Are Leather Doc Martens Waterproof?

Leather Doc Martens are not waterproof. But you can waterproof them separately in various ways. Waterproofing them provides a very healthy shield of protection, which is highly recommended in the winter season. Read more to know the different ways to protect your Doc Martens.

Doc Martens leather boots are one of the finest in pattern and exhilarate you with the most classy touch. When you are fond of expensive boots, there must be a backup plan to preserve them well.

Mostly leather boots last longer than any. But when exposed to rain and snow they tend to shrink, break, and get spoiled gradually. 

Are Leather Doc Martens Waterproof

If you are a Doc Martens fan, watch out for the wet ground. Doc Martens shoes and boots come in a variety of styles but most of them aren’t waterproof.

When it comes to the winter season, this stands out as a major issue. But don’t worry Doc Martens lovers. There are some easy hacks and tricks that can help your boots or shoes last longer in the winter season. 

Are Doc Martens Waterproof or Not?

The straight answer to this question is that Doc Martens are not waterproof. They will eventually get ruined with constant exposure to rain and snow. The dampness can cause damage to the material in long-term use. But that’s not the end of the story.

You can save your leather Doc Martens from these hazards with the right treatment. Making it water-resistant is the simplest way to keep it long-lasting and shiny.

Waterproofing methods are widely available for such shoes or boots. Such waterproofing methods do not give a 100% water resistance quality. But the winter calls for such help when it comes to your favorite brand. 

When it’s about the feet ‘warmth, Doc Martens are good at providing an adequate amount of warmth to your feel and showers a comfy feet space. But let’s talk about the shoes’ life. Here are some of the top ways to waterproof your Doc Martens pairs.

How to Waterproof Doc Martens?

Here are some of the reasonable ways to waterproof Doc Martens. You can cleverly use a waterproofing spray, wax, or wonder balsam on the shoes. 

1.) Waterproof Spray

Waterproof sprays are available everywhere. You can use such sprays to create a shield of protection against moisture in the leather. Even without much expense, the job will be done with a handy spray.

Be cautious to use it right before you step out & make sure not to overdo the spraying. These chemicals can however damage pure leather if overused. 

Steps to Use a Waterproof Spray

1.) Clean your shoes beforehand and wipe off all the dirt and dust. Otherwise, the dust will stick onto the shoes with the spray and cause damage to the materials and a clean appearance.

2.) Take the spray bottle and spray it evenly on the shoes. Focus on the seams and tips. Make sure you apply it everywhere the dampness can stay after stepping out.

3.) Keep it aside to dry and step out without the fear of ruining your shoes

2.) Wax

Applying wax is the traditional way of keeping boots safe from moisture. You can prefer natural boot wax like beeswax formula to keep the work done well. This isn’t as easy as the initial spraying method, but a wise choice.

It is free from other chemical dyes and helps the boots stay stronger for a longer time. Both stains and moist content can be resisted with a perfect.

It also hydrates the leather by locking it in moistness while guarding the exterior against dampness and stains.

The boot wax by Otter Wax is an excellent product to consider when it comes to waterproofing your boots for a long time withstanding heavy rain and wetness

Steps to Use Waterproof Wax

1.) Clean the boots and prepare for the application of wax. The wax can be thick and heavy sometimes, so be prepared with a clean surface to avoid clumsiness.

2.) Apply the wax to your Docs with a cloth until the outside is covered. Don’t apply too much. A thick layer can make it look greasy and untidy.

It can also be hard to dry off if the layer is too thick. So, make sure you apply a thin layer of wax, as that can be enough for your purpose.

3.) After applying, allow the wax to dry naturally. It will roughly take 10 minutes to dry off. ‘Patience is the key.’

3.) Wonder Balsam

Wonder Balsam 

Wonder Balsam can keep your boot water-resistant. If you are planning to step out during the winter season, keep it stored at your place.

This can grant very reasonable help. Wonder Balsam includes an assortment of natural and synthetic waxes that sustain and defend the leather.

Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam is a product developed for the benefit of your Docs, to give them an additional watertight layer. They also create an ultra-protector spray that is waterproof against downpours and dirt. 

Steps to Use Wonder Balsam 

1.) As always, make sure the boots are clean and ready for water-resistance treatment. Don’t scrub off or rub the leather material roughly. It can cause long-term damage. Clean it with a soft cloth or brush. 

2.) Afterward, spread the Wonder Balsam with a sponge all over. A thin layer of the wonder balsam is good to go. Just make sure, you are not running the shoes with a whole bunch of products.

