6 Best Casual Work Boots

There are several really good reasons for looking for and investing in a pair of casual work boots. For those whose professions do not involve physical labor, navigating rough terrain, or battling with the elements, utilitarian clothing is a fashion statement even without your job title attached to it.

Specific work clothing items can be added to your wardrobe and look quite fashionable precisely because they come from a work environment. One case in point is the work boot. And the casual work boot is one of those classic items that will literally last forever both for product construction and in its role as a classic in fashion trends.

Then there are those professionals that do require a work boot for daily activities but don’t necessarily want a traditional look. Or they may work between the office and a worksite, so they prefer a boot that gives them a clean relaxed look in the office but still protects them at the construction site.



There is also the pro that finds work boots really comfortable and wants to wear them on the weekends or outside of work.

Whatever your reasoning, there are quite a few very stylish and protective work boots out there for you to choose from. To save you some time, we put together a list of our best choices for casual work boots and we huddled on this one.

Not only were the professionals that require work boots on-site involved, but we had some fashion help as well.

Summing up, we chose the Supersole® Redwing Work Boots as the best fashionable casual work boot for all those guys out there that like to add a rugged touch to the wardrobe while still protecting their feet. The Supersole’s understated classic look just won us over and its protecting characteristics left no doubts.

Work BootUpperOutsoleSafetyWaterproof/Insulation
Supersole Red WingLeatherUrethaneSteel toe, EH protectionWaterproof
Thorogood American Heritage Six-Inch Steel ToeOil-tanned leatherMAXwear wedgeSteel toeNo
Wolverine Waterproof Soft Toe FloorhandLeatherSyntheticSlip-resistantWaterproof
Ariat Rambler Western Wide Square CowboyLeatherDuratreadHeel stabilizer for stability, soft toe ASTM ratedNo
Timberland Direct Attach PROLeatherRubber lugSteel toeWaterproof and insulated
Redwing Classic Men’s Moc ToeLeatherSyntheticNoNo

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Best Fashionable Casual Work Boots

1.) Supersole® Red Wing Work Boots


Fortunately, or not, fashion is purely a question of personal taste. But when push came to shove, we chose these Redwing Boots for their classic, laidback, attractive style. This boot is popular and undoubtedly its handsome understated look contributes to its popularity. 

Designed for industrial outdoor environments, boot uppers are made with quality top-grain leather, and this is part of the appeal. The outsole is rubber and the construction method for joining boot parts is Goodyear Welt. Consequentially, we have a well-constructed work boot.

Waterproofing means this boot should resist water, oil, and other liquids. A steel safety toe cap provides protection impact injury and falling debris or objects. The boot may be a little heavier, but the quality is exceptional.

The footbed in polyurethane can be removed and convenient yet stylish dual grips make putting them on and pulling them off a breeze.


      • Steel safety toe
      • Waterproof
      • Attractive appearance
      • Great traction
      • Full-grain leather upper


      • A little heavy
      • Sizing small

Best Steel Toe Casual Work Boots

2.)  Thorogood American Heritage Six-Inch Steel Toe Work Boot

It may be a question of taste, but these Thorogood oil-tanned leather boots just reek of rugged masculinity for a casual wardrobe.

What’s even better is they come with a steel toecap that meets or exceeds the ASTM safety standards F2413-11 as well as I/75 C/75 EH safety standard requirements. We’re talking about a good-looking safety boot that is made right in the USA.

This is a traditional lace-up style boot with metal eyelets and hooks to provide you with a snug but comfortable fit. Thorogood construction is top-notch with quality leather uppers, Goodyear storm welt, a rubber midsole, and a MAXwear outsole that is non-marking.

The outsole also is slip and oil-resistant and meets ASTM F2913-17 safety standards. These boots ensure great traction and stability while on the go.

Extras include composite shanks, a removable dual-density cushioned insole, and a cotton drill lining to provide breathability all day or evening long.


      • Rugged handsome oil-tanned uppers
      • Meets ASTM safety standards
      • Steel toe protective cap
      • Great construction
      • Top-quality materials


      • Not waterproofed
      • A bit expensive
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Best Waterproof Casual Work Boots

 3.) Wolverine Waterproof Soft Toe Floorhand Work Boot

If you want more of a boot look without eyelets, hooks, and laces, this attractive waterproof boot can weather numerous environmental situations and all the while keep your feet dry and comfortable. 

Wolverine has invested in research and has patented some innovative technologies for footwear construction. 

100% full-grain waterproof leather is used for boot uppers with a synthetic outsole that boasts rubber lugs making these boots slip-resistant while you are on the road or in the field.

Lightweight cement is used as the attachment method and a nylon shank provides great stability and durability.


      • 100% leather boot uppers
      • Synthetic anti-slip soles
      • Rugged casual appearance
      • Affordable
      • Very comfortable
      • Convenient pull-on style


      • Breathability is a bit lacking in hot weather
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Best Western Style Casual Workboots

4.) Ariat Rambler Western Wide Square Cowboy Work Boot

This is a popular Ariat slip-on work boot that is undoubtedly fashionable if you are into the Western look. Great with slacks or jeans at the end of a hard workday, you’ll look stylish in these cowboy boots produced with imported leather uppers and heavy-duty outsoles in durable quality rubber.

This western-style boot boasts a square toe design that not only looks good but offers more space for your toes and comfort for your feet. It can be said that this boot, looks great on the job but everywhere else as well.

