10 Construction Safety Tips from Experts

We are all aware of the hazards that occur in the construction sites like:

      • Falling from the heights
      • Getting hit by moving objects
      • Slipping or tripping
      • Handling chemicals
      • Electrical hazards
      • Collapsing of the trenches
      • Noise pollution
      • Handling explosives
      • Handling concrete

Any of the above mentioned hazards can be fatal if proper precautions are not taken at the right time and I am here today with this article to make you aware about all the construction related hazards and safety tips on how to prevent them.

You don’t need any special training in learning the preventive measures for the hazards in the construction site. Just a few essentials are enough to do the job like a safety harness or fall arrest system can save you from the hazards of falling, a good non-slip water-resistant and EH rated boot will serve the purpose of preventing slipping or tripping and electrical hazards and a good gripped rubber gloves will help you in handling wet concrete and chemicals.

Down the article let’s learn about all such construction safety tips that would help you to save yourself as well as the people you care for!

1. Create awareness about the possible hazards

If you are the employer of the construction site, it is your duty to keep your employees safe and you can do that simply just by creating awareness among them about the impending hazards that they might come across while working at the site.

For example, tell them about what harm it might cause if they are not conscious while handling heavy machinery. They might just get their hands stuck in the machine if they not careful which would eventually lead them to lose their arm!

Tell them how important it is to wear safety helmets while some heavy machinery is hovering over their heads and how important it is to wear a safety harness while they are working at heights!

Your motivational talks will help them retain their consciousness at work and they would be more careful in handling objects and wearing the right equipment for the right task.

2. Wear the right boots and shoes for the right job

If you are working on slippery surfaces, you should choose boots that have slip-resistant outsoles. Likewise, if you are working with the electricity, you should wear boots that are EH rated and would help prevent the electrocution.

There are boots specifically designed for walking on concrete like the ones with wedged soles and slip-resistant outsoles.

If you have to deal with water on the floor, wear boots that are waterproof and will help to keep your feet dry all day long.

One important feature for boots in the construction sites is that they need to have safety toes like steel toe caps or composite toe caps or alloy toe caps so that they can protect their feet from the hazards of falling objects.

If you are working in hot weather, your boots need to have breathable membranes to let in the air flow and prevent from sweating of the feet. Likewise, if you are working in the cold weather, your boots should have insulating layers to keep your feet warm.

3. Use safety harness for fall prevention from the heights

While you are working in heights like in the roofs or at the poles, or while loading and unloading objects for the construction of the building standing in heights, you should always wear a safety harness (fall arrest system) to prevent you from hitting the ground in case you undergo a fall.

4. Wear safety helmets while at the construction site

We cannot ignore the fact that our head is the most delicate part of the body and the first one that needs protection. This is because if something hard hits your head, you are sure to lose your life at the very moment or might undergo severe medical conditions that can leave you paralysed for the rest of your life.

Know about the best safety helmets from our experts!

5. Wear safety vests that are apt for the job at the construction

Safety vests are designed to make you noticeable to the approaching vehicle especially if you are working at the road site construction. If the traffic around you is less than 25 mph, you should wear a class 1 safety vest, for traffic between 25 mph to 50 mph, you should wear class 2 safety vests, and for traffic above 50mph, you should be wearing a class 3 safety vest

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Even if you are working within the construction area, it is equally important for you to wear the safety vest because you can be recognised from far by people carrying heavy loads that might otherwise hit you hard unknowingly.

6. Ensure proper ventilation in the worksite

It is very important to keep you building well ventilated for your workers’ safety. This is because buildings with poor ventilation will make your workers feel suffocated and more exhausted and also there remains the danger of explosion of explosive fuels and chemicals that would otherwise get through the wide open windows!

7. Wear noise cancellation headphones to keep yourself calm and concentrated

Construction site is filled with a lot of noise and this creates not only headaches for the workers, but also makes it difficult for them to concentrate in their work.

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Therefore, noise cancellation headphones are a must if you want your workers to work peacefully without the effects of the shrieking disturbing noises of the construction sites.

8. Check your equipment at regular intervals

Regular checking of all the equipment is very essential because disputed equipment is just not worth wearing as it has lost its capacity of providing you the much needed protection from the hazards!

For example if your boots have cracked, they won’t be able to protect your feet from water anymore. If your safety helmet has developed a crack, it is not capable of offering protection to your head. If the elastic band of the safety harness has lost its elasticity, it will no more be able to aid in the fall prevention.

Therefore, check each and every equipment carefully for defects and damages before using them for your safety.

9. Check all the electrical appliances and circuits at regular basis

Electrical appliances should be checked at regular intervals for faults in them or else while switching them on you might receive shock from them or they might burst for the worst.

Similarly, if there are any open circuits, you might get severe shock which might be fatal.

Therefore, check for sparks and open wires and get them repaired immediately by experienced and certified electricians.

10. Fire extinguishers are a must at the construction site

There are a lot of explosive substances present at the construction sites and mishandling them might lead to explosions. Therefore, fire extinguishers are must in the sites to tackle fire breakouts and burn cases.

It’s time to bid Adieu!

In the US there are a lot of cases of hazards in the construction sites that are caused due to negligence of the workers as well as the employers.

Following the above mentioned safety tips will help combat those hazards and save the lives of millions of construction workers!

Even if the safety tips would not prevent the hazards entirely, they would at least minimise the effect for sure!

That’s all for today!

Do not forget to check our electrical safety tips and fire safety awareness tips!

Worgearz fam wish you a safe and healthy work environment!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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