Wolverine 1000 Mile Vs Thursday Boots Comparison

Everyone looks for durability, comfort, and quality in buying boots, and Wolverine and Thursday boots make sure that they orient the same in their boots but according to their terms. Wolverine and Thursday boots have been adopted by people very widely. 

Wolverine 1000 Mile Vs Thursday Boots

If Wolverine and Thursday boots compete, my vote will go for Thursday. The reason behind this is their high quality of footwear at an affordable price, perfect fit and comfortable to wear all day.

No doubt Wolverine and Thursday are great, but their boots are perfect in their ways. We will be digging a little deeper into the article and help you decide what you should buy and what would suit and fit your requirements. We will make sure that we are covering each point while discussing both the boots. 

Features Wolverine 1000 Mile Thursday Boots
Material Leather Leather
Comfortable Yes Yes
Durability Yes Yes
ShockProof Yes Yes
Chemical Resistance Yes Yes
Water Resistance Yes Yes

About Wolverine 1000 Mile and Thursday Boots

Wolverine 1000 mile: The Wolverine brand was founded in 1883 and played a significant role in World War 2. G.A. Krause is the founder of the company.

The introduction of the Wolverine 1000-mile boot first took place around 1910. During World War 2, the company made boots for the soldiers out there. 

Thursday boots: The Thursday Boot Company was found in 2014. The founders of the company are Connor Wilson and Nolan Walsh.

In current times after facing a lot more troubles than one could have ever encountered, they finally manage to establish a company that is one of the most talked-about companies ever.

The thing that led them to success is planning out a strategy where both Connor and Nolan launched the direct-to-customer Thursday Boot Company. They did this by keeping the aim of providing perfect boot but at a low mark-up that is sure to meet the expectations of their customers. 

Quality of Wolverine 1000 Mile and Thursday Boots

Wolverine 1000 mile: The Wolverine boots have a very nice touch of craftsmanship on them. The leather is Chromexcel which is from Horween. The leather is about two millimeters thick and is hence designed especially for durability.

Around the vamp, you can witness some staple stitching. But I am disappointed by how these boots lack quality control. In a manner, around the vamp area, you can see some loose threads.

Besides that, these boots are not much of a heavy excursion material, meaning you cannot wear them on hiking or any other heavy expedition. 

Thursday boots: In Thursday boots, there are eight different types of boots. All the boots are exclusively handcrafted in the factories that are located in the U.S and Mexico.

The leather of the boots is almost 1.8 millimeters thick. The upper section is made up of Thursday Chrome leather, but they have a suede boot section where the boots are made up of Weather Safe suede, making them water repellent.

A few of their designs have Terracotta leather and natural Horween leather. Unlike the Wolverine brand, Thursday boots have no quality issues.

Insoles of Wolverine 1000 Mile and Thursday Boots

Wolverine 1000 mile insole: I am not a great fan of the soles of Wolverine 1000 mile because while they strive to make quality eye-catching boots, they ignore the soles of the boots.

To get it straight, the soles do not last long enough and will tend to get slippage. Not just that, eventually, the soles will start getting scratches besides the dents, and above that, it will happen very soon. 

But if you still want to buy the shoes, you might be happy to know that there is a Vibram heel to tackle the sole problem. This will minimize the problem as it will make the process of attaching for the cobbler pretty easy. 

Thursday boots insole: Thursday makes their kind of rubber that works fine. Talking about the sole of Thursday boots, they are attached to the boot, and they are attached in a 360-degree manner. The sole is good, water-resistant, and durable.

What I like the most about these soles because resoling boots is more comfortable, making the boots last longer. The 360-degree welt won’t even make the boot look tacky. The boots will look very attractive and aesthetic. This was all about the outsole of the Thursday boots.

Besides the outsole, you will get an anti-fatigue steel shank in the Thursday boots so that the arch is supported, cork-bed midsole.

Above that, you will discover the soft leather lining and the ‘Dura EVA’ comfort strip on the inside. Considering that the EVA strip is used in athletic shoes, the boots are sure to provide you comfort. 

Value of Wolverine 1000 Mile and Thursday Boots

Wolverine 1000 mile: The price of Wolverine boots is slightly hyped. The price ranges around 365$, but the good thing is that you can get them at a lower price on Amazon. Digging in a little deeper, we have discovered that you can get their boots around 360$ or 320$. 

Thursday boots: This is my favorite part of the entire article. The price of Thursday boots is unbeatable. Most of the boots of the company range around 199$.

The price is almost the same both on their official website and Amazon. And, considering the exceptional quality of their boots, they are providing the right price. 

The Leather and Taking Care of Wolverine 1000 Mile and Thursday Boots

Wolverine 1000 mile material: There is a wide range of variety when it comes to Wolverine 1000 miles. The varieties include chukka, wingtip, rough out, Chelsea, and so much more.

