Do Cowboy Boots Mold to Your Feet?

Many of us have grown up watching shows and movies on the mighty Texans and might probably have even fantasized about dressing up in those funky leather jackets and stylish cowboy boots.

If cowboy boots are a matter of fashion for some, it’s an essential part of the work attire for the hardworking cowboys who have to spend long hours in the arid desert under a scorching hot sun.

Whatever be your need, cowboy boots are something that will remain an essential part of American culture forever. 

One of the main issues people face while shopping for cowboy boots is finding a pair that has got the perfect fit. Cowboy boots are not supposed to fit you loosely. If at all, they are meant to stretch a bit an mold to your feet eventually.

Do Cowboy Boots Mold to Your Feet

So if you have been breaking your head over figuring out the right fit for cowboy boots, you have found the right article. Well, help you find the best fitting pair or cowboy boots and will give you a few bonus tips on maintaining your pair as well. 

Do cowboy boots mold to your feet? 

One of the most common queries people have is whether cowboy boots would stretch and mold to the feet and the answer is quite a simple one:

Yes! Cowboy boots are made of leather and leather is a very pliable material. Upon wearing regularly, the leather will stretch and the boots will loosen up to accommodate your feet comfortably. 

How much do cowboy boots stretch? 

Since the fact that cowboy boots stretch is clear to all, it is equally important to know how much they actually stretch.

If you don’t have an answer to that you might end up buying boots that are a bit too tight and uncomfortable for your liking.

Cowboy boots can stretch up to one fourth of their initial measurements but it should be ensured that the boots fit the feet correctly from the very beginning. 

So what exactly does it mean to have the correct fit? 

How to find cowboy boots that fit you perfectly? 

1.) Your toes should not be pressed against the boot as the toe area of the boot is one such portion that is not stretchable. The length of the boot will remain the same, so make sure that the boot can accommodate the entire length of your feet.

2.) There should be enough room for the toes because after you have broken in the boot there should be about three quarters of an inch distance between the longest toe and the interior of the shoe. 

3.) The heels of the boots should have some slip and the outsole should have some stiffness. 

4.) The instep or upper arch of the foot that lies between the ankle and the toe, should not be too tight nor too loose. 

5.) The ball of the foot should sit at the widest part of the boot. This will help ensure that your boot has ample with and enough room for the toes

How will you figure out if the cowboy boots are too small? 

Now that we have figured out how to find the perfectly fitted cowboy boots it is important to understand how small is too small when it comes to cowboy boots? If you buy a size a bit too small, it might not stretch out and give you a cozy fit.

After days of trying to break in, you will receive nothing but disappointment and a painful feet if the boots are too small. 

So how to figure out if the boots are too small for you? 

1.) The first and foremost step is to try them on. Depending on the brands and styles the fit of cowboy boots can vary drastically. So try them on before you make a decision. 

2.) If the toes won’t fit in properly or if it is too tight for you, then it’s not the boot for you.

3.) Excessive heel slippage is also an indicator of the fact that the boots might not be the right fit for you. 

4.) Your toes shouldn’t touch the end of the toe box. 

5.) The widest part of your feet should feel really comfortable in the boot. 

6.) Also make sure that there isn’t a lot of pressure on the ankle. 

So just keep in mind to try on your boots and figure out these features before you buy yourself a pair of cowboy boots. 

Even after checking out all these features, if you still can’t figure out if it’s the right fit for you, just put on the boot and gently kick against a wall. If the toes touch the inside of the toe box it is too small for you. 

How to break in cowboy boots? 

1.) The simplest way to break in cowboy boots is to start wearing them. Use them while walking around your house and you will gradually see the stiff leather loosen up to give you a snug fit. 

2.) Another tip is to hold your leather cowboy boots over boiling water and allowing the steam to pass through it. The steam will relax the leather and will help you put it on easily. Walk in them and the leather will stretch and will mold to your feet. 

3.) Instead of sticking in your feet into boots that are damp with steam, you can fit your hand inside and roll it inside to loosen up the leather as well. 

4.) You can make use of commercial stretching sprays to stretch the leather. Spray the inside and outside of the boot and stretch the leather using your hand or some other object available. 

5.) You can also use boot stretchers to make your cowboy boots fit more comfortable. 

6.) You can wear thick socks to fasten the process of stretching the leather. 

After trying out these tips and tricks do remember to care for your boots with some good leather conditioner. Mink oil is a very good option if you want something that is pocket friendly and user friendly. 

How to make cowboy boots more comfortable? 

Cowboy boots take a while to stretch and give you the desired comfort. So it is important to show some patience and give them the time to stretch and fit snugly on to your feet.

But if stretching and giving it time hasn’t worked out with your pair of cowboy boots, check out these tips to make your boots more comfortable. 

1.) If your boots are somewhat old and they have been hurting real bad, you can try out resoling. 

2.) For extra comfort and support add some cushioning to your soles. Get yourself some fluffy insoles for a better user experience. 

3.) If you are getting blisters, get yourself some fluffy and cushy cowboy socks

4.) If none of these tricks work out, then it is time to just let of that pair and get yourself some brand new cowboy boots. 

Top 3 cowboy boots 

1.) ARIAT Men’s Rambler Western Boot 

This durable and funky boot with moisture wicking technology, cushiony insoles and slip resistant heels is the perfect work boot for every cowboy out there. 

2.) Justin Boots Men’s 11-Inch Bent Rail Riding Boot 

The classic Texan boot with a pop of colour, this one of a kind boot is every rider’s dream come true. 

3.) CORRAL Women’s Embroidery Western Boot Square Toe 

With elegant and intricate designs, comfortable insoles and firm grip, this boot is the perfect blend of elegance, style and utility. A cowgirl’s dream, make with 100% pure high quality leather. 

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