Will Mink Oil Help in Shining Boots?

Mink oil is derived from the fatty hide of a mink and protects leather boots against, mildew, salt, damage due to dirt, and other hazardous elements. It has waterproofing abilities and can also keep the leather moisturized.

Will Mink Oil Help in Shining BootsSome benefits of mink oil include softening the leather, making rigid work boots, or hiking boots more comfortable for the wearer, and for preserving the leather boots for a longer period. Mink oil is available in most shoe stores and you should use mink oil if you want your boots to remain flexible and do not want it to become dry. 

NO, mink oil cannot shine leather boots. It darkens the leather boots and makes the natural shine of the leather very dull. Hence, if you do not want to see your leather boots becoming fader day by day, do not use mink oil often on leather boots.

Pros and Cons of using Mink Oil

Pros of using mink oil are listed below:

1.) People from construction industries have pointed out that constant friction has made their leather boots dry. They have said that mink oil has helped them reverse this damage. Hence, it can be said that mink oil can prevent your leather boots from getting dried.

2.) Mink oil can replenish the natural oils of the leather boots that are lost owing to constant use and sometimes during the manufacturing process. It can also lubricate the fibers so they can be more flexible and durable.

3.) Mink oil makes your boots more water-resistant. If applied correctly, mink oil will be able to penetrate the leather pores, thereby, creating a coat that can repel moisture. Hence, it can be said that your boots will be able to withstand light to heavy rain, as well as occasional snowstorms for a short span. 

4.) Mink oil can be used to soften leather boots and can make them last longer. It can protect your leather boots from the harmful rays of the sun and can make them soft and supple. If you mix mink oil with beeswax and apply it to your leather boots, its effects will be stronger.

However, if you do not use mink oil, then the loss of oil can make the boot more prone to cracks, can lead to the separation of fibers inside the leather, and thus ruin the boot faster. 

Cons of using mink oil are listed below:

1.) Mink oil can become rancid in poor circumstances which in turn can spoil your boots. This rottenness leaves behind a bad odor you will find it hard to remove smell. Also, mink oil can have negative effects on hiking or work boots. It will not only soften the hiking/work boots but will also give less support to the boots.

2.) If mink oil is inappropriately applied on boots, it can break down the leather and make it extremely soft. The leather softening causes the leather to stretch out and will eventually lead to dents.

3.) One of the main cons of mink oil is that mink oil darkens the leather. The reason behind this is that it deeply penetrates your leather boots, clogs the pores, and forms a protective barrier that is not easy to get rid of. Either the leather will darken permanently or for a very long period.

What does mink oil do on boots?

Mink oil does an extraordinary job of softening leather boots. Apart from softening the leather, mink oil also keeps your boots flexible and comfortable without making them greasy.

Additionally, mink oil clogs the pores of your leather boots which helps to make the boots more weather and water-resistant. This makes your boots perfect for severe work conditions. 

Why should you not use mink oil to shine boots?

Mink oil will keep your leather boots soft and moisturized. But you should not use it if you want your boots to shine. Mink oil darkens the boot’s leather to the point that it cannot take glossy shine any further.

Mink oil deeply penetrates the leather, clogs the pores, and forms a protective barrier around the boots that is very difficult to get rid of. This can darken the leather of your boots permanently or for a prolonged period.

Effects of using mink oil to shine boots

Mink oil is a type of leather conditioner. You can apply it to your leather boots to get rid of dryness and to make them water-resistant. But, if you apply too much mink oil on your boots, it will over-soften the leather and clog its pores.

This can lead to bacteria and mold growth owing to the accumulation of moisture. These pests will make your feet stink and will also ruin your leather boots. Apart from this, mink oil will also darken your leather and take away the natural shine of your boots. 

What are the best ways to shine boots?

1. Neatsfoot Oil

Neatsfoot oil is derived from the rendered shin and feet bones of cattle. It is used for nourishing, protecting, and for restoring dried up leather boots. This is a natural conditioner and is used by people from different industries. But too much Neatsfoot oil will darken your leather boots.

2. Cream Polish

Cream polish penetrates your leather boots and keeps your boots moisturized. Owing to this, the surface of your boots remains flexible and breathable. Although cream polish provides less shine, it does not darken the leather. Cream polishes can be found in most shoe stores and are available in different colors.

3. Wax Polish

Wax polish is can also be used to shine boots. It comprises ingredients like beeswax, carnauba wax, and turpentine. Wax polish is mostly used for repairing scuff marks and can also make your boots shine for a long period.

But the wax polish can block the surface of your boots and can lead to cracks if you use it frequently. Although wax polish protects against hazardous elements, it should not be used for waterproofing leather boots.

Can you put Shoe Polish over mink oil?

Shoe Polish is a better alternative to mink oil for shining leather boots. There are two varieties of shoe polish- a cream shoe polish and a wax shoe polish. Depending upon the type of finish you want, you can choose either of them.

Shoe cream polish and wax polish can be used individually or together. If you want to apply both together, apply cream polish before applying the layer of wax to your boots. 


Hence, it can be concluded that mink oil is ideal for softening your leather boots and keeping them more flexible, water-resistant, and comfortable. But mink oil darkens the boot’s leather and takes away the natural shine of your boots. So, if you want to see shiny boots then use shoe polish over mink oil.

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