Wolverine v/s Red Wing Work Boots Reviews, Comparison and Features

Redwing vs wolverine bootsWhile choosing the best boots, we are often confused among top brands.

So, to make the task easier for you, we chose two best brands crafted for boots.


We made a detailed comparison between the WOLVERINE WORK BOOTS and the  RED WING WORK BOOTS, the most talked about and trusted brands.

Before going into the comparison, let us first peep into the history and the characteristic features of the two brands:

History of Wolverine Boots

The founder of wolverine boots is G.A. Krause in 1883. They started their small leather tannery with only handful of employees and with relentless craftsmanship they produced work boots and gloves that are famous for comfort and toughness. And by 1903, Krause and his sons started producing over 300 boots in a single day in their new factory.

History of Wolverine Boots

Their original 1000 Mile boot is the soul of who they are. It was first introduced in 1910 and was named so as it offered 1000 miles of wear and all workers loved the soft, long-lasting shell horsehide leather.

Characteristic Features of Wolverine Boots

1.) Steel toe: The steel-toe boots from wolverine are rated ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 that help to protect feet from falling or rolling objects.

Steel-Vs.-composite toe

2.) Composite toe: The composite-toe boots are lightweight, non-conductive to heat and cold, and rated ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 to protect the foot from falling or rolling objects.

3.) EAA safety toe: The Engineered Aluminum Alloy (EAA) safety toe boots are rated F2413-11 I/75 C/75 that also help to protect the feet from falling or rolling objects.

4.) Metatarsal guard: Rated ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 the metatarsal guard helps to protect the top and front foot from falling or rolling objects.

Metatarsal guard

5.) EH (electrical hazard) construction: The special EH (electrical hazard) construction in the wolverine boots help to protect the wearer from electrical current on dry surfaces.

6.) Static dissipating: The SD (static dissipating) boots have special outsoles and construction that helps in preventing the build-up of static electricity on uninsulated surfaces.

7.) Puncture resistant: The puncture resistant boots rated ASTM F2413-11 PR, CSA Z192-02 and  EN ISO 20345: 2004 standards are provided with an internal insole that reduces the chances of puncture wounds to the bottom of the feet.

8.) Security friendly non-metallic: This helps the boots to remain undetectable in electronic security environments.

9.) GORE-TEX fabric: The GORE-TEX fabric with which he boots are made, make them absolutely waterproof and completely breathable. It helps the perspiration to escape through the membrane and water never gets in the enabling the feet to remain dry in multiple ways.


10.) Waterproof: They use waterproof leathers, sealed seams, heavy duty construction and waterproof membranes that help to keep water out and the feet completely dry.

11.) Arctic grip: This is the most advanced cold weather gripping system that is ever created by VIBRAM.

12.) VIBRAM outsoles: These maximum performance outsoles provide comfort, durability and functionality during heavy walk and play.


13.) 3M THINSULATE insulated: This offers low bulk insulation and dries super quickly that provides increased protection from the cold that is designed with thousands of microfibers that help trap insulated air.

14.) Insulated: They use a variety of insulating technologies that provides different levels of warmth to keep the feet comfortable in extreme cold.

15.) HI-VIS: It is provided with high visibility reflective tape that meets all current safety standards to keep the feet cool, safe and comfortable.

16.) PC wick: These products wick the moisture away from the body to provide cooler and drier comfort and the lightweight construction provides air circulation for ideal ventilation.

17.) UPF 20 sun protection: The boots with UPF 20 sun protection are made with fine yarn fabrics and dense construction to provide UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

History of Red Wing Work Boots

Founded by Charles H. Beckman in 1905, this American footwear company is based in Red Wing Minnesota. Within 10 years, the company started producing over 200,000 boots for the American soldiers in the warfare of World War II. 

Red Wing Shoes Presents: The Factory

Built in the USA with traditional construction techniques like- tanning, cutting, fitting, lasting, bottoming and shoe finishing, it transforms premium materials into supremely durable boots. 

Characteristic Features of Red Wing Boots

1.) Outsole: The Red Wing Boots are made with a rubber outsole or a combination of both rubber and leather.

