Are Crew Socks the Same as Tube Socks?

Be it sneakers, booties or wellingtons, socks are a must have if you want clean, dry and comfy feet. With a gazillion types, styles, patterns, lengths and names, it is so hard to distinguish one type of socks from the other.

With newer socks with advanced features coming out every other day it is important to keep yourself updated about the intricate differences in the styles of socks, so as to make most of each sock you purchase.

Two such types of socks that people often find hard to distinguish between are crew socks and tube socks. Are they the same thing or are they different?? If you are clueless or a little doubtful read on, coz we have all the deets here. 

Are Crew Socks the Same as Tube Socks

Are crew socks the same as tube socks? 

Crew socks and tube socks are not the same. Even though they may seem a lot similar they are quite different in their very structure itself. 

Tube socks are designed like tubes. There are no curves or stitches in between, the fabric is stretched from toe to top like a pipe. 

Crew socks on the other hand have a heel. Most of the time, the heel is made of a different colour fabric so as to make it easier for the wearer to differentiate between the two sides. Tube socks on the other hand can just be put on without bothering about which sock goes on the right leg and which on the left. 

What are crew socks? 

The term ‘crew socks’ surfaced around the 1940s and were used to denote the socks used by members of the military, especially the navy. The same type of socks were ordered for all the crew onboard and after WWII, these navy regulation became a popular style among the citizens of the US. 

Crew socks are now the most popular socks in the US, with people hailing them as their everyday socks. With varying lengths and ability to act well throughout the year through rain and fall and snow, crew socks are indeed the most user friendly of socks.

Comfortable, versatile, adaptable and utilitarian, crew socks are indeed an unavoidable part of any man’s wardrobe. 

Crew socks are ribbed and thicker than other types. Typically made with cotton, crew socks have evolved to include materials like poly-blends, wools etc. 

The most notable feature of crew socks is that if the band width is the same, the same size will fit any feet, be it slender, thick or normal. Hence you won’t really have to worry about the fit and comfort of the sock as long as you know your band width.

Who uses crew socks? 

Crew socks are the most popular type of socks available out there and are worn by men, women and children alike. They can be used as casual or formal socks.

They have impeccable moisture wicking properties that make them a perfect fit for physically active individuals as well. 

Crew socks look very trendy and can go very well with your formals or gym wear as well. They can also protect your feet from scrapes and nicks, making them a weightlifter’s best buddy.  

How to wash crew socks? 

As they always stay inside shoes or boots we often forget to care for our dearest socks that keep our feet snug, warm and happy.

Crew socks are indeed the most popular socks and are quite often used when there is a lot of sweating happening.

Shouldn’t we just show these guys some love as they do so much for our feet? Here are some tips to wash your dirty crew socks to make them last longer. 

1.) Always flip the socks inside out before washing.

2.) Always separate the dark ones from the light ones to prevent mixing of colours.

3.) Wash socks using mild detergent and cold water in gentle cycle of the washing machine.

4.) If you are washing them by hand, soak the socks for 5-30 minutes before washing them.

5.) Avoid scrubbing, twisting or wringing the socks. 

What are tube socks? 

As the name suggests, tube socks were made to mimic a tube. The tube sock found fame in the US, through soccer and then through basketball.

These easy to wear tube like socks were initially used to cover up some of the hairy legs of athletes back in the day. 

Unlike a crew sock, tube socks do not have a heel. They just run smoothly from bottom to top and saves us time by fitting perfectly on whichever foot we put them on. But it should be noted that tube socks have a reinforced toe. 

These athletic socks can protect you from scrapes, grass burns and scrutinizing eyes that gawp at your hairy legs. These brave socks are also low maintenance ones and very light on your purse as well. 

With their simple shape, tube socks can suit anybody and everybody. Easy to put on and stretchable, these are indeed very popular among kids.

With Hollywood showcasing them in a glamorous limelight, they have indeed made their way into every American’s heart. 

Who uses tube socks? 

Due to the ease of usage and the protection, comfort and impeccable fit they provide they are very much sought out by athletes.

These high rise socks have also emerged as a style statement. Popular among all genders, tube socks have made a lasting impression on the American society. 

Due to its ability to stretch they are well suited for teens with growth spurts and as they are so easy to wear, tube socks are the best socks to put on your violent toddler’s feet. 

Benefits of crew socks vs benefits of tube socks? 

Crew socks Tube socks
Has heel  No heel 
Distinct socks for each foot  Can wear the sock on any foot 
Reciprocated toe  Reinforced toe 
Ribbed  Not usually ribbed 
Varying band width  Long band 
Used as formal, casual or gym wear Used by athletes or for fashion 
Used by men, women and children Used by men, women and children
Not easy to wear  Easy to wear 
Moisture wicking Not moisture wicking 
Protects from scrapes Protects from scrapes 
Not stretchable Stretchable 
Have to wash with care  Low maintenance socks 

Popular crew socks

1.) COOVAN Mens Crew Socks 

This awesome combo of comfy, stylish and breathable socks with reinforced bottom is a perfect choice for any athlete or fitness freak out there. 

2.) Hanes Women ‘s crew socks 

This bestselling combo pack of durable and comfy crew socks with full sole cushioning is the perfect best best friend for your feet. 

Popular tube socks

3.) Fruit of the Loom Men’s Cotton Work Gear Tube Socks 

These heavy duty socks with odor control technology are indeed the perfect blend of comfort, safety and style. 

4.) Womens Athletic Socks  

These comfy and stylish tube socks is your cue to channel your inner champion and inner diva. 

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