Why Did My Rubber Boots Turn White?

Whether you have new or old boots, you may occasionally find unsightly white markings on your favourite pairs. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of why your boots turn white and how you can protect them from such an unwanted bloom.

Why Did My Rubber Boots Turn White

What are the main reasons for rubber boots turning white?

Especially during the winter, you might notice those white marks on your rubber boots. There could be a lot of reasons behind those blooming, including the following:

1.) Your rubber boots contain different particles. Based on the temperature, those particles might react, and you can observe those reactions as white marks on the surface of your boots.

2.) Salt is another cause of blooming boots. Salt does not go along with leather or rubber. If you live near the ocean, or you have sweaty feet, then you might face the issue of white boots.

3.) Ultraviolet rays can also damage your rubber boots and turn them white. It burns the outer layers and creates an alien surface.

4.) Harmful oil, chemicals, and waxes may also cause white marks on your rubber boots.

How to prevent your rubber boots from turning white?

Many people find it difficult to get a perfect solution for their blooming problems. But don’t worry, we have some easy solutions for you. You can use home remedies as an alternative to your market solutions to cure white blooms without any expense.

1. Olive Oil

The go-to solution for white blooming is olive oil. It is easily available in your household, so you just need to take 1 teaspoon of olive oil and apply it to your boots.

Make sure you use a smooth cloth and buff it on your rubber boots to remove the marks. In most cases, olive oil works as bliss. But if it does not work well for you, you can proceed to the second solution.

2. Cleansing Solution

First, gather the necessary materials to get rid of the white marks on your boots. The following are the materials, you would need for the cleansing:

      • Dish soap or gel.
      • A bucket full of warm water
      • Old rug/towel/ T-shirt
      • Rubbing alcohol

Make the cleaning solution with dish soap and water. You can use a spray bottle for the solution. Mix it properly and spry gently on the surface of the rubber boots.

Be careful while spraying because you must avoid spraying the interior of your boots. Let the solution break the dirt, and wait for 2 to 3 minutes, after that you can wipe off the white dirt by using your old rug/towel.

While drying boots, ensure that you are not placing them directly in the sunlight. Additionally, you can use rubber alcohol to get a shiny look on your boots.

How to take care of your rubber boots?

1. Wear socks

Avoid wearing your precious boots barefoot. Wearing your socks would help absorb sweat. Therefore, as boots are vulnerable to sweaty feet, you must remember to wear your socks.

Additionally, you should never wear your boots with wet feet, and do not ever put your wet socks on your boots. It will encourage fungus to grow and damage your boots with white blooming.

2. Avoid Salt

Wearing your boots near ocean water is not a good idea. Apart from that, make sure your salty drinks and meals are not undefined on your boots. This way, you can protect your boots from turning white.

3. Clean

From time to time, clean your boots with homemade remedies or other solutions. Make sure you are not harming your boots by using any harsh chemicals. You can use a damp cloth and wipe out the dirt; it’s easy.

4. Dry

During winter, you must take care of your boots to prevent them from being a damp and growing fungus. Use a newspaper and try to soak up all the water. Give ample time to dry the surface as well as the interior, but keep in mind that you are not drying in direct sunlight.

5. Store them properly

The best way to keep the boots is to find a cool, dry place away from any extreme cold, heat, or sunlight. Also, try not to fold your rubber boots when storing them.

You might get worried about your rubber boots turning white, but you know what, it is an indication of high-quality boots.

Yes, you heard it right, blooming happens on those boots that have high-quality particles. Those particles may rise to a certain temperature. Because rubber is a natural material and has some conditions in certain environments.


What is rubber blooming?

Bloom is a powdery surface on your rubber boots. In certain circumstances, your rubber boots may turn white. These white marks are called “rubber blooming.” Here, natural particles of rubber react to the outer environment.

Do UV rays affect rubber boots?

Yes, UV rays can affect your rubber boots. Rubber boots are also harmful to UV rays, cosmic rays, and direct sunlight. They can burn the upper layer and can turn it white.

Can I use toothpaste to remove the bloom from my rubber boots?

Yes, most people use toothpaste as a home remedy to get rid of blooming.

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