Is Northface Worth The Money?

The North Face is a brand known for its adventurous and outdoor gears. It is one of the most popular brands in the US and it is not just limited to clothing and footwear but also equipment that you would require in your adventurous expeditions. 

The company has been operating since 1968 and it still leads the market with its quality material and its dedication to improve outdoor gears and clothing. 

But one of the issues with The North Face apparel and accessories is that they are extremely costly. 

But although they are costly, what we really need is good quality and durability, and the North Face gives us that. And it is important to know why any particular brand is pricier than the others, so that we can come to a conclusion if it’s actually worth the money. 

Is Northface Worth The Money

So what makes The North Face expensive?

Quality- The answer is pretty straight, it all boils down to quality. When it comes to the performance of a brand, there are many more brands that provide excellent alternatives.

However, The North Face does not simply provide clothing, footwear and accessories that you will use for one or two years.

Advanced technology- One of the reasons why The North Face is expensive is the technology used for its production. They are a well-known premium brand that use their own fabric technology. ThermoBall development is one such feature that provides excellent insulation by trapping heat.

Apart from the ThermoBall technology, GORE-TEX membranes are also used in the majority of North Face’s waterproof jackets, which makes these jackets very breathable, which overcomes the restriction that most waterproof jackets have.

Windstopper Technology

Not to mention their WINDSTOPPER and Polartec features that provide insulation in freezing cold temperatures. The North Face’s own created fabric, DryVent, is another excellent illustration of the company’s waterproof, windproof, and breathable qualities. 

Brand name- Also, The North Face has worked hard to position itself as one of the greatest clothing producers in terms of performance.

From making outfits for running, hiking, climbing, training, and cold weather, it also makes footwears and all other range of products which makes it a versatile brand.  

And What Makes The North Face Worth The Money?

1.) Versatility

It has grown from creating some of the greatest jackets to now making shoes, shorts, backpacks, and even tents are among the more prominent things that they presently provide. The North Face has also begun producing clothing for kids and newborns. 

With more and more products being added to their system, more procedures are required to keep a quality check and maintain all of these different products.

Therefore, more staff, more space, and new operational techniques are required. It takes some time and money to bring all of this together.

The North Face can be your one stop place for all that you need, but in order to do so, you must be prepared to pay the amount even if it’s expensive. 

2.) Durability

A normal The North Face product will not succumb to the weather conditions for an extended period of time, and you can readily discover opinions of people who have used The North Face products and are its loyal consumers even after so many years. 

3.) Features

The North Face has some unique and amazing features which makes it reliable and sturdy. FutureLight material is one such sophisticated choice that is fresh to the market.

This is an extremely thin nanomembrane that allows for ventilation while providing waterproof protection.

Having gear that keeps you comfortable even during severe weather while remaining cool and dry is unquestionably innovative.

Furthermore, this FutureLight material is noted for allowing for a lot of mobility and flexibility. 

Also, The North Face gets their new technology tested in some pretty harsh situations so that your comfort and safety isn’t compromised at any cost.

Therefore, the materials utilised and the research done on the fabric of a piece of The North Face gear are not cheap.

4.) Good performance in any weather

It is believed that The North Face is a really good choice if you want to stay warm in winter.

However, as time passes and the brand expands with new technologies, there is more to this than just cold weather performance.

It has been working into expanding its horizons with other products that operate well in both warm weather and rain. 

So, whether you’re planning to go snowboarding, skiing, jogging, or climbing in any weather condition, you will be well equipped with proper apparel, footwear, and gear, which makes your outdoor adventures more comfortable and fun.

This sort of technology is difficult to come by, and people are willing to pay for it.

5.) Care for the environment 

Though there are many claims that The North Face isn’t exactly environment friendly but according to the brand, this statement is far from the truth.

Since it is a brand that deals with outdoor apparels, foot wears and gears for you to truly enjoy being in nature, it is an organization that understands the importance of preserving our beautiful outdoors. 

The concerning issues we have to deal with is waste. Therefore, The North Face has its own renewable programmes where clothes with minor damage or used apparels are re-sold, although they are also attempting to make each new product sustainable. 

Since we have covered almost all the things concerning the cost and benefits of The North Face, let us also talk about the brands that are similar to it but cost much less. Because let’s face it, not everyone can afford products from The North Face. 

Columbia- They are both American companies with an emphasis on sportswear and significant commitment in environmental sustainability and technological innovation for sports materials.

Columbia does not lack behind in terms of technology as they’ve developed a number of technologies over the years, such as TurboDown Wave, Omni-Heat Insulation, Omni-Wick and Outdry to guarantee that their apparel keeps people warm, dry, and protected. 


Also, when it comes to style, Columbia offers a more classic appearance which is different from The North Face which offers a more modern look. 

While both brands offer almost similar things and have the same goal- keep you warm, dry, and protected from the external elements, the choice between the two comes down to slight distinctions in design and pricing.

Ozark Trail- This brand is a wonderful alternative for people who cannot afford expensive apparels, footwear, and outdoor gears from high-end brands such as The North Face and Patagonia but yet want to enjoy the outdoors in safety and comfort.

Ozark Trail is a fantastic alternative in such instances due to its price and quality.


Well, we all would want the best for ourselves especially if we love to go on adventures.

The North Face seems like a good companion for your outdoor expeditions, but it is unfortunate that not everyone can afford the brand.

But for someone who can, it is advisable to go with The North Face as it is worth the expensive price it demands for its products. 

But don’t worry, in this article we have also given options if you cannot afford The North Face. Hope it was helpful!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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