Can You Wear Alligator Boots in the Rain?

Alligator boots are one prized possession. Considering the amount of bucks you spend to get them, you deserve saving them for life by taking good care of them!

But would like to spoil them by wearing them in the rain?

Not really! Alligator boots will not get damaged if you wear them in the rain for a certain amount of time and that’s because crocodile leather is naturally water repellent. That is, they will try to repel water at the first go but that said they are not waterproof. So, if you expose them to continuous rain, they are sure to soak up water and get wet and damaged eventually.

Can You Wear Alligator Boots in the Rain

Come let’s find out more about alligator boots and what if you wear them in the rain everyday…..

What are alligator boots?

Many people mistake crocodile skin boots for alligator boots. But man, they are not the same. Alligator boots cost way far more than the crocodile skin boots for the very simple reason that crocodiles are found in abundance but alligators are farm grown mainly in America.

They are harvested at a smaller size in order to achieve a smooth skin that’s free of blemishes and unevenness.

The skin is cut mostly from the back leaving the horns and the belly. Alligator skin is less scaly than crocodile skin and therefore are rare and expensive.

Why are alligator boots so expensive?

Now you know that alligator boots are not the same as crocodile boots. The American alligators are raised on farms in smaller quantities with a lot of expenses as they need favourable conditions to thrive.

They need to reach a certain size so that their skin can be extracted and that takes years of patience. So, with lesser numbers of alligators that can be farm grown and with lesser numbers of farms to raise them, their skin becomes too expensive in the market.

Also alligator skin is way smoother, shinier and less uneven than normal crocodile hide.

Are crocodile and alligator boots waterproof?

That’s a straight NO!

No, crocodile or alligator boots are not waterproof at all though they can repel water to some extent. Yet excessive moisture will get absorbed into the boots and the boots will dry up hard and develop cracks and spots in them.

But a special tanning is applied especially on alligator boots to make the surface of the leather water resistant. 

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Can you wear alligator shoes in the rain?

Look, alligator shoes and boots are not waterproof so getting them drenched in the rain is not at all a good idea. Though they will repel little drops of rain but they cannot survive severe downpour and will get wet at the end.

When alligator boots get wet, they develop spots in them after they dry and also become quite hard and cracked which is an irreversible process and you end up wasting those expensive boots.

Still, if you have accidentally been caught in a downpour, there are some quick fixes after your alligator boots have got wet in the rain.

Let’s learn about them in the section below:

How to care for alligator boots? What to do if your alligator boots get wet in the rain?

I am sharing some general tips with you that might save your gorgeous alligator boots from getting damaged from being wet:

• If your alligator boots are calf length boots, hang them instead of just keeping them on the shelf because you should never let alligator skin develop folds in them

• Store them in cool and dry place and that’s sufficiently airy too

• When alligator boots have become wet, pat them dry with a clean dry cloth in order to soak the excess moisture and then let them dry under the fan

• Do not ever dry them in direct heat of the sun or the blower or dryer. That would make the alligator skin hard and dull

How to clean alligator boots?

Alligator boots are no general leather boots and therefore they need special care:

      • Clean the alligator boots with a dry cloth to remove excess dirt
      • If there are spots on them, use a wet cloth to remove the spots
      • Dry them under the fan
      • Apply crocodile leather conditioner to soften the leather after they have been treated with wet cloth
      • Do not put general leather conditioner on them


Which is better: alligator or crocodile boots?

Alligator skin is formed yet softer and finer in texture and feel than crocodile skin. It feels and looks more luxurious than crocodile skin. Also, alligator leather is more durable and will last you way longer than any other leather.

How long does alligator leather last?

Looking at the cost and the rarity of the product you should be convinced that they are a possession of lifetime and there is no question on their durability. A pair of alligator boots will last you a lifetime or not less than 50 years.

Are alligator boots legal?

Though they are legal because alligator boots are not made from the endangered species of crocodiles but from the 3 types of crocodiles that can be bred and grown easily. Yet they are said to be banned in California.

And that’s a wrap!

I hope I could help you with some insight on alligator boots and how to care for them.

If you liked my article, stay tuned for more on my site and I assure I will continue to amaze you!

With that note, taking your leave for today with a sweet hope to meet soon in my next post. Till then, take care and keep shining!

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