Should You Mink Oil Boots that are Already Waterproof?

When it comes to choosing the best boots for your feet, you always opt for the best features available and you definitely won’t miss the waterproof feature which is definitely one of the most crucial for all categories of workers.

Mink Oil Boots that are Already WaterproofWhether you work in the construction or at the poles or as a bricklayer or pipe-liner or as an electrician; water can create havoc in your workplace at anytime and thus you would never wish to choose boots that do not have waterproof feature.

However, as every little thing on this earth is not meant to last forever so is the waterproof feature of your boots is not meant to serve you for decades. It will tend to wash away or to put it right the waterproof coating that is given on your boots at the time of the manufacture tends to become thin and gradually washes away with regular exposure to water for a long period of time.

You can definitely coat your boots with mink oil to waterproof them again and protect them against water. Once the waterproof coating that is being put on your boots at the time of manufacture tends to wash away, say after being exposed to water for 6 months. Secondly, it is always good to double coat the boots with mink oil to make the waterproof coating last longer.

In this article, I am going to tell you why you should waterproof your boots even when they are already waterproof and why mink oil is the best option for this purpose.

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Does Mink Oil Waterproof Boots?

We are all aware of the replenishing capacity of mink oil on leather boots. Mink oil has been used since ages by all categories of workers from construction to farmers to make their boots more durable and to alter the damages that are caused to the boots due to long run usage. 

Over time boots tend to dry up and develop cracks in them which is due to the loss of moisture from the boots. Mink oil returns the moisture to the leather boots and makes the leather boots nourished and soft.

Now, coming to the answer that whether mink oil waterproofs leather boots or not; yes it does!

But to be very precise more than waterproofing the leather boots, mink oil makes the boots water-resistant! What mink oil actually does is; it penetrates into the pores of the leather and fills the gap within thus creating a coat on the surface of the leather that repels water.

Want to know how mink oil actually does the waterproofing job?

Let me explain you the scientific theory behind it…

Science says polar and non-polar substances do not mix u with each other. That being said, water is a polar substance and mink oil is a non-polar substance. Thus, when your boots are coated with mink oil, water when comes to the contact of the boots tends to get repelled. As simple as that! 

Fun fact right indeed; right?

You can simply conduct a basic experiment at home o test this!

Take a bowl of water and drop few drops of mink oil into the bowl and try to mix both the liquids together. You will notice that mink oil floats on the surface of water and despite your trying hard enough, both the liquids won’t mix up!

Why should you mink oil boots that are already waterproof?

As I have already mentioned at the very beginning that the waterproof coating on the boots tends to fade away or wash away with time!

But, I will explain to you a few more reasons why should you mink oil boots that are already waterproof:

1.) Dried boots attract more water:

Dried and cracked boots soak more water

Boots tend to become dry with time as they lose the moisture or the natural oils. Dried boots will soak up more water because they need moisture. So, when you coat your boots with mink oil, they return the nourishment to the boots, make the boots soft, and thus the boots won’t soak any more water.

2.) Cracked boots make way for water to enter the boots:

Boots get cracked when they dry up and also when the waterproof coating becomes hard with time. So, coating the boots with mink oil makes the leather soft, saving them from cracks and also fills in the cracks and thus does not let in any more water.

3.) Nourished boots keep away water:

This might seem as the repetition of points, but guys this is hell true that the more nourished your boots are, the more they will repel water.

4.) Pores make way for water:

Leather being animal skin is porous! Pores are a gateway for water to enter the boots and damage them. So, coating the boots with mink oil fills in the pores and blocks the entrance of water!

5.) It is always good to double coat your boots to be doubly safe:

Coating your brand new waterproof boots with mink oil will only make the waterproof coating last longer because before touching the already waterproofed coating of the boots, water will touch the mink oil coating and get repelled; thus making the coating to last way longer than normal.

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Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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