3.) Permit absorbing for at least five minutes.

4.) Wipe off any extra and you are good to go.

How to Keep Doc Martens Last Longer in Winter?

Leather Doc Martens boots are highly durable. If preserved and taken care of well, they can last much longer than you think. Mostly, the threat for the Martens shoes appears in the winter season as they have limited resistance power.

But as already mentioned, you can choose any of these waterproofing methods to keep it water-resistant. More than these waterproofing methods, there are certain hacks to keep the boots fresh forever. Let’s dig into the tips:

Top 7 Tips to Keep your Doc Martens Stay Longer

1.) Keep your shoes and boots clean all the time. Rub off the dust and dirt to keep them stain-free

2.) Try to avoid direct and extreme water contact. When situations occur, ensure you have waterproofed it well.

3.) Don’t overdo it when it comes to waterproofing. Too many layers can cause the dirt and dust to stick to the shoe. Light moisture is considerably fine.

4.) Avoid swimming and playing in the water with these boots. Take off the boots in such situations because the leather materials can be porous and the submerging can cause water content to penetrate inside the boots.

5.) Keep it somewhere dry and free of the moisture content with a clean paper bag and water-absorbing silica gel

6.) Using Mink oils can keep your boots shining and helps to preserve their quality for a long period

7.) Choose the saddle soap to clean the boots. But make sure not to overuse it. The long-term overuse can cause cracks and damage to the shoe material

Check the Waterproof Degree

Are you aware of this simple fact? There are degrees of waterproofing to consider with waterproof shoes. You can check the waterproof quality of the shoes in the tag.

Each boot or shoe will carry a number to reciprocate the waterproof capacity. Next time, analyze the capacity and try to protect the material as per the level of waterproof capacity. 

Waterproof Degree Waterproofing Level
IPX-0 Not waterproof
IPX-1 Guarded against condensation or vertically-falling water
IPX-2 Guarded against spraying water up to 15° vertical
IPX-3 Guarded against spraying water up to 60° vertical
IPX-4 Guarded against water splashing from any angle
IPX-5 Protected from low-pressure water from any angle
IPX-6 Guarded against high-pressure water from any angle
IPX-7 Guarded against water immersion for up to 30 minutes at up to three feet in-depth
IPX-8 Guarded against continual water submersion 

Which Doc Martens Are Waterproof?

Regular Doc Martens boots are made of leather and are not as resistant as other materials. But the brand has chosen some waterproof boots in their list for better reach nowadays. 

Waterproof boots by Doc Martens

1.) Junior 1460 Waterproof Leather Boots

2.) Youth 1460 Waterproof Leather Boots

3.) Iowa Waterproof Poly Casual Boots

If it’s Doc Martens, they are going to stay longer. But to keep any relationship healthy, you have to take care of it well. Keep your relationship with the Doc Martens leather boots healthy with the right set of waterproofing methods.

Understand the level of waterproofing it holds and realize when and when not to step out of your boots. Avoid direct heavy contact with wetness and keep your favorite pair close to you for a long time.


Are Leather Doc Martens Waterproof?

Doc Martens can withstand mild rain and wetness. When it comes to heavy rain, stay away! Because heavy wetness can damage the material.

In such cases use a reasonable waterproofing method. Make your shoes waterproofed with wax, spray, or any other method before stepping out in the rain.

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow?

If it’s mild snow, then the Doc Martens are perfect to give you the right warmth and coziness. But when it comes to heavy snow, the moisture content can cause dampness in the pores and deep penetration of water content can damage the boot material.

If it snows, make sure to waterproof the shoes before stepping out in the snow.

Does Doc Martens Provide Waterproof Boots?

Yes, Doc Martens has introduced waterproof boots recently. They last longer in water than any other boots. Some of the popular Doc Martens waterproof boots are Junior 1460 Waterproof Leather Boots, Youth 1460 Waterproof Leather Boots, and Iowa Waterproof Poly Casual Boots.

How Can I Waterproof My Doc Martens Leather Boots?

There are many ways to waterproof your Doc Martens leather boots. Some of the smartest and most proven ways are applying wax, wonder balsam, or applying the waterproof spray.

You can easily apply a thin layer of any of these methods and keep the leather boots stay longer in the snow and rain.

Do Doc Martens Come Waterproof?

Most of the leather Doc Martens boots are not waterproof, even though their latest versions are waterproof. As most leather boots aren’t waterproof, you can separately waterproof them with waterproof spray or any other waterproofing product.

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