How to Dry Steel Toe Boots FAST

Being workers, we all know the importance of steel toe boots in protecting our feet from any heavy weight and we cannot even think of going to work without wearing them!

How to Dry Steel Toe Boots FAST

But wearing them every day to work also creates certain problems such as accumulation of dust and dirt in them or getting them drenched in water while work.

The obvious thing that demands attention then is cleaning them and getting them dried!

But one problem still remains prominent and that’s how to dry steel toe boots fast because we don’t have enough time to let them dry naturally because we have to wear them the next day to work! Right?

If that is your problem, guys you have landed just at the right place…

The fastest way to dry your steel toe boots obviously would be investing in a good boot dryer or using the highest heat setting of your hair dryer!

In this article, I am going to tell you the quick and easy tricks to dry your steel toe boots effectively!

So, without further ado,

Let’s begin…

Drying Different types of Steel Toe Boots

Drying the outside of the leather steel toe boots:

      • Place them under the fan and let them dry overnight
      • Use a hair dryer at the highest heat temperature setting and keep blowing until the entire boot dries out
      • Dry them using a boot dryer
      • Do not ever sun-dry your leather boots

Drying the inside of the leather steel toe boots:

      • You can stuff newspapers in them and let them soak p the water overnight
      • Stuff rice or cat litter and leave overnight to soak up the water
      • You can also use kitchen roll or tissue papers too

Drying the outside of the suede steel toe boots:

      • At first take a clean towel and dab the outside of the boots to soak up all the excess water
      • Next take a soft bristled toothbrush and start brushing the suede as soon as they get wet. Rigorous brushing under the fan will dry the suede hairs completely
      • In case your boots are drenched in water, take a hair dryer and start it. Then take the soft bristled toothbrush and keep brushing while still holding the hair dryer to dry the suede hairs while you are still brushing.
      • You can then sun-dry them for 1 hour

Drying the inside of the suede steel toe boots:

      • Take clean towels and push them inside the suede boots to soak up the water
      • You can also use tissue papers or newspapers instead
      • Then blow the inside of the boots using a blow dryer
      • Sun-dry the boots for 1 hour

Drying the outside of nubuck leather steel toe boots:

      • Pat dry the boots using tissue papers or towel
      • Then dry them naturally under the fan

Note: Nubuck leather becomes hard under heat.

Drying the inside of the nubuck leather steel toe boots:

      • Take out the insoles and laces and air dry them separately
      • Stuff them for 1 hour with newspapers to soak the inside water completely
      • Dry them naturally under the fan.
      • Do not use heat on them

There are several other points to be considered such as the construct of the steel toe boots, how to clean them and then ways to dry them fast!

What are Steel Toe Boots Made of?

Before knowing ways to clean and dry your steel toe boots, you must be aware what they are made of and then decide on the cleaning and drying ingredients and equipments:

1.) Steel toe caps:


Steel toe caps as the name suggests, are obviously made of steel which is a metal and are generally very heavy in weight and can withstand high impact thus saving your toes from experiencing the impact.

2.) The outer material:

Most of the steel toe boots are made of the best quality leather such as: oil tanned leather, full grain leather, top grain leather, suede, nubuck, etc.

3.) The insoles:

The insoles of the steel toe boot are made of several materials such as: PU cushion foam, shock absorbing insoles, anti-fatigue insoles, etc that adds to the comfort of wearing the boots.

4.) The outsoles:

The outsoles are comprised of leather, rubber, etc which provide excellent grip.

5.) Breathable membranes:

If your boots are not waterproof, they will have mesh linings in them in order to offer breathability to the feet so that it prevents sweating of the feet.

6.) Waterproof membranes:

In case, your boots are waterproof, they will not have breathable membranes, instead, they will have a waterproofing coating in them.

Other features:

      • Padded Tongue
      • Padded Collar
      • Laces
      • Heel support 
      • Midsole support
      • Welt or cement construction
      • Eyelets mostly made of nickel or steel

How to clean steel toe boots?

The cleaning process depends on the material of the steel toe boots and to know how to clean each type like leather, suede, nubuck, you must read our article.

In general, you can clean your steel toe boots, just by following the simple steps below:

      • At first remove the laces and extra padding or cushioning or insoles and wash them separately with soap water solution and then let them dry.
      • Now clean the inside of boots with mild detergent for washing off the smell from sweaty feet.
      • Again run the inside of the boots with clean water.
      • Again take the soap-water solution and with the help of clean lint free cloth, rub the outside of the boots.
      • Take a wet clean lint free cloth and clean the boots off the soapy solution.
      • Let them dry under the fan.

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Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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