2.) Midsole: They harder the midsole, the longer are the break-in time and the life span. Therefore, the Red Wing Boots are made with a hard midsole.

3.) Welt: The welt is the piece of leather round the edge of the sole to which the rest of the boot is attached to. The Red Wing Boots are made with Goodyear welt construction process that makes boots not only weather resistant but also allow them to be re-soled again and again.

4.) Last: The shoe upper is always pulled over the last that gives it its shape. The Red Wing Boots use 8 different lasts that dates back to 1930s.

5.) Cap toe: In this, an additional layer of leather forms a cap over the toe.

6.) Moc toe: This is one of the unique styles of RED WING that is named after the moccasin style and shape which is created when the leather seams meet on the top of the toe.

7.) VIBRAM outsoles: These maximum performance outsoles provide comfort, durability and functionality during heavy walk and play.

8.) Lug sole: This is a classic rubber sole featuring thick rubber treads that provides great traction and weather protection.

9.) Traction tred: The large white rubber wedge never mark factory floors and provides a generous cushioning for the feet.

10.) Irish setterThese are geared towards hunters and provide insulation and cushioning.

Wolverine or Red wing boots Comparison


Quality refers to the type of material used to make the boots and the durability they provide. Before buying the boots, you must be very careful about the quality of the leather with which they are made.

Red wing: 

Red Wing Shoes Technology: Leather Technology

The boots are made of premium grade leather that are tanned and toned in different colors to meet your specific needs.

Wolverine: Though they too are made with premium grade leather, but might not be tanned in too many colors which decrease your choices. But, they are a bit softer than the former which makes wearing them comfortable for a longer period.


Style refers to the look and shapes of the boots. Both the brands offer a lot of style for you to choose the best suited for you.

Red wing: 

Red Wing Style

Though they like to stick to the styles back in the 1950s, still they have modernized recently in their style of boots to offer you more advanced designs and multi-functionality.

Wolverine: They offer much more variety when it comes to style. The boots are modern and are usually little larger, which makes it a great choice for the ones with wide feet. Overall, in terms of modernity, wolverine outstand the red wing.


The wolverine boots are much heavier as compared to the red wing boots. However, the additional weight is because of the added safety features in the wolverine boots.

Safety Features

Safety features are one of the most looked into features when you work in hazardous environments. Safety features include the toe and the features on the sides of the boots. 

Red wing: They generally tend to stick to the steel toes for safety measures and protection. This makes the boots perfect for those in the logging industries than the electrical sections.

Wolverine: These boots are perfect for hazardous situations as they are made of composite materials. These composite materials are non-conductors of electricity and thus offer protection against electric current. Also, as the boots are heavy, they also offer protection from rolling or falling objects.

Comparison Between WOLVERINE and RED WING Boots


Red wing boots

Wolverine boots

Leather  S.B. Foot Tanning, Co. Oil-tanned leather, harder to wear in and aged very well Horween leather, Charles F. Stead Suede, Chromexcel leather, creased significantly, lots of loose grains
Outsole  Vibram Mini-lug or Cork Leather with added rubber for traction
Insole  Tanned Leather Leather footbed
Midsole  Cork midsole  Cork midsole 
Shank  Steel shank  No steel shank
Arch support More  Less 
Fit  Slightly narrower  True to size and wide toe feet
Repairable  Yes  Yes 
Customizable  No  Yes 

3 Best RED WING Boots we Liked

1.) Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot

The features we liked:

        • Made of 100% leather
        • The outsole is made of nitrile cork
        • Provided with a heel measuring 1”
        • 12” boot opening
        • Shaft measures 6”
        • It features a bump toe to provide more room up-front
        • Has a steel shank
        • It has a double layer leather toe cap
        • Has a leather heel pocket
        • The insole is made of leather
        • Provided with 48” laces

Detailed review:

The first thing to note is that these boots run a bit larger than your regular shoe size. They provide years of comfortable wear and are durable.

They are provided with a cap toe for extra protection. The leather insole provides a great cushioning.

The laces are provided to give you the perfect fit. The 12” boot openings are just unique to the other boots.

