How Should a Wellington Boot Fit?

If there’s been a stylish footwear that has managed to survive in the ever changing fashion game, it would undoubtedly be the good old Wellingtons.

But Wellingtons often come with some fitting issues and sizing issues. Even though these problems exist, the sleek look and the high fashion vibes that it exudes makes us all crave for a pair.

So if you are planning on getting a pair of wellies but is quite apprehensive of its fit and comfort, we will help you out with a few good tips and suggestions.

So just read on and use the info to find yourself the perfect wellies and just enjoy fashion with some comfort. 

How Should a Wellington Boot Fit

How should a Wellington boot fit?

Should a Wellington boot be too loose or too tight? Will it loose up with use or will it stay the same? What exactly is the right fit for Wellington boots? Well, stop with all the questions because we have all the answers with us. 

A Wellington should fit you snugly around the calves. Just like any other type of footwear it shouldn’t be too tight nor loose. It shouldn’t be too roomy as to let your feet slip and skid and it shouldn’t be so tight that it gives you pins and needles.

Well if you are planning on wearing thick socks then you can size up, otherwise just go and put on a pair and if it is not too loose or tight that’s the right fit for you.

Wellies are designed in such a way that they are roomy enough to fit your sock covered feet and tight enough to prevent slipping, so just try one on and walk in it and if it feels good, pay for it. 

How to know if your wellies fit?  

Well we have indeed pointed out that wellies need not be sized up or down and should be chosen for its snug fit. But it is however hard for most people to figure out if the fit is really comfortable or not.

At times if the calves are comfy, the toes will be a bit crammed and vice versa. So it is important to figure out a method to make sure that the boot fits your feet perfectly.

Check for the following features to ensure that the size you are choosing is going to fit you properly. 

1.) Wellies are almost always true to the UK sizing system, so choose wellies the same size as your regular shoes but make sure to stick to the UK sizing system. 

2.) If it’s winter and you are planning on wearing socks with the Wellingtons, go for a size bigger.

3.) The boot should fit snugly against the calves 

4.) There must be enough room for the toes but it shouldn’t be too roomy. Make sure that you can wriggle your toes

5.) There must be at least a finger’s width of room left behind the ankle 

6.) The insole shouldn’t slip against your feet as you walk in the wellies.

What to do if your wellies are too loose? 

If your wellies are too loose opt for thick socks that will help tighten up the fit. Thick and comfy socks will keep your feet warm and would fill up the extra space at the toes or heels or sides of the leg. 

If the boots are too loose along the calves, use thick leggings or jeggings that might add some volume to the calves when tucked into the boots. 

If there’s extra room around the heels or toes, use adhesive inserts like insoles or heel grips. If you are not keen on purchasing these opt for quick fixes like stuffing your boots with newspaper, cotton or paper towels. 

You can add a small heel pad or piece of foam to fill up some of the space between the feet and the boot.

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What to do if your wellies are too tight? 

Wellies are almost always very true to its sizing and it is not really applicable to loosen up a really tight boot as that can damage it severely.

But if the wellies are a little tight and you wish to make it a bit more comfortable, you can opt for the following options to stretch your boots a bit. Wear thick socks with the boots to stretch the material of the boot a bit. 

Apply heat using a blowdryer to help expand the material and to loosen up the boots a bit. But don’t get too close and don’t apply too much heat as that can damage the material. 

Apply heat through steam to stretch the wellies more.

Take a hot shower with your wellies on to just relax the material and loosen it up a bit. 

Will Wellington boots stretch a lot with time? 

Wellington boots might loosen up a bit with use, but will not really get roomy enough for your liking if you are planning on going a size smaller. It is always preferable to choose Wellington boots that are the same size as your regular shoes. 

Should I break into wellies? 

Even though wellies offer your feet some real comforting protection they can be a little bit harsh on the feet at first. But breaking in is quite easy with the good old wellies.

Wear the Wellingtons around your house for 30-40 minutes for a few days to get used to them. Try bending your soles back and forth every day to improved flexibility.

Wear thick socks to help the boots mold to the shape of your feet. When not wearing them, fill up the wellies with old magazines to retain the shape. With these simple tips you will be able to break in the wellingtons and have a fine time wearing them. 

Tips to make your wellies more comfortable

1.) Always choose Wellington boots that are the same size as your regular shoes

2.) Use inserts for greater grip, comfort and support 

3.) Apply bandages on areas that may get chaffed(eg: pinkie toes) 

4.) Wear thick and comfortable Wellington socks

5.) Opt for fleece linings, they can make long walks in wellies feel really comfortable

Top 3 Wellington boots 

1.) Irish setter Wellington work boots 

These stylish and utilitarian work boots is extremely durable and would keep your feet warm, dry, comfortable and protected at all times

2.) Timberland PRO Men’s Wellington boots 

An impeccable specimen of fine craftsmanship, this boot is a workplace essential for anyone who wishes to enjoy safety with all the comforts as well.

3.) Joules Women’s Wellington boots 

These comfy wellies with perfect grip and a pop of colour is the perfect mate for the upcoming rains 

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