How to Wear Hiking Boots with Jeans?

Hiking in the United States is pretty much a loved activity and the craze for it is never ending from generation to generation.

With the passage of time, many styles have come in and out of fashion in terms of hiking outfit, but the one thing that has remained constant is…..

Wearing jeans with hiking boots. Jeans have proved to be the constant companion to hiking boots because of the simple reasons that jeans are comfortable, stretchable, flexible, breathable and tough at the same thing.

All in all, all the elements needed to endure the harsh elements of hiking are present in jeans.

How to Wear Hiking Boots with Jeans

But people have experimented with the way they wear hiking boots with jeans, yet the most accepted ones are…..

Wear skinny jeans that are stretchable with hiking jeans by tucking the jeans inside the boots or wear straight fit or baggy jeans by laying the jeans over the boots (to allow air circulation within the boots in the summers). But remember the length of the boots in this case should not be so long to touch the ground. It should rest and end at the point where the heel starts.

Well, there are different types of jeans and each has to be worn differently with hiking boots for different weather conditions.

Let’s learn about all of them…..

How do you wear straight leg jeans with hiking boots?

If you are someone who is into baggy clothing for comfort as skinny jeans might make you feel tight, one alternative to it are the straight leg jeans.

But are they okay to be worn with your hiking boots?

Well yes, if you know the right way to wear them!

If you are tucking in your straight leg jeans into the boots, you are doing it the wrong way my dear friend.


Let the straight leg jeans fall over your boots. This will give the jeans a clean look and you will not feel the jeans being crumbled (as in the case of tucking them in).

Another way to wear straight leg jeans is to fold the jeans at the them above the boots. This will give you a more funky look and this will also allow air circulation within the jeans while it’s hot outside.

Should I tuck my pants into my hiking boots?

Should I tuck my pants into my hiking boots

Yes, that’s the right way to wear jeans that is by tucking them in when it comes to skinny fit jeans with your hiking boots. This is the best match for hiking boots because any loose fitting jeans would crumble at the boots and will not make you feel comfortable or even look good.

So, wear your skinny jeans and then wear your boots. If the jeans are being pulled up due to wearing of the boots, tuck them in decently and get the most comfortable feeling while hiking.

But if it’s boyfriend jeans or for that matter any other loose fitting jeans or straight fit jeans, do not tuck them in the boots, instead let them fall over your boots. Just make sure that the length of the jeans is not long enough to hit the ground and gather dust and mud while hiking.

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Which type of jeans to avoid with hiking boots?

While jeans is the best outfit to match with hiking boots, yet there are some jeans styles that will just look and feel very odd with hiking boots like:

Do not wear long length jeans that may bunch up above the hiking boots

Do not wear boot cut jeans with hiking boots. It’s just not a fashion statement and will look tacky. Also, you will not feel comfortable as well

Do not wear three-quarters with hiking boots. That just looks awful

Do not let the jeans to bunch up above the boots

Do not wear jeans with a shorter inseam. It will leave a space between the the start of the boots and the end of the jeans (somewhere around the ankle area) making that part exposed

Ways to wear hiking boots with jeans

Let’s now come to the final part where we will learn about the best ways to wear jeans with hiking boots:

1. Wear skinny jeans that just ends at the start of the heel for a perfect fit

2. Pin roll the jeans at the bottom so that they are easy to fit inside the jeans

3. But remember to wear a thick socks covering the part where the jeans can rub with the boots

4. Tie the boots securely with the laces according to your comfort and you are ready to go

And it’s a wrap!

Points to remember while choosing the best jeans for your hiking boots:

The material of the jeans should be thick enough to match with the heaviness of the hiking boots

Long length pants are a complete no with hiking boots

Ankle length jeans will also reveal the area above the hiking boots and that won’t look good

Wear long length socks with skinny jeans when you are to tuck the jeans inside the boots

Hope this post was helpful to you. If so, stay tuned for more exciting pieces of writing on our site.

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