Should You Condition Cowboy Boots Before Waterproofing

The quick answer is YES. It is always good to condition your cowboy boots before waterproofing. Even though both sound equivalent and are used alternatively, utilizing the procedure in the right manner can preserve your leather boots.

Conditioning will encourage the leather boots to be firm, soft, and pliable. This can also supply a dual barrier to rescue the leather from the potential impairments of waterproofing and moisture content.

Leather provides a lot of resilience to dampness, but it ought to be handled with maintenance if you desire your cowboy boots to survive. With reasonable care, your cowboy boots can look as fine as new for years.

Should You Condition Cowboy Boots Before Waterproofing

Why Conditioning Cowboy Boots?

Leather can gradually get damaged with persistent wetness and with the presence of moisture content. Whenever you step out of your home, be mindful of the climate.

If it’s winter, say hello to waterproofing and conditioning methods. Even if it sounds like a real task to follow, the task is pretty helpful in terms of keeping your cowboy boots safe for long years.

Usually, the moisture content or water content in leather can cause breakage and damage in the materials, especially in the toe area, which can be disturbing. Thus, keep conditioning and waterproofing a routine on winter days.

Are you lazy and thinking of skipping the conditioning part? Then here are some of the reasons why conditioning your boots are relevant.

1.) To ensure the leather stays firm and soft

2.) To protect it from breakage

3.) To keep it away from shrinking

4.) To keep the shine stay for a longer period

How to Condition Cowboy Boots?

If you haven’t practiced the real art of conditioning boots, no worries. Here are some of the easiest methods to condition your boots and prepare them well before getting out.

1.) Keep it Clean: 

Don’t rush into the waterproofing part. Initially, focus on rubbing off all the dirt from the boots.

The best way to clean the boots is always removing the laces and gently rubbing off the dirt from the boots without causing any strong friction and adding water to it.

Be careful not to submerge your leather boots. Remember to bring water to boots with a brush or a fabric.

2.) Dry it Well: 

Make sure to dry down the leather boots before moving on to the next step. You can use the air-dry method and wait for the leather to settle down.

Be cautious not to put damp leather around a fire or in an oven to parch. Heat generates extreme dryness which can lead to breaking.

Heat can also reduce adhesives and shrink some kinds of leather products. Water combined with excessive heat can generate enduring shrinkage and hardening. Thus, be careful while you dry the boots before conditioning.

3.) Condition & Waterproof Your Boots:

This can be the best measure you take to keep your boots looking healthy and stunning. Consider a good boot conditioner.

Choosing the condition without any color variation can be better. You can take up some from the bottle and apply it gently to the boots in a circular motion. 

How to Waterproof your Boots?

1.) Spray 

Make use of efficient sprays that can work as great waterproofing agents. You can hold about 6 inches from the boot and spray the content with a thick coat. It is not recommended to spray more than two coats on the boots. Anything, too much can be damaging.

2.) Wax

Waxing your boots is another easy way to waterproof them. You can buy a quality wax from the market and warm it a bit before applying. Then rub it along the boots in a thin coat. Once you finish waxing the boots, ensure to rub off the excess content.

3.) Cream 

Similar to waxing, adding cream to the boots can work as a great water-resistant agent. Apply the cream to the clean boots and spread it along. Make sure not to add excess cream to avoid clumps.

Keeping your boots firm and stunning can be a great deal. In winters the challenge will be high. But the proper conditioning and waterproofing can save you from any damage in the winter season. Enjoy the snow without the fear of damaging your boots. 


How do you Waterproof Cowboy Boots?

You can use wax, cream, waterproofing oils, or sprays to waterproof your boots to get the real water resistance in the winter season

Do you need to Condition Cowboy Boots?

Yes, the cowboy boots can be damaged with constant dampness. It is recommended to condition and waterproof the cowboy boots before going outside or exposing the boots to cold weather.

Should you Waterproof New Cowboy Boots?

Waterproofing boots can be useful. Even if the resistance of your boots looks strong, make sure to waterproof them before exposing them to heat or water.

Do Leather Cowboy Boots Need to be Waterproofed?

Yes, leather boots have a resistant nature, but constant usage and unconditioned boot surface can cause extreme breakage to the boots. So, make sure you waterproof your leather boots before going out.

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