Can You Wash Clothes Painted With Acrylic?

Prints are something that never goes out of fashion. Be it spring, summer or rains, a pop of color in the form of little paintings and prints is something everybody adores.

With a lot of DIY tips, tricks and tutorials floating around acrylic painting on clothes has become a very common thing as well. Now we are all able to print on or paint of acrylic flowers or designs on to our clothes and don them with pride or gift them with love.

Be it store bought acrylic painted fabrics or DIYed ones, taking proper care of them is crucial in keeping the prints intact. So what are the do’s and don’ts of washing and caring for acrylic painted fabrics? 

Worry not coz this article has got your back. From taking care of acrylic painted fabrics to removing acrylic paint stains, we have information about everything you need to know and have to know right here. So scroll down, read on and enlighten yourselves. 

Can You Wash Clothes Painted With Acrylic

Is it safe to wash clothes painted with acrylic? 

Acrylic paint would only wash off the cloth is the paint is wet but once the paintings or patterns dry up the paint won’t really be removed by normal or machine washing.

But one should really put in some effort and keep a few things in mind while taking care of such clothes to keep the paintings or prints good as new for a long time.

So if you were wondering if clothes painted with acrylic can be washed or not, the answer is simple YES. But if you want the paint to look flawless for a long time, follow the following instructions. 

How to wash clothes painted with acrylic? 

1.) The best way to wash clothes painted with acrylic is to wash it by hand and air dry the clothes.

2.) If you are washing the clothes in the washing machine make use of a gentle cycle and avoid soaking the clothes for too long.

3.) Always make sure that the tumble dryer is set to low heat.

4.) Do not use hot water to soak your clothes in.

5.) If it’s a DIYed cloth it is preferable to wait for at least four days before washing it.

6.) Do avoid bleach or any type of spot cleaning. 

7.) Make sure that the cloth is spin dried at room temperature. 

If you do follow these instructions while washing clothes that have been painted with acrylic, you will be able to ensure that the paintings or prints would remain fresh and lovely for a really long time despite regular or repeated washes. 

How do you seal acrylic paint on clothing? 

We never usually use acrylic paint directly on to a fabric as acrylic paint tends to dry up fast and crack easily. So while painting on permanent designs on to a cloth one must mix a fabric medium with the acrylic paint to ensure that the painting stays on the fabric for a really long time. 

You should give the paint ample time to dry up naturally and once that’s done apply heat on to the acrylic paintings or prints to help seal that permanently on to the fabric.

Running a hot iron over the fabric is the best way to seal the acrylic paint. But make sure that you wait at least for 24 hours before you iron the fabric. Don’t apply extreme heat as it can cause scorch marks. Use moderate temperature to seal the paint. 

Instead of an iron you can also make use of a hair dryer but make sure that you do not apply too much heat on the fabric. Make sure to use the dryer on low setting. 

Does acrylic paint wash off in the washing machine? 

Even though handwash is preferable when it comes to clothes painted with acrylic, it is totally fine to machine wash them as well.

But make sure to use the gentle cycle, use low heat tumble dryer setting and make use of cold to room temperature water to keep the paint intact. 

Do avoid soaking the clothes for too long or soaking them in hot water. Also make sure that you take the clothes out of the washer as soon as the cycle is finished as leaving them in there all damp might cause the paint to come off as flakes. 

If you keep in mind these simple tips while washing clothes painted with acrylic you have nothing to worry about while tossing them in the washer. 

How to remove acrylic paint stains from clothes? 

We have indeed seen how to preserve the acrylic paintings and prints of fabrics but what are you supposed to do if you spill some paint on some fabric?

How will you be able to remove the acrylic paint? Well the task is not an impossible one and we do have a few simple tips and tricks to help you with it. 

1.) The best way to remove the acrylic paint from a fabric is to wash the cloth before the paint dries up. Acting quickly and washing it off would help you get rid of the stain. 

2.) You can scrape off the paint with a coin, your fingernail or even a brush 

3.) You can apply isopropyl alcohol on to the paint stain to remove it. 

4.) You can also make use of an ammonia-vinegar solution made with 1 cup of ammonia, 1 cup of white vinegar and a handful of salt to get rid of the stain. 

5.) Applying dish soap mixed with some hot water would also help in removing the paint stain. 

6.) You can also use a little bit of nail polish remover as the acetone helps remove the paint with ease. 

So the next time you spill some paint, just wrap up the horror, act quickly and use these tips to save your fabric. 

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Can you iron clothes painted with acrylics?

If the acrylic paint was properly mixed with a fabric medium the paint will last and can be ironed. After heat setting the paint and washing the cloth you must wait until it has properly dried up before you iron it.

You can use medium heat to iron the clothes. But make sure that you apply heat on the wrong side and not directly on top of the painted side of the fabric. 

I do hope that you found the article useful. So paint on people and add some pop of color on to your clothes and days. 

Until we meet again with an informative article, CIAO!! 

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