Ariat vs Rocky Boots Comparison and Similarities

Ariat and Rocky are two footwear brands that give us a variety of choices when it comes to solid, outdoor work boots. Both of these are American brands that have been protecting the foot of workers around all work fields. 

When it comes to choosing between which is a better boot brand, we cannot give you a simple answer, because there is none. Both provide sturdy, durable and protective work boots to ensure your safety and comfort. 

However, there are a few parameters that they can be evaluated in, and that is what we will do in this article so that we come to a clear conclusion. 

Ariat is a footwear and apparel company that is renowned for their sturdy work boots, which are designed for comfort, safety and durability. And the Rocky Boots are a popular favourite because of its high-quality, water-resistant leather covering and slip-resistant Vibram soles. 

Ariat vs Rocky Boots

Let us read a little bit of history about both brands. 

History of Ariat Boots

Ariat was co-founded in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker. They called the brand “the new breed of boot”, according to their website.

That is, when the co-founders recognized an opportunity to adapt athletic shoe technology to English and Western riding boots, they revolutionized the footwear business. Ariat is known to create cutting-edge footwear designs that are both comfortable and durable.

History of Rocky Boots

Rocky has been an American-owned and proud firm since 1932, with headquarters in Ohio. The reason behind its popularity in recent times is because of the fact that the boots are becoming lightweight and comfortable, since they have been producing durable military and tactical footwear for almost 100 years. 

Rocky also uses military forces to field test the equipment, so you know it’s built to last. 

Parameters of Similarities and Differences between Ariat Vs Rocky Boots. 

1.) Fit

For Rocky, the boot fits perfectly. We recommend ordering a half-size larger than you typically wear, especially if you prefer a little more room for comfort. The boot fits snugly, and even though there is little additional room around the toes, it is not a major issue. 

Whereas Ariat provides a variety of sizes, including narrow, regular, and broad. There is little heel slide at first, as with any western boots, but the fit is superb.

However, seeing a lot of customer reviews, you might want to go for a size bigger or check the size chart carefully before purchasing. 

2.) Comfort

Ariat boots include a cushioned EVA midsole that is extremely comfy yet continues to adjust to your foot.

Rocky boots, on the other hand, have made themselves lightweight to fit into the comfort of the consumers. They’re lightweight and comfortable so that you don’t get bothered in between your work and have full efficiency. 

3.) Durability

Rocky boots have extremely robust and traction-focused soles. It takes some breaking in, but it has everything that you look for in a good pair of boots- firm traction, decent support, and water and slip resistance.

Ariat’s abrasion, grease, and slip resistance is what sets them apart from the competition. If your job requires an electrical protection grade, these boots will suffice as they are strong and this is what makes them durable. 

4.) Water resistance

Rocky boots come in both water-resistant and water-proof models. The fact that these boots resist water and keep your feet dry during rain, makes them ideal for rough weather. 

5.) Breathability

Rocky boots have a breathable membrane that allows sweat to escape while keeping water out, keeping your feet dry and free of odor even during periods of heavy activity. 

Ariat boots are breathable and have cooling technology, so that even though your feet produce sweat, the boots will keep your feet comfortable and dry without hampering your comfort. 

6.) Safety

The boot sole in Rocky is grease and slip resistant as it allows good traction, also allowing you to maintain your balance on the jobsite. If you value high-quality fabrics, a steel protecting toe, support, water resistance, and cushioning, these boots are an excellent choice. 

Ariat provides composite and steel toe reinforcement construction boots to keep your feet protected from these threats. These boots offer the best compression and impact protection available.

Let us have a look at this comparison table. 

Parameters Ariat boots Rocky boots
Size Runs slightly large Runs large
Comfort Good Good
Durability Excellent Good
Water-resistance Yes, but it depends on the boot type. Depends on boot type. 
Slip-resistance Yes, soles provide good grip.  Yes, it is slip resistant.
Electric resistance Yes, it depends on boot type. Yes, it depends on boot type. 
Safety toe Comes in steel, composite toe.  Comes in steel, composite.
Cost Price ranges around 100-170 $ Price ranges around 150 $

Best recommended Ariat Boots

1.) ARIAT Men’s Paddock Boot

These boots have a full-grain leather top with moisture-wicking technology and a breathable liner. 

A padded top collar provides additional comfort, and the outsole has rider-tested traction zones for optimal wear resistance, which means you will not slip even on wet, slippery floors. 

The sole is created for shock absorption, with a built-in heel cushion and a landing space for ease of heel striking and stride.

Check it out here-

2.) Ariat Workhog Work Boot

The Ariat WorkHog Boots have it all if you’re searching for a pair of strong, aesthetically pleasing cowboy boots with increased grip to avoid sliding. These Ariat work boots feature advanced technology like  ATS Max, which provides maximum stability for fatigue reduction. 

Check it out here-

Recommended Rocky Boots For You

1.) Rocky Men’s Work Boot

These comfortable work boots have vibram soles for that excellent traction and comfort. They are waterproof and breathable. 

It has technology that pumps air into and out of these men’s boots, keeping feet dry, cool, and comfortable even in the harshest situations.

Check it out here- 

2.) Rocky Men’s Work Boot 

In these Rocky men’s work boots, you can get the job done. These boots are water resistant and include a steel shank and an outsole that is grease and slip resistant, and chemical resistant. The ASTM F2413 electrical hazard and protective toe criteria are met by these boots. 

Check it out here-

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Are Ariat Boots good for Snow? 

Yes you can wear Ariat boots in snow but it’s recommended you get a waterproof boot like the Ariat Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots–   

Are Rocky Boots good for Snow? 

Rocky’s Rubber boots include 1000-1200 grams of insulation and are ideal for snow, however, these snow boots are not as breathable as you would want them to be.  

What Makes Ariat Boots Comfortable? 

Ariat boots include an EVA midsole that moulds to your foot throughout the first few weeks of usage. They are initially pleasant and grow increasingly more so as time passes.


Both Ariat and Rocky are solid American brands that have been providing excellent quality work boots over the years. To be honest, in comparison, Ariat does have an upper hand as they are a tad bit more popular than Rocky that makes them reliable with its customers. 

That being said, it doesn’t mean Rocky is an inferior brand. It has some great tactical (military) boots, which means it is tough and durable like no other. 

However, always purchase boots according to the situation and environment. It is recommended to check the proper specifications and reviews of customers before making a purchase. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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