Are Crocs Edible? (How to Eat Them Safely)

Like really???

Do you even want to know that???

I mean why would someone want to eat one’s shoes?!!!

If you want adventure and fun in life and would like to try crocs as a food for once, then surprisingly, the fact is that yes you can really do that!

Yes, crocs are edible in the sense that they are non-toxic and will not harm your body if you boil and eat them.

Boiling crocs for 20 minutes under 50 degree Celsius makes them softer and easy to chew and digest. But choking, bloating, and indigestion can be the side effects of eating crocs and I will never suggest you try it.

Are Crocs Edible

But, wait…

Just don’t start biting on your crocs after reading this! 

There’s something more you need to know in detail before you start consuming it because there are both positive and negative sides of consuming crocs!

What are crocs made of?

Crocs are products of resin, specifically a closed cell resin called “Croslite”. Actually a specific polymer that is extracted from crude oil is used in the manufacture of crocs. 

Therefore, the material used in crocs is completely organic in nature and non-toxic. 

Texture wise, crocs are ultra soft, cushiony and extremely lightweight and comfy and these features make crocs my all time companion!

The plush and all-time fluffy texture of crocs ows to the closed-cell structure of the material Croslite that does not absorb water and remains odor free and also inhibits bacterial growth.

Is it safe to eat crocs?

As I have mentioned above, being a closed-cell polymer, crocs do not allow any bacteria to thrive in it. Also, as there is no typical odor in crocs and it does not allow the sweat to settle inside the shoes, crocs are consumable.

Still there is a big “BUT” concerning the germs that crocs might carry from your feet and those walking in the streets!

Therefore, even if crocs are non-toxic and should not harm you if consumed, it is advisable to sterilize them before you actually eat them. 

Another point to remember is that the foam can get stuck in your esophagus while engulfing which might be discomforting for hours or even life threatening!

How to sterilize crocs?

Sterilizing crocs will include the following steps:

1.) First of all, you need to wash your crocs thoroughly with detergent or soap-water solution using a brush to take off all the dirt from it.

2.) Next, you need to spray a disinfectant spray in order to kill any germs present in your crocs.

3.) After spraying with a disinfectant, it’s time to boil them to sterilize the crocs entirely. To be double sure, you can add a bit of salt to the boiling water.

Is it necessary to cook crocs?

Even if it feels like and looks alike, crocs are not marshmallow!

After all crocs are a type of foam and the tendency of foam is to retain its original fluffy texture after being released from pressed state. 

That said, when you bite on crocs, tear it and eat it directly, it can cause bloating in your stomach as well as indigestion.

Therefore, it is immensely necessary to cook crocs before you et it to be on the safer side.

How to cook crocs?

The very first step to cook crocs is to cut it into very small and thin pieces for easy digestion.

After you have cut your crocs, it’s time to boil them, but remember the temperature should not be more than 40 degree Celsius or else the temperature can interfere with the chemical composition of crocs!

The next steps will depend on you whether you want to make it as a dish like your chicken and fish or just like to taste it as it is!

If you want it to taste like chicken, make it’s curry using onion and garlic paste, saute the spices and then add the boiled crocs chunks into it and then cook for 5minutes before serving.

What do crocs taste like?

Like I have said before, despite the similarity of appearance, crocs are no way close to marshmallows in taste or texture!

In fact, they taste quite blunt and will feel like chewing soft rubbery or spongy guards on your helmets.

When you chew on them, they will not melt in the mouth and you just need to swallow them as it is and they are going to trouble your esophagus and food pipe for sure for a long period of time.

What are the effects of eating crocs?

Eating crocs might have any one or all of the following adverse effects in your body:

1.) It might get stuck in your esophagus and you might need the doctor’s help to take it out

2.) It might create congestion in your intestine

3.) It might not be digested by your stomach

4.) It might cause bloating and discomfort

5.) You might feel something has stuck in your chest and it might give you breathing problem

6.) It might result in diarrhoea or constipation

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What happens if you eat crocs?

No harm is supposed to be caused if you just take a tiny bite of crocs and swallow it because crocs are non-toxic, odorless and organic.

But devouring crocs in large quantities can create problems such as getting stuck in the food pipe, bloating, gas, indigestion, choking, etc. Also, crocs are never advertised as edible.

Can I boil crocs?

Yes you can and you should definitely boil crocs for 20 minutes below 50 degree Celsius before you consume it.

Are crocs poisonous?

The material ‘croslite’ used in the making of crocs is non-toxic and therefore not poisonous. Despite this fact, just as engulfing a sponge can cause choking and interfere with your digestive system, likewise it might be the same with crocs. 

Are crocs plastic or rubber?

Crocs are made from a resin called Croslite which is neither a rubber nor a plastic. Croslite is an organic polymer derived from crude oil.

And it’s a wrap!

Though many articles will say that eating crocs is not harmful, if you take my advice, I would never suggest you try it!

I mean when there are so many things on this earth to try, why would you like to eat your shoe?

Better go and eat grass if you don’t want to spend money on food or want to experiment with things and your body!

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