Are Vans Slip-Resistant?

You probably might be working in an environment where the ground is quite slippery like a wet construction ground or in pipe lines or might be in the food industry where the ground is smeared with toxic chemicals or it might be you need to walk in the snow.

For any profession mentioned above, clearly Vans are not for you! 

But if you work in restaurants or in an office or anywhere indoors that have slippery floors, you must be in search of the best non-slip shoes, right?

And the question that is triggering your mind is; “Are vans slip-resistant shoes?”

The good news is…

You have clicked just the right page because I am here with this post to tell you how slip-resistant Vans are and the best slip-resistant vans that you can get for your safety at work.

Vans are no doubt one of the best choices you can make when it comes to their slip-resistant feature as nearly all vans are made of vulcanised rubber that holds great traction in the most slippery floors along with the lugs and grooves in the outsoles of the vans to gear up the traction game!

Let’s get into the details quickly…

Are Vans Slip-Resistant

What should you look for in slip-resistant shoes?

Before judging vans on slip-resistant quotients, let us first learn what shoes and boots need in them in order to be slip-resistant:

1.) Slip-resistant shoes must have rubber soles:

The material with which the outsole is made ultimately decides the grip on slippery grounds and the best material amongst all for this purpose is undoubtedly rubber, or forms of rubber such as the vulcanised rubber, or PVC mixed rubber.

2.) Slip-resistant shoes must have lugs in them:

Lugs are basically the indentations and grooves on the outsoles that help to fix the grip on ground steadily. But remember that large lugs with wide gaps will not be able to hold the grip firmly. Hence go for the ones that have small lugs with less gapings.

3.) Slip-resistant shoes must have non-marking treads on the outsoles:

Treads are the small shapes or designs that are made at the bottom of the outsoles that help to increase the slip-resistance capacity of the shoes. Amongst all the shapes and designs the best are the small raised circles.

Also remember that soft soles with good flexibility will hold the grip more firmly than harder and non-flexible ones.

Are Vans non-slip shoes?

Yes, as I have already mentioned before, Vans are really one of the most slip-resistant shoes available in the market for years. They have proved their ground on being slip-resistant based on the following factors:

1.) Vans originally had waffled shaped patterns in the outsoles:

This was done because vans were first used for skateboarding and this very waffled shaped patterns helped to hold on the skateboarding surface very tightly. This particular pattern specifically helps to hold on firmly to tiled floors of offices and stores.

2.) Vans are made of vulcanised rubber outsoles:

Let me tell you the benefit of vulcanised rubber over other forms of rubber in the making of outsoles of shoes. The vulcanisation process sets the gum rubber to the upper part of the shoes permanently which increases the stability and durability of the outsole.

3.) Vans have protruded lugs in the outsoles:

The more protruded and less gapped the lugs are, the more will be the slip-resistance of the outsoles and vans exactly are made with such deep lugs.

4.) Vans have small tread patterns made at regular intervals:

These tread patterns are what make vans uniquely special as slip-resistant shoes.

Best non-slip/slip-resistant Vans

1.) Old skool MTE zapatillas:

These vans shoes are one of the classic shoes made of canvas uppers and the original vulcanised waffle tread outsoles.

When I tried them on a watery tiled floor, I could still hold on to the floor steadily without any slipping issues.

The fit is very comfortable as it can be adjusted easily with the laces. And the hexagonal tread pattern in the middle part of the outsole is what makes them most slip-resistant.

2.) Vans unisex old skool classic skate shoes:

If you are a fan of vans, you probably cannot do without their classic skate shoes, which are their signature slip-on shoes with the old checkerboard design on the uppers.

Believe me guys, they are a real style statement! Made with the vans classic waffle outsole, they remain true to their slip-resistant feature.

They have a padding at the back of the heels in the inside of the shoes for comfortable wear-on and wear-off. And if you have wide feet, they will be just too comfortable for you as they have quite enough room in the toe box area.

3.) Van low top trainers sneakers:

If comfort is your add on alongwith slip-resistance, blindly go for these low top sneakers that come with padded collar and tongue.

Also, the laces will help to give you a perfect comfortable fit and the suede uppers will provide you the soft touch.

Again, the use of the same waffle tread rubber outsole made with vulcanised construction speaks of its slip-resistant capacity.

Let’s wrap it up!

So, to conclude, if you want a shoe that is casual, yet stylish, comfortable and safe on slippery grounds, there can be no better choice than vans.

Grab any of the above-mentioned vans and you will thank me later!

With that I would like to take leave from you here with a hope to see you again in my next post.

Till then…

Keep walking, keep rocking and have a beautiful day ahead!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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