Do You Have to Break in Rubber Boots?

A quintessential part of winters and rainy seasons or long treks through damp forests, the much loved rubber boots do indeed combine comfort and utility.

If you have just bought yourself a brand new pair of rubber boots and a tedious trail through rivers and jungles is awaiting you, you would of course be a bit wary of how your brand new pair would adapt to your feet.

Do rubber boots need breaking in or will they just provide ample comfort and ease from the moment you put them on for the first time. If you do not have a clear answer to such apprehensions, read on to find out. 

Do You Have to Break in Rubber Boots

Do you have to break in rubber boots? 

Even though rubber unlike leather and other materials, do not really stretch out too much with usage, rubber boots are not really seen as problematic boots that require the tedious process of breaking in.

But if truth be told, rubber boots just like any other type of boots do require some time to adapt to your feet and provide you with the desired fit and comfort.

Rubber boots do have to be broken in with some usage and tips and tricks before you take them along for some serious walks. 

How to break in rubber boots? 

Along with keeping your feet clear, dry and comfortable rubber boots can indeed add some style quotient to your outfits.

Even though they are loved by all, it does require some time and effort to help your brand new pair adapt to your feet. You can follow these tips and tricks to easily break in your rubber boots.

1.) Take a blowdryer, set it to high heat and place it at least 6 inches from the boot’s surface and apply heat on the rubber. The rubber is going to stretch enough to make room for your feet so as to ensure your comfort. 

2.) Stuff the boots with sealed plastic bags filled with water, and leave it in the freezer overnight. The frozen water will stretch the rubber and the next morning you will have boots that will fit you comfortably. 

3.) After applying heat or placing them in the freezer, make sure to stuff your rubber boots with paper of clothes to preserve the shape. 

4.) Do walk in these boots for about 30 minutes daily for a week so as to loosen it up and to help the boots get used to the shape of your feet so as to give you the perfect fit. 

5.) If you do not wish to apply heat or cold to break in your rubber boots you can make use of boot stretchers. Use the boot stretcher for about 8 hours to stretch the boots to suit your need. 

6.) One can use stretching liquids or thick socks as well to break in and loosen up the rubber. 

Right size for rubber boots

Even though breaking in will help you to make your rubber boots feel a bit more comfortable, it is indeed crucial to find the right pair of boots that fit your feet perfectly if you want unparalleled comfort after the break in process.

With the numerous size charts and changes that occur from brand to brand, it is hard to find boots that fit you perfectly. So keep in mind the following tips to find the right size of rubber boots that will fit you perfectly. 

1.) Rubber boots must fit perfectly around the ankle and feet 

2.) The heel must lift up without any problem but should not slam when you walk. 

3.) Should have enough room to wiggle the toes 

4.) Should not pinch the feet and restrict blood flow 

5.) Rubber boots should not be too tight when thick socks are worn 

Despite all this, if you are still struggling to settle on a size that suits you perfectly do go for a size bigger than a size smaller for rubber boots.

Rubber is best left in the state that it is in as heating and all can wear down the material and even give out harmful fumes. 

How much will rubber boots stretch? 

To be honest, boots can be broken in and stretched up to a size larger but the stretch ability of the rubber depends on its thickness. It is easier to stretch thin rubber rather than thick rubber.

Even though rubber can stretch so much, it is preferable to get rubber boots that fit you perfectly rather than smaller ones as you will require them to be a bit roomy so as to push in your feet.  

What to do if your rubber boots are too loose? 

Since rubber boots don’t have laces or straps to tighten them and they are to be a bit roomy to put in the feet, many people are troubled by rubber boots that are way too loose for their liking.

Well if you do have a pair that is too loose fitting, worry not. All you have to do is follow these simple tricks to make sure that you can wear them comfortably despite the ill fit. 

1.) Thick socks 

The best way to make loose rubber boots tighter is to use thick socks. Thick socks also help by preventing slippage. Thick socks are indeed a boon when it comes to rubber boots that do not fit well. 

2.) Thick insoles 

Use thick insoles to improve grip and to make the boot fit you better. 

3.) Apply heat 

Heat can cause rubber to shrink. Therefore by gently heating the boot with a hairdryer you can shrink the ankle area of the boot to fit you perfectly. 

4.) Padding heel 

Padding out the back of your boot with a small heel cushion or piece of foam can close the gap between the boot and your foot. 

How to make rubber boots more comfortable? 

You can make use of the following tips and tricks to your pair of rubber boots a bit more of a comfy, cosy companion for your feet. 

1.) Wear thick socks or insoles for better grip

2.) Break in the rubber boots by wearing them around the house before you start using them

3.) Use baby powder to keep the feet dry and to prevent slipping and blisters 

4.) Freeze it or heat it to adjust the fit. 

5.) Use stretching liquids to loosen up the boot 

6.) Take it to a cobbler if the tricks are not giving you’re the perfect fit 

Top 3 rubber boots 

1.) TIDEWE Rubber Boots for Men 

These stylish hunting boots come with a protective steel shank and is available in a variety of colours as well. The soft, flexible and durable design has a pull on tab that makes getting in and out of the boots an easy task. 

2.) TIDEWE Rubber Boots for Women 

This sleek, durable and easy to wear hunting boots are a must have in every adventurous woman’s wardrobe 

3.) Kamik Men’s Ranger Rubber Boots 

This user-friendly, dirt resistant rubber boot is a boon to anyone who loves the outdoors. It comes with an extra-traction outsole so that you can bid adieu to slippage. 

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