The best part is that you are free to customize your pair to make it unique. For some ideas, you can either include some patchworks with unique colors, threads, and more. 

Talking about the highest quality leather, the full-grain falls to that category. The full-grain might not be so smooth compared to the grain leather, but it sure lasts long, which justifies its durability. 

Taking Care of Wolverine 1000 Mile

To take care of your Wolverine boots’ leather, you can use the pine pitch and mink oil-oriented conditioner. You can use the conditioner after cleaning the leather with a cloth and brushing it so that the extra dirt can be easily removed.

Besides this, you can also go buying either the Venetian shoe cream or neatsfoot oil.

Thursday boots material: Their boots have Chrome leather. The leather is mixed up with tanned leather. This leather is just perfect, and it looks like top grain. There is more than one type of chrome leather that is used.

The first one is black Thursday Chrome, and apart from it, there is also chrome generated from what we call ‘brandy full-grain leather.’ If you want less shiny, then do not worry because 

Thursday boots have covered that part as well with the terracotta leather. With the terracotta leather, your boots will get more of a rugged look. Not just that, even if you are wearing them more often, they will get an attractive look. Not just that, Thursday Chrome is even more durable.  

The official website of Thursday boots has provided a complete and simple guide to take care of the leather.

1.) You have to start by rubbing them with a clean cloth, and then you should proceed with the leather balm on the cloth.

2.) Then you can use it on all of the creases. Talking about the Thursday Company, they recommend Venetian shoe cream to take care of the leather. 

3.) So, after you are done with the leather balm and cloth, you can wipe the boot until you see a thin layer of balm on the boot. In case you are not sure how often you should take care of the boots, you should do that by aligning the fact of how often you wear them.

Well, if you want an exact time considering that Thursday Chrome is somewhat moist, you should take care of them and clean them every twice or thrice a year. 

Level of Comfort Wearing Wolverine 1000 Mile and Thursday Boots

Wolverine 1000 mile Comfort: The Wolverine brand makes sure they build quality shoes that are based on comfort. The Wolverine is an all-rounder and involves the work of some fine artisan.

My favorite part is that Wolverine boots have a 30-comfort guarantee. This means that after you have conducted your purchase, you will be given 30 days to see if it fits right and is comfortable or not, and if you don’t like the fitting, you can return them.

After you have conducted the return, you will get a full refund of your price that you have invested in buying the boots. 

Thursday boots Comfort: Thursday boots are famous for their comfort. To be more specific, the boots that are the king of comfort in Thursday boots are the suede Duke and Captains. These two particular boots are famous for the extreme comfort that they provide.

The boots have some rubber studded soles. These soles are why when someone wears the Thursday boot, they can experience the excellent grip no matter if the weather outside is sunny or rainy. In short, Thursday boots have soles that can last for a long period. 

Fitting and Size of Wolverine 1000 Mile and Thursday Boots

Wolverine 1000 mile fit: Wolverine’s boots are quite big, so whenever you buy, you need to make sure that you are buying a smaller size than your usual wear because then only the boots are going to fit you.

If you don’t know about your size and fitting, you can opt for the option of going to their store and trying out boots and discovering the right size for you

If you can’t go to their store, you should go to any shoe store, and there you can have your foot measure. Considering that the 1000 Mile is listed among the most popular brands in the U.S, it will be pretty easy to ask and try a 1000 Mile in shoe stores. 

Well, back to the size of Wolverine 1000, they have ‘D’ and ‘EEE’ in their stock where you can opt for ‘D’ if you have an average size foot, but in case you have slightly wider feet, you can go for buying the boot of ‘EEE’ size.  

Thursday boots fit: Besides regular sizes, the Thursday boots also offer EE/EEE in terms of width for some colorways, SO, if you have a wider foot, worry no more because Thursday boots will solve your problem.

If you are skeptical about your boot’s width, you can try them out and decide if they fit or not, as Thursday also offers no-cost shipping with the U.S. 

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Among Wolverine 1000 Mile and Thursday Boots, On Which Boots Should You Invest Your Money?

Sure, both Wolverine and Thursday are great and perfect in their ways, with some setbacks of their own. But I feel Thursday Boots would be my choice because they have some exceptional qualities and that the price is pretty much affordable than Wolverine 1000 mile. 

The Thursday boots are stylish and excellent in quality and can be worn to some minimal excursions as well. For beginners who are planning to get their hands-on boots, Thursday boots would be the right choice because these boots also serve the purpose of long-term boots. 

So, these are all the points that were needed to cover to make a much simpler decision. We have covered most of the categories you need to scan before deciding to buy the boots quickly. Now that you have all the information you need to make a clear-cut decision, you are all set to buy your next pair of boots. 

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