Can a Cottonmouth Bite Through Rubber Boots?

Spring is almost here. The snakes will soon be coming out after brumation. When the temperature goes up, it warms cottonmouth blood, and they become active. You will start spotting snakes on trails when you go out hunting or trekking. 

Hunting brings adventure, but at the same time, there is a potential danger of stepping on a snake and upsetting them. It is not easy to spot them as they can be hiding under rocks, leaves, and logs.

Hence, you need to protect yourself, and for that, you will need a good boot. Are rubber boots going to protect you from cottonmouth’s bite? You will find the answer to the question and other relevant details in this article.

Can a Cottonmouth Bite Through Rubber Boots

What are rubber boots made of?

To understand whether rubber boots are safe or not, you need to know what they are made of. The obvious and simple answer is that they are made of rubber. However, we will dig a bit deeper to understand the manufacturing.

Some companies use natural rubbers, while others use synthetic rubber to produce their rubber boots.

The advantage of rubber boots is that they are lightweight and waterproof, and hence they are usable in all conditions. They are more durable than PVC-made boots, but they are costlier compared to PVC-made boots.

Some rubber boots also have neoprene cushions for enhanced protection. As the liner of your rubber boots, the manufacturer may use cotton or cotton and polyester blend.

Can cottonmouth bite through rubber boots?

The short answer to the questions is Yes. They can, but there is more to the answer. In most cases, snakes cannot bite through rubber boots as they have ample sole thickness.

However, they are not 100% safe. Also, it depends on the snake – not all snakes have strong fangs to go through rubber boots. Cottonmouths do not know if they have pierced a boot or broken skin when they strike and sink their fangs into their targets.

Another vital consideration is what the quality of your rubber boots is. If the quality is good, you are better protected. The basic rubber boots are not made of good quality material and may not be snake bite-proof.

However, when you have good-quality rubber boots, you are not only protected from water but are also armored against snake bites.

There are quite some incidents wherein people have gotten bitten through rubber boots even after they have taken all the precautions.

If you are looking for 100% protection, you cannot rely on your rubber boots. The strong and long fangs of the deadly snakes can penetrate it and reach your skin. 

The best way to protect yourself from a cottonmouth bite is to invest into and start wearing cottonmouth-proof boots. Rubber boots may protect you, but why take a chance, right?

Is there a cottonmouth bite-proof boot?

If rubber boots are not 100% safe, then which type of boots can protect you from cottonmouth’s bite? 

Some boots (Snake-proof boots) are specifically created to protect you from snakebite. They have additional features for protection. Let us look at some features the boot should have:

The boot should cover your legs. This should normally be in the range of approximately 14 to 18 inches.

Snake bite prevention features should either be integrated into the boot shafts or applied as an overlay.

As cottonmouth can strike lower on the foot area, toe boxes are equally important to have in your boot.

A good snake-protected boot ensures your feet are shielded with additional material.

What Makes a Boot Snake-Proof?

Boots that are particularly manufactured to be snake-proof have a few additional features that aid protection. These boots are somewhere around 14 inches to 18 inches tall.

They consist of plated snake bite prevention features within the boot shaft layers or on the overlay of the boots. Since most of the snakes can bite on the lower area of the foot, toe boxes are very important too.

Thus, snake-bite proof boots will consist of such additional materials which will shield your feet well.

Do snake-proof boots manage to give a 100% protection?

Sadly, the answer to the question: Do snake-proof boots manage to give a 100% protection –  is also No. There is no guarantee that you will have a 100% protection even after wearing snake-proof boots.

However, they are much better than regular leather boots. You can easily find snake-proof boots in which the level of protection is much higher.

They have protection plates on the outside. Also, boot manufacturers add an extra protection layer inside the toe as most venomous snakes would bite low in the feet. Cottonmouth will find it extremely hard to penetrate through the leather firstly and then the rubber sole.

Recommended Shoes for a Snake bite

1.) Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Boot

For those who live in the areas where snakes are plenty, Rocky is one of the best brands to explore which has a comfortable snake-proofed boots that help keep your feet dry, safe and helps prevent snakebites.

2.) LaCrosse Men’s 4xAlpha 16″ Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot

LaCrosse is 100% made from rubber. They are water-proofed construction, layers of underfoot support and snakeguard protection.

3.) Guide Gear Snake Boots For Men, Rubber Hunting Boots Waterproof & Snake Proof

Guide Gear snake boots hunting boots are water resistant and protect from all kinds of snake bites and hazards.


Will rubber boots help me protect in case of a snake bite?

Yes, most rubber boots can protect from snake bites. Not all type of snakes have fangs that are strong enough to bite through the rubber boots.

Hence, when snakes strike and their fangs pass through their target, they wouldn’t really come to know whether they have pierced a boor or have they broken skin.

Will snakes be able to bite through my leather boots?

Your leather cowboy boots will be unable to safeguard you from a snake bite on the vamp side. The vamp side is the top side of your foot area.

However, the thick sole of your boots will shield the bottom of your feet. Now, most of the snake will bite in the calf.

If a cottonmouth bites you straight on, targeting the shaft part your cowboy boot, it will definitely manage to penetrate the leather of the boots.

Are cottonmouths aggressive?

Cottonmouths have a reputation for being dangerous, but the truth is, they seldom bite humans. They mostly bite when they are stepped on or picked up.

However, they will definitely protect themselves against any prospective predators, including humans, by making use of defensive behaviors.


Snake boots are different from rubber boots and provide you with higher protection. Though rubber boots can provide you good protection, you are better off with a snake boot as they are designed to protect you from cottonmouth.

Snake boots may also have loose-fitting. It works on the ‘dead air barrier’ concept. It means that loose-fitting prevents the snake’s fangs from going deep into the human skin.

We hope you now have a clear understanding of what kind of boots you need to protect yourself from cottonmouth’s bite. To sum up, remain aware of your surroundings and have snake-proof boots.

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