Are Composite Toe Shoes Supposed To Hurt

Are Composite Toe Shoes Supposed To HurtComposite shoes are important for workers as it protects their feet from injuries while working on the sight. But these safety shoes are painful for some time.

Wearing composite shoes for a longer time like 10 hours a day will probably hurt your feet. Even after removing them, the pain won’t stop.

Let’s understand why composite toe shoes hurt and how to prevent them from getting hurt.

What Are Composite Toe Shoes?

Composite shoes have many names and are also known as safety boots, composite-caped shoes, and composite toe cap shoes. They are very tough and strong which helps in the prevention of injuries while working in a dangerous environment.

Also, the shoes are called composite toe shoes because they have an insole composite plate or a plastic plate where your toes are placed in a shoe. They cover these plates with leather from inside and outside.

Does Composite Toe Shoe Hurt?

Not in every case, but yes they do hurt but only when we wear them for a longer period. In addition, they can permanently damage your toes if you don’t take care of your leg while working and wear them for hours.

Mostly, this problem is faced by people with enormous foot or scant foot because their foot does not fit properly in the shoes. So, because of unmatchable shoes, your foot will get hurt.

Besides this, composite toe shoes are very heavy which causes pain in the ankle and your toes get hurts because of this. Eventually, the fibrous bones of your foot are pressed constantly because of the heaviness of the shoes.

A serious issue is raised when people get used to it. But, when they grow older their foot can’t bear the pain and will start to rapture because of the constant position of your foothold in the shoe.

Why Does Composite Toe Shoe Hurt?

Composite toe shoes are made from hard material for doing tough work. They are not like other fancy shoes. Their purpose is to save our feet from hard things falling on our foot that is why they are made hard too.

If your foot is bigger than the shoe, your toes will shrink in a curvy shape. Your foot shrinks in because the solid toe side of the shoe is hurting your toes because of the composite plate placed inside.

If your foot is shorter than the shoe, the reason for your pain is a constant moment of your foot in the shoes. Because of the small size, your foot keeps moving and the stitching element in the inner side of the shoe gets rubbed with your skin.

Eaglets of shoelaces also hurt the upper part of your foot when your foot is smaller or bigger than the shoes you are wearing.

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How To Make Your Foot Comfortable In Composite Toe Shoes?

There are many ways to make your foot comfortable in composite toe shoes. Furthermore, if you follow the tips given below your foot will stay relaxed in your shoe and you can work properly without getting distracted because of shoes.

These tips will help you make your composite toe shoes comfortable:

1.) Thick Socks

Thick socks will provide you a base for your foot which will eventually work as another layer underneath your foot. The pressure created by the shoes is absorbed by the socks thus, your feet do not directly get exposed to the heel pressure.

The thick layer of socks will provide a protective layer, making it smooth against the composite toe and your toes won’t rub against the composite toe box.

Also, you will have another advantage for your heels as they will more be comfortable for you. A comfortable layer will be formed of a base between your heel and heel of the shoes thus, your composite toe shoe will hurt you less.

2.) Tongue Pads

A tongue pad will add an extra layer of comfort. It will prevent your foot from edgy ending and side walls present in the shoes which feel sharp. Because of this sharpness, your leg’s skin gets peeled off, which hurts very much.

tongue pad at the top of the foot

Get a tongue pad and cut it as you want but cut evenly for more comfort. Stick those cut pieces where edgy endings are and near the edge of the composite toe cap.

Try on the shoes and check if you are comfortable. Are they hurting anymore or not? This is the quickest solution for shoes-related problems and you will get a tongue pad for a very much less price too.

3.) Cut The Toe Area

Sometimes your toe gets pressed against the toe box tightly. Because of this your toes get hurts and cause pain. The toe box is taking much space for your shoes thus, your foot can’t fit inside properly.

Try removing the insole from the composite toe shoes and cut through the toe area of the insole carefully. This is a little tricky so be cautious you can more part of it which will now hurt more.

Now, insert back the insoles and try wearing them. If they still feel uncomfortable, then remove the insoles and cut a little more.

By cutting the insoles your toes will have more room and the pressing against the composite toe box will stop completely. You would not feel discomfort anymore because your toes were rubbing against the composite toe cap.

4.) Laced Composite Toes

This may sound ridiculous and illogical but composite lacing will surely help you from getting your toes hurt.

This weird trick will work, your feet will be intact inside the shoes constantly with no movement. You can adjust these laces to fit your shoes properly according to the leg.

Try adjusting the shoes according to the size and the shape of your foot for more comfort.

The shoe would not fit properly without these laces therefore, always choose laced toe shoes for great fitting. Proper fitting is the only method to stop hurting your toes.

Your toes will constantly keep moving thus, they will keep rubbing against the composite toe box present in the shoes. You can select laced composite shoes from the market or get a customized one.

You can try your own hands too! Cut three holes each on both sides and tie the laces properly but just don’t damage your shoes or else you will have to buy a new one instead.

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5.) Shape And Size

Composite toe shoes with sharp pointing in front hurt the most. Choose composite toe shoes which are comfortable and asymmetrical because our foot is asymmetrical too.

If you’re already having symmetrical toe shoes and already have faced problems. Use cotton pads on the frontal side where the toe box is and on the side area.

Putting cotton pads will help you prevent rubbing against the walls and your foot would not get hurt anymore.

Always remember while buying composite toe shoes that the biggest toe should align with the middle portion of the heel. This position is better for your feet as they will rub less against the walls.

You will feel no pain or little pain in this position, but if it does not align this and symmetrical, then ready for the pain your toes will give you.

6.) Use Band-Aids

Band-aids are a splendid solution when your foot is getting hurt in any footwear. Your biggest toe and the tiny toe get hurt a lot. Keep them safe from your composite shoes by wrapping Band-Aid around them.

Wrap band Aids on these two toes before using shoes. This will surely prevent your toes from rubbing against the edges of the composite toe box.

Protect your toes because they will look ugly because of getting hurt constantly and your nails will break which causes a lot of pain and you may need a doctor too for clearing this pain.

7.) Vaseline

Vaseline will not only help in protecting your foot but will also help in keeping your leg moisturized.

It will act as a coating for your toes which will be thick enough to protect you from getting blisters and calluses damage.

Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly will work too. Apply a good amount of vaseline or other petroleum jellies on the toes and other parts of your feet which hurts the most and develop bruises and cuts.

This will help you too well. In addition, your leg will be moisturized and will prevent cracks and smells because of socks in the winter season.

Wrap it up!

You cannot stop wearing composite toe shoes because there is no better alternative for these shoes and you cannot skip work too.

Working in sites is hectic and hurting of toes is an addition to that. But these shoes will surely help you from injuries from falling of heavy objects or nails and sharp object which can injure your leg.

But we can surely use change something in these shoes according to our fit. While working comfort is a must or else, you will distract yourself, which can cost you much.

Try the hacks we have told you above and prevent your toe from getting hurt because of composite toe shoes.

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