Are Bamboo Socks Good?

When it comes to choosing a good pair of socks, we mostly think we do not have as many options as we do with our clothes. But well, we do! 

There are various fabrics you can choose from, but there is a serious competition between cotton and bamboo socks. 

Yes, you heard that right!

Bamboo socks are extremely soft and pleasant to your feet thanks to the high porosity of the fibres, which also makes them super-absorbent and keeps your feet dry. They are extremely breathable and significantly superior to cotton or wool socks in this regard.

Are Bamboo Socks Good

You’re probably wondering how bamboo’s texture transforms into something so soft and comfy to wear. 

Don’t worry, we promise to solve all these doubts if you give this article a few minutes of your time. 

So what makes bamboo socks so soft and breathable?

It is indeed astonishing how a stiff plant like bamboo is transformed into a material that is twice as soft as cotton. The bamboo fabric is not only soft, but it is also quite resilient. The procedure is the key to changing the texture’s appearance.

Bamboo is crushed and dipped in sodium hydroxide before being treated with carbon disulphide. This changes its chemical composition, resulting in a lightweight, luxurious material called viscose, which is then turned into fabrics by manufacturers.

Bamboo has high porosity that results in porous fibres. The resulting fabric is lightweight and extremely breathable, making it excellent for summer use. This is why bamboo socks are becoming increasingly popular due to their porosity. 

7 Reasons to buy Bamboo Socks

1.) They’re environment friendly

Bamboo socks are manufactured from bamboo fiber, an excellent organic material. It also absorbs greenhouse gases and provides 35% more oxygen than a bunch of trees. It doesn’t necessitate the use of pesticides at all.

Also, bamboo consumes nitrogen, which aids in the reduction of water and soil pollution as well as the issues of erosion. Bamboo grows quickly and has a short production cycle.

It can replenish within a year after harvest. It is sustainable and 100% biodegradable. Bamboo is a sustainable natural resource that is easy to maintain and, unlike cotton, can survive scarcity of water.

As a result, producing high-quality goods from bamboo is quite simple. You’ll agree with me now that bamboo material is quite resourceful, even when it comes to our environment.

2.) They’re chemical free

Bamboo fibres are chemical-free. When bamboo is converted into viscose through a chemical process, the chemicals become dormant and there are no toxic residues on the material. These materials are non-allergic and chemical-free.

Unlike most everyday clothes, the material used to make these socks is organic and free of chemicals. It is ideal for people who have diabetes since it minimises the risk of fungal infection and itchy skin.

3.) Since they’re breathable, it leads to less moisture and less odor

Bamboo socks are supposed to absorb four times the amount of moisture as cotton socks. Bamboo viscose fibres are hollow and porous, allowing them to absorb more moisture. Bamboo socks provide a noticeable increase in dryness and comfort. 

The presence of bacteria that thrives in wet environments is the primary cause of foot odor. Bacteria have a tougher time surviving when moisture is eliminated. Even after wearing them for several days in a row, your feet will be less stinky and more pleasant.

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4.) Bamboo has antibacterial properties 

Viscose fabrics offer better antibacterial characteristics than cotton or polyester fabrics. Well, we all agree that no matter how clean you keep your feet, they’re still not the cleanest area of our body.

We rely on them to take us from one place to another, and it is unavoidable that we will step in dirt, germs, and let’s not forget the sweat. 

This is when the antibacterial properties of bamboo socks prove useful. Bamboo socks are antibacterial and antifungal by nature. This is helpful in preventing foot infections caused by fungus, which can be aggravating and difficult to treat. 

5.) It keeps you both cool and cosy

Thermoregulation is a property of bamboo fibres as they essentially serve to keep a constant temperature. In the summer, the socks will breathe to keep your feet cool, and in the winter, they will retain a degree of heat to keep you warm. 

This is a result of the bamboo’s characteristics, not necessarily the way the socks are constructed. In any case, it’s a win-win situation for us!

6.) They’re comparatively softer than cotton and other fabrics

Viscose fibres have a velvety texture that is far softer and superior to cotton and many synthetic fabrics on the market.

This softness reduces friction in your shoe and on your feet, which is beneficial in preventing blisters and keeping you comfortable and your feet happy!

7.) They provide good value for your money

Bamboo socks have a long life span because of the bamboo fibres. Bamboo socks are wonderful at not just avoiding cuts and holes, but also preserving flexibility.

We’ve all had the misfortune of socks becoming less form-fitting to the foot as the elasticity deteriorates over time and between washes. 

Bamboo socks, on the other hand, can keep their elasticity for longer than cotton socks. 

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Here is a comparison chart so you understand why bamboo socks are better than other fabrics.


Alright, since we have loaded this article with goodness about bamboo socks, now let us understand the things we need to watch out for. 

Talking about the cost, bamboo socks are comparatively more expensive than socks made of cotton or polyester.

It also takes time to dry, like more time than your cotton or woollen socks because moisture does not readily go to the outside to evaporate due to the hollowness and fineness of the bamboo fabric.

Also, bamboo socks have a tendency to shrink if not handled carefully. The main cause of shrinkage in this fabric, like in many others, is hot water. If you’re washing your bamboo socks, make sure they’re in room temperature water.


1.) Can you put bamboo socks in the dryer?

Yes, you can dry your socks in the dryer, however, you should not leave it there for a long time. Overdrying results in the fabric losing its quality and shrinking. 

The best way to dry your bamboo socks is to air dry them or when the sun is out. Ideally, naturally drying your bamboo socks is helpful for its longevity. 

2.) Do bamboo socks keep you warm in winter?

Since bamboo socks have a thermoregulating feature, it does keep your feet warm in cold temperatures. 

3.) Do you need to iron your bamboo socks?

No, you don’t really need to iron them. But in case you do, then set the heat on the lowest setting possible and gently iron your socks. Also, using light steam while ironing is great for your bamboo socks as it prevents damage to the fabric. 

Recommended brands of bamboo socks

1.) Bambooven bamboo socks

These socks are ideal for pampering your hardworking feet and ensuring that they are entirely relaxed and comfy. It also destroys bacteria that cause odour on human skin, leaving your feet smelling fresh.

2.) Cariloha Men’s Crazy Soft Crew Sock

These extremely soft and comfortable socks feel very pleasant on your feet. They come with a lot of variety too, like ankle, no-show and crew socks

3.) +MD Bamboo Crew Socks 

These socks have an anti-slip top and a reinforced heel. Extra cushioning in the sole provides ankle support and keeps your feet comfortable.


Your feet deserve all the good care you can give them since they’re responsible for our presence everywhere. Keeping them dry, comfortable and happy is extremely important for your overall well being.

And bamboo socks check all the lists that need to be there in a good pair of socks. Just be sure to read the labels carefully before your purchase. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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