Are Copper Infused Gloves Antibacterial? (Explained)

Even though copper infused products have emerged as a recent fad, copper had been in vogue for ages. With its versatility and utilitarianism, copper has indeed been a very common component in industrial equipment and household items.

With its innumerable pros and desirable features copper infused gloves have indeed found a permanent space in the life of patients and labourers.

When in the healthcare industry there’s no room for carelessness, therefore it is indeed important to make sure that these copper infused gloves can wad off pathogens.

Are Copper Infused Gloves Antibacterial

So, are copper infused gloves antibacterial? If so how does the glove exhibit antibacterial properties? What are the pros and cons involved? If you are looking for answers to such questions, read on to find them. 

Are copper infused gloves antibacterial?

The answer to the question is YES!!!!!! Copper has antibacterial properties and can continuously reduce bacterial contamination and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Copper ions present in the gloves can kill upto 99.9 percent of many types of bacteria. These gloves can kill off the bacteria within just 10 minutes of contact and can thereby reduce chances of infections. 

How does the antibacterial property work? 

Copper is a metal and therefore oxidizes. During the oxidation process the copper atoms pull the electrons from the lipids, oxygen or protein present in the cell membrane of the bacteria.

Just like pulling the bricks off from a wall, the copper atoms destroy the cell wall and cell membrane of the bacteria and kills it. After it breaks the cell wall, the copper ions make their way into the bacteria like a trojan horse.

Copper is toxic to the inside of the cell and the copper ions that leave no leaves unturned in the process of destroying in the bacteria, invades the cells n damages all the organelles and processes that might help the bacteria survive.  

What kinds of bacteria can copper kill? 

Copper can kill on 99.9% of most bacteria ranging from E.Coli to staphylococcus. The most common bacteria that are killed by copper ions are staphylococcus, pseudomonas, listeria, enterococcus, mycobacterium etc. 

What are the benefits of copper gloves? 

Copper infused gloves are: 

1.) Antimicrobial

Copper can kill off bacteria, virus, fungi and many such pathogens. The copper ions destroy the cell wall or cell membrane of these pathogens and hinder in their regular cellular mechanisms to ultimately destroy them completely. 

2.) Anti-slip

Copper gloves have greater grip and things won’t slip off from your hands. 

3.) Lightweight

The material is really lightweight and would not give your wrist a hard time. 

4.) Extremely comfortable

The material won’t cause swelling or irritation, instead, copper gloves help to reduce or prevent such conditions. 

5.) Very flexible 

Copper gloves adapt to the shape of your hand and would not interfere with your usage of them. 

6.) Self-cleansing 

Copper ions will kill of 99.9% of the microbes in about a couple of minutes and therefore there is little to no risk of contact contamination. 

7.) Odor-resistant 

As copper helps kill bacteria that causes odor, it can keep you from having smelly hands. 

8.) Durable 

A good pair of copper gloves will last you a long time. 

9.) Good for skin

Good for skin as it promotes collagen and elastin production and keeps your hands soft and younger looking. 

10.) Good with moisture wicking

11.) Beneficial in improving blood circulation 

How to wash copper infused gloves? 

Even though machine washable varieties are available, it is always preferable to wash copper infused gloves at the sink in some warm water-mild detergent solution.

It is not advisable to warm them by applying heat. Always make sure that the gloves have been completely air dried before using them after washing.

In case of machine wash, wash with cold water in delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat. Do not use iron on copper gloves and keep away from bleaches. 

Will copper gloves keep your hands warm? 

Copper has excellent heat trapping properties and copper infused gloves have a very snug fit. This prevents the contraction of blood vessels even in extremely low temperatures, keeping the hands warm and comfortable.

So copper gloves are winter friendly as well. They can be used while dealing with pathogens even in the low temperature conditions of laboratories. 

How long does copper infused gloves last? 

Copper infused gloves should be washed after a few days of usage and they can retain all their desirable properties up to 50+ washes. 

Medical conditions/diseases which can be treated by using copper infused gloves

Copper infused gloves through their antimicrobial properties and pain relief qualities can help treat the following issues: 

      • Arthritis
      • Tendonitis 
      • Carpal tunnel 
      • Sjogren’s Syndrome
      • Pain relief 
      • Improves circulation 
      • Helps in healing of wounds/injuries

Do copper infused gloves provide protection from COVID-19? 

Even though copper has the ability to destroy microbes in a matter of minutes, it has not yet been proven that copper infused gloves provide 100% protection from the corona virus. But it will definitely help reduce the chances of contact contamination and spread of the virus. 

Top 3 copper infused gloves 

1.) Doctor Developed Copper Arthritis gloves 

These doctor-prescribed copper infused gloves keep your hands comfortable and pain-free and would help you stick to the antimicrobial policy at work as well.

2.) Thx4COPPER Infused Compression Arthritis Gloves 

These comfy antibacterial gloves will keep you safe from pathogens while providing you with good support and ease of usage. 

 3.) Copper Infused Compression Gloves for Arthritis

The perfect blend of comfort, relief and safety 

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