8 Ways to Dry Wet Boots FAST

8 ways to dry wet bootsCan you even imagine how irritating it would feel to stay in wet clothes all day long?

Very disgusting, right?

Even your feet feel uncomfortable to stay in those wet boots!

Moreover, your feet are susceptible to certain side effects if stuck in those wet boots for the entire day, blisters and sore feet being some common side effects.

But, to your relief, there are certain ways in which you can very quickly dry your boots and avoid the discomfort thus caused.

In this article I will be talking about all such easy and quick fixes for wet boots!

But, before that you need to avoid the following mistakes that people usually make while handling wet boots.

Some Basic Mistakes to Avoid During Drying Your Boots:

1.) Do not ever expose your boots to direct heat. When we tell direct heat it means: heaters, blow dryers, woodstoves and camp fires.

What happens actually with the direct heat is your boots get heated too much, much more than needed and the heat instead of drying the boots, harms the other parts.

Like, the excess heat spreads to the outsoles and liquefies the glue that attaches it to the boots and as a result the outsoles fall apart.

direct heat is your boots

2.) Over exposure to heaters will make the leather of the boots brittle and your boots would be damaged forever.

3.) In worst cases, the heat from the campfire might burn your boots. So, if campfire is the only option left at your hand, make sure you place the boots some distance away from the fire and don’t hang it over the fire because you obviously don’t want your boots to roast, do you?

8 Easy and Quick Ways to Dry Wet Boots

1.) Using a Newspaper

Steps to follow:

1.) Take few sheets of newspaper

2.) Take out the insole from the boots

3.) Now wrap the insole in the newspaper

stuffed some newspapers inside the boots

4.) Then take few sheets of newspaper and place them inside the boots. Ensure you leave no space inside the boots

5.) Now wrap the boots with thick layers of newspaper

6.) Change the newspapers after every 1-2 hours until the boots dry completely

2.) Using a Towel

Steps to follow:

1.) Take 5 dry towels

2.) Again take the insoles out and wrap them in a towel

Using a Towel to dry boots

3.) Now put two towels inside each boot

4.) Then wrap towels in each boot separately

5.) Keep the wrapped boots under the fan or in the sun

3.) Using a Table Fan

Steps to follow:

1.) Take a table fan or a floor fan

2.) Take out the insoles from the boots

Using a Table Fan to dry boot

3.) Dry the insoles by keeping them in line with the fan on a table or any raised surface

4.) Now tie the boots to the fan using the laces 

5.) Leave it in the position until the boots are completely dry

4.) Using a Jar of Rice

Steps to follow:

1.) Take a jar/tin of rice. Make sure that the rice level inside the can is at least 3 inches, so that your boots dip in completely in the rice. Also make sure that the can is large enough to fit in both the boots.

2.) Now take the boots and place it inside the rice tin/jar.

Using a Jar of Rice to dry boots

3.) Make sure that the boots have completely dipped in the rice and don’t forget to pour some rice inside the boots as well.

4.) Keep the boots inside the jar for two days.

5.) Take them out and see if they have dried completely.

6.) If not, put them again inside the jar and check after a day.

5.) Using Shoe Inserts

moisture wicking insole

Several shoe inserts are available in the markets which are made of moisture wicking fabrics and cedar filling. These inserts help to soak in moisture from the boots very quickly.

6.) Under the Sun

This is the best and safest way to dry your boots without any damage.

Steps to follow:

1.) Take out the insoles and laces from the boots

2.) Keep the boots under direct sun for a day

dry boots in sun

3.) Don’t forget the insoles and laces!

4.) If the boots don’t dry in a single day, keep them for 2-3 consecutive days under the sun to dry

7.) Using Boot Dryer

PEET - The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer

Boot dryers are typically designed for this sole purpose alone. They collect dirty water that drips down from the shoes and the dryer uses convection heat to dry the inside of the boots. 

8.) Using a Biscuit Jar

This process works quite similar to the rice jar.

Steps to follow:

1.) Take a biscuit jar and half fill it with biscuits. Make sure that the jar is large enough to fit in both the boots.

2.) Now put the boots in the jar and seal with the lid.

3.) The biscuits soak all the moisture from the boots.

4.) Keep the boots in the jar overnight.

Pro Tips:

1.) Clean the boots before drying:

soak boots in water

If you don’t clean the boots with soap water before drying, the stains will settle in the boots’ fabric forever. So, first clean the boots before beginning with the drying process.

2.) Sanitize the boots using UV shoe sanitizer:

Shoe Dryer, Household Essential for Family, Eliminate Bad Odor and sanitize Shoes

Wet places are the breeding grounds for fungus which cause several bacterial infections in the feet and toes including fungal infections, athlete’s foot, etc. So, it becomes very important to sanitize the shoes using a shoe sanitizer to kill any bacteria or fungus thriving inside it.

3.) Conditioning of the boots:

How to Clean & Condition Boots

After the cleaning and drying process, the fabric of the boots loses its shine. So, it’s very important to condition the boots using a homemade or a good market conditioner suited for boots to restore the shine.

Before we say Good Bye:

Drying the boots needs some research and we have eased out that problem for you through this article.

Just don’t forget to take out the insoles and take special care to dry the tongue as well by taking out the laces.

Rest assured all the tips shared by us on…

How to dry wet boots fast…

Works 100% and gives result faster than any other methods without damaging your boots.

That’s all folks for today!

Will be back soon with another remedy for your boots and feet soon!

Till then take care…

And don’t forget to comment below your views…


Keep walking!

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