The bump-toe provides room for wide toed feet. The outsole provides great grip against slippery surfaces. Overall, the boots are extremely durable, stylish, comfortable and of heavy duty.

2.) Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6″ Boot

The features we liked:

        • Made of 100% leather
        • It has a synthetic sole
        • Provided with a heel measuring 1”
        • Goodyear welt construction
        • Moc-toe boot styling
        • Triple stitched
        • White traction tred rubber outsole
        • Leather insole
        • It has got nickel eyelets

Detailed review:

The boot opening measures 6’ round for easy entry and exit of the feet which makes it easy to wear and open them. The shaft measures 5.75” and the platform 0.75”.

The leather upper is waterproof. The Goodyear welt construction provides strength and durability and is also triple stitched.

The leather is stain and perspiration resistant. The outsole is sturdy and provides good grip. The moc-toe styling offers space for toes. Overall, the looks, design, comfort and durability is great.

3.) Red Wing Heritage Men’s Blacksmith Vibram Boot

The features we liked:

        • They are made of 100% leather
        • They have got a synthetic sole
        • Goodyear welt construction
        • Classic round toe styling
        • Triple stitched
        • Ankle length to provide ankle support
        • Outsole made of vibram 430 mini-lug leather

Detailed review:

The leather is water stain and perspiration resistant. The 6” height boots helps to protect your feet from snow in winter and dirt in the summers.

The classic round toe construction keeps feet comfortable all day long. The triple stitched leather is durable and heavy prevents any wear and tear. The boots also provide good grip.

3 Best WOLVERINE Boots we Liked

1.) Wolverine Men’s 1000 Mile Fashion Boot

The features we liked:

        • the lace-up design aids to great fit
        • the round toe style adds extra space for the wide toed feet
        • wood sole
        • it is made of 100% Horween leather
        • vibram outsole

Detailed review:

The boots are made of Horween leather upper which are durable and develops character over time. It is provided with traditional lace-up system and the laces are made with flat waxed cotton.

The Goodyear welt construction allows the boots to be re-soled for long years of wear. The interiors are unlined.

The foot bed is made of cushioned Horween leather and the outer sole of butyl-treated leather with Vibram rubber forepart and the rubber heel that provide traction and durability. 

2.) Wolverine Men’s Floorhand 6 Inch Waterproof Soft Toe Work Shoe

The features we liked:

        • Made of 100% full grain waterproof leather
        • It has got rubber sole to provide great traction
        • The foot bed is cushioned to provide all day comfort

Detailed review:

The soft- toe boot provides all day comfort with an added cushioned foot bed that prevents pain due to long hours of wearing. The rubber sole enables you to walk on any slippery surface with a good grip.

The boots are waterproof as they are made of full grain waterproof leather. The shaft measures 6” from the arch to provide added support to the ankle.

3.) Wolverine Men’s Raider 6″ Work Boot

The features we liked:

        • They are made of 100% leather
        • The outer sole is made of rubber
        • It has removable full-cushioned insole that provides all day comfort and support
        • Lug rubber outer sole that provides grip against slip and is oil and abrasion resistant
        • It has got breathable CK mesh lining

Detailed review:

The boots are extremely comfortable to wear all day long because of the soft cushioning in the insoles. The lug rubber outer sole prevents you from slip, oil and greased floor.

The shaft measures approximately 5.5” from the arch which provides great support to the ankle.

The good thing is that the insole can be removed and cleaned or replaced. The breathable CK mesh lining helps to keep feet dry while offering breathability.

Besides, it has got some amazing technologies as: wolverine contour welt, wolverine multishox, wolverine durashocks SR and wolverine fushion.

So, who Outstood the Comparison?

Truly speaking,

You cannot and can never say that one boot is better than the other.

Both of them have their own unique features and styles which make them best. You need to know your preferences and we hope that our comparison would make the task easier for you.

You need to understand first what your priority…is

If you are looking for modern style, Wolverine is the one for you.

If you are looking for extreme weather conditions, Wolverine is the one for you.

If you are looking for lightweight, Red Wing is the one for you.


The choice is completely yours!

Do let us know in the comment section below about your favourite pair of boots between the two.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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