Removable insoles and a moisture-wicking footbed work to prevent perspiration buildup leaving feet dry and odor-free. Constructed with manufacturer Ariat’s patented “Torque Stability” technology, this boot has increased stability regardless of the terrain.

This is an excellent high-quality boot that looks good and is functional. 


      • Functional work boot
      • Tough durable cowhide leather
      • Comfortable
      • Great Western style


      • Sizing issues
      • Toe shape may be narrower than expected
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Best Insulated Casual Work Boots

5.) Timberland Direct Attach PRO Work Boot

200 grams of insulation are used in this Timberland PRO work boot to make sure feet stay warm even in the coldest of weather. Timberland uses its PRO 24/7 Comfort technology to ensure comfort all day and evening long with breathable waterproof material engineered directly into the boot design.

The boot’s top collar is well padded guaranteeing comfort giving increased support to your ankles. Electrical hazard protection is an added safety plus along with outsoles that are slip-resistant.

The Timberland Direct Attach PRO work boots meet or exceed ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11 I/75 safety certification standards.

The safety toe cap provides safety from impact injury from tools or falling debris. Rubber outsoles resist oil and slippery surfaces in general.

Seam-sealed leather that is waterproofed together with substantial insulation makes this boot comfortable while keeping your feet dry and warm. 100% leather upper boots afford great breathability, and they look good, too.


      • Safety toe cap in steel
      • Durable
      • Insulation in thermolite
      • Very Comfortable
      • 100% leather upper boot


      • Short laces 
      • Sizing runs small
      • Boots may be a bit narrow
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Best Moc Toe Casual Work Boots

6.) Redwing Classic Men’s Moc Toe Work Boot

This is a handsome Redwing work boot that boasts the popular Moc Toe design. The foot features a crepe wedge outsole that offers exceptional slip resistance. The crepe wedge sole also provides for good shock absorbance.

This can be a really important factor if you work or move on uneven surfaces or terrain.

Boot uppers are made in 100% quality leather that is stain and perspiration-resistant. Construction attachment uses Goodyear Welt for durability.

Leather insoles complete the package. Redwing offers ten varieties of color options, so depending on your fashion flair, there are a lot of alternatives to choose from.


      • Goodyear Welt construction
      • Uppers and insoles in leather
      • Synthetic outsoles are treaded for slip-resistance
      • Many colors to choose from


      • Need breaking in 
      • Stiff when new
      • Sizing may be narrow
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All things Considered

Casual or not, when selecting a work boot there are specific features to factor into your choice. First off, what will you be using them for and if you are selecting them for professional purposes, does your profession or employer require specific features?

Remember the correct fit and comfort should always be included among your priorities. Here are the basic features to factor into your choice:

Boot material

Most boot uppers will be made in leather for durability. They also offer superior breathability. You may also want to look for insole cushioning, moisture-wicking linings, and padded collars if boots are above the ankle.

Boot construction: welting or cement attachment

Cement construction merely means that the boot uppers are attached to the soles using cement adhesive. Welting construction is more durable and more costly.

Goodyear welting uses double stitching for attachment. They can also be repaired whereas cement attachment cannot.

Outsole material: Rubber or synthetic. Lugs or not?

Slip-resistant soles are probably the most sought after. Regardless, if you work on slippery surfaces, slip resistance is an advantage.

Rubber sole lugs will help if you work on uneven terrain or require enhanced traction. Soles made in TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane will be more elastic and resist chemicals and oil damage to a greater degree.

Safety features EH protection, safety toe caps, puncture-resistant soles, and more.

These safety features really depend on your profession. A steel toe safety cap will protect you from impact injury.

EH protects those pros working with or around electricity, and puncture-resistant outsoles are great for those working on rough terrain or around metal and glass shards.

Know that if you require safety protection, the boot characteristics should meet the required safety standards for your profession.


Insulation should be a consideration if you work in a cold climate and if you work outdoors. There are different levels and types of insulation available on the market.


Most leather boots will be water-resistant, but not all will be waterproofed. Some have been treated for waterproofing or feature a waterproof membrane in the boot design to keep feet dry in inclement weather.

How to Care for a Casual Work Boot

As with any work boot, the quality will depend on the leather it’s made from, and how well that leather is maintained.

You may want to invest in a work boot cleaning kit that will usually contain a leather cleaner or soap, a leather conditioner, and most probably a leather protector or waterproofing solution. Some kits will include appropriate brushes and clothes for convenience.

Here’s what to do:

1.) Begin by cleaning your boots with a good brush to remove excess grime. Give particular attention to the seams. If you don’t have a brush, a cloth soaked in warm water will also serve to remove dirt.

2,) Use a leather boot cleaner following the instructions of the manufacturer to thoroughly clean folds, crevices, seams, and uppers in general.

3.) Once you have removed with a damp cloth any cleaning product residue, remove any excess water on your boot uppers.

4.) With a clean dry cloth, rub a leather conditioner into the boot upper in a circular motion until the entire upper has been treated.

5.) Complete your boot maintenance by spraying boot uppers with a leather guard or protector to add a bit of shield from rain and intemperate weather.

Ideally, if you wear your boots often, this process should be repeated every several weeks to keep boots in top-notch shape and looking good. 


There’s no longer any reason to sacrifice style for safety. Work boots are no longer confined to the construction site, to the industrial site, or down on the farm.

You can have both safety and a bit of fashion flair, and today’s selection of work boots gives ample choice for you to create your look on the job, and off. Thank you for reading and enjoy your search for the best casual work boots for your professional needs and your personal style.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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