying boots, make sure you look for a size up.

3.) Ariat Delilah Leather Western Boots

Opposite Shyanne Women’s Floral Embroidered Boots, Ariat Delilah Leather Western Boots are perfect for dancing outside. For the peeps who are looking for firm and stable boots for outdoor use, then this is the real pick. 

This is one of the traditional boots among the cowboy boots which means it can stand many odds from the outside and will be durable. These boots come with complete leather protection, where the leather is pure and authentic in all terms.

Thus, it ensured to stay with you for a longer period than compared to other cowboy boots. If a real cowboy look is what you are looking for, these pairs of boots can serve the best. 

Now let’s talk about the heels. The Ariat heels come in variant forms, but the comfort it provides is much more appreciable. They are low, lightweight, easy to handle, and not as complicated as needle heels.

It is perfect for the traditional cowboy look as well as perfect for dancing outside. It is a well-crafted piece for outdoor use and you can expect comfort in terms of dancing and walking through rough surfaces. 

In a brief comparison with other boots, the Ariat boots aren’t made with a decorative passion, hence the purpose is served rather than the attractive features. Other features of these boots are rubber soles, square toes, short lightweight heels, ankle support, and inner lining. 

Comparison of Cowboy Boots for Women 

Swayd Urban Colour VarietiesLow Comfortable HeelsAnkle Tucking OptionSuede Soles
Swayd TucsonTan & BlackBest Wide Width Low HeelsEar Pulls & Buckles Suede Soles
Shyanne BootsEmbroidered Floral Threads & Vivid ColoursLow Block HeelsFloral thread worksCushion soles
Ariat DelilahTraditional Leather ShadeShort Lightweight HeelsTraditional Square toesRubber soles

Top Cowboy Dancing Boots for Men

Here are some boots for dancing men out there who are searching for the perfect cowboy boots. Gentlemen! Nail your dance with the perfect pair of cowboy boots!

1.) Dan Post Milwaukee Round Toe Western Cowboy Boots

The top one is Dan Post Milwaukee Round Toe Western Cowboy Boots. These boots are a complete leather pack with authentic quality and leather soles. These are perfect for dancing and are used both as indoor and outdoor boots. These are perfect for line dancing too. 

Mentioning the heels, the heel comes in 1.5 inches with a reasonable leg and ankle support. Dan Post Milwaukee boots come in a variety of colors and have sizes up to 18 in the men’s section. Excellent for dancing and creating a traditional cowboy outlook. 

2.) Justin Bent Rail 

Justin Bent Rail boots are boots for men with odd foot sizes, Because, these boots come in a variety of sizes. Don’t worry if you are someone who doesn’t get your boot size everywhere, you will get one here. Also, as a bonus, they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles.

While dancing, these boots are perfect with the ankle support they provide and ensure the heels are comfortable enough for turning and spinning. Taking rough steps too gains reasonable support from these heels as they aren’t too needle-like or high.

It is a completely comfortable package with authentic leather quality, leather soles, short heels, wide square toes, and variant sizes and colors. 

3.) Laredo Lodi Square Toe Western Cowboy Boots 

Comes in leather and synthetic rubber soles, the Laredo boots are popular among outdoor dancers. If you are looking for a pair of boots that goes perfect with outdoor dancing, this is the best choice.

The leather features on the boots keep them classy and lasting whereas the synthetic soles make them suitable for outdoor use.

These boot sizes vary from 7 to 15 and come in different patterns with normal heel heights of 1.5 inches. These boots are often considered a comfortable set due to their low-heel nature and flexible form. Thus, most dancers prefer Laredo boots when it comes to outdoor dancing. 

Comparison of Cowboy Boots for Men

Dan Post Milwaukee Both Size & Color Varieties1.5 inches HeelsLeg and Ankle SupportLeather Soles
Justin Bent Rail Size VarietiesShort HeelsAnkle SupportLeather Soles
Laredo Lodi Square Toe Color VarietiesLow Comfortable HeelsFlexible Form for Outdoor DancingLeather and Synthetic Rubber Soles

How to Pick the Right Cowboy Boots for Dancing?

1.) Comfortable Soles

Leather soles and suede soles work best as dancing boots. But certain boots come with synthetic soles. In certain cases, in deep comparison, the leather soles are considered to be the best ones. Make sure to keep track of the leather boots for an adequate period for longer survival. 

2.) Watch out for the Size

The boot size is another factor to be considered when looking out for dancing boots. The boots of perfect size will enable you to make better moves. If they are loose or tight, that can cause huge trouble in the public. In most cases, the normal boot sizes are available in the market.

In case your boot size is quite odd, try some of the stylist boots from the Justin Bent Rail. They come in variant boot sizes and provide a decent comfort level.

3.) Material Type

Often, the market is filled with leather boots, and what more do people want? Leather boots are in high demand from the traditional ones to the modern fashionable ones.

They tend to be the fashion setters for a long period now and stand first for comfort and durability. Choosing the right materials too serves a lot in these matters.

4.) Flexible & Durable

If you are looking for cowboy boots for dancing, then your major concern should be flexibility. Dancing is not just standing and waving, it holds spinning, turning, and more movements. Thus, it is good to choose a flexible and easy to bend material type.

Also. make sure to choose materials like leather to keep it long-lasting and classy. When looking for a high fashioned one, make sure to buy boots with minimum buckles and try to avoid unnecessary boot accessories to avoid easy breakage while dancing.

That can also stand as a distraction from the proper dancing. The fewer accessories, the more comfortable dancing is! 

No matter where you are planning to dance, make sure your boots are perfectly fit for you. Never give a second chance for dancing with the right boots. Boots are always the soul of the right steps, whether it’s an indoor dance or outdoor dance.

If you are a boot lover and looking for the perfect cowboy boots, then make sure to purchase any of the boots mentioned above. 

Happy Dancing Folks!


What Kind of Boots Are Best for Dancing?

The best dancing boots are those with leather or suede soles and average heels. Make sure they are fit to your size, hold comfortable materials, are not too high needle-type heels, and are lightweight.

Can you Dance in Cowboy Boots?

Of course, you can dance in your cowboy boots. Choose one that fits great for you with a comfortable heel type. Also, be cautious while choosing the boots whether it is meant for indoor or outdoor purposes.

Is Laredo a Good Boot Brand?

Laredo is a good boot brand, especially if you are looking for cowboy boots for dancing, this can be a good choice. They come both in synthetic and rubber soles. They are also perfect for outdoor dancing.

Can you Line Dance in Heels?

If your boot soles are hard and firm enough, go and nail your dance. Always prefer firm heel types either block or hard ones. If they are made of rubber, choose not to use them on smooth wooden floor surfaces.

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