How Often Should I Change My Rubber Gloves?

Injuries in a worksite are quite common. Hence to have good safety protective equipment is mandatory. Gloves are one such safety measure that a worker needs to have all the time while being engaged in tough work.

Work gloves come in various materials, one of which is rubber. Rubber gloves are known for their resistance to punctures, holes, heat, and even electricity. They are therefore quite popular and often in demand.

However, using rubber gloves for a prolonged period can be quite tricky. They can wear out if used beyond a point. It is therefore essential to know when to change your rubber gloves.

Rubber gloves if used with care and maintained properly can last for months. You need to check for wear and tear and do frequent checks to change the gloves. Knowing the tricks to extend the life of your gloves can help in saving the cost of frequent changes.

How Often Should I Change My Rubber Gloves

Signs that you need to change your work gloves

1.) Check for wear and tear

Look out for wear and tear in the gloves. Gloves when used for a long time can have small tears on them. If you use the gloves without taking heed of these tears, then they can become bigger and leave huge gaps exposing your skin.

The rubber gloves tend to sag when used for days. As the material has the tendency to do so irrespective of the product that it is used for, one needs to be very careful while dealing with these gloves.

Wear and tear is the best way to tell that the product needs to be replaced. Examining them can give the user an idea as to how long they can be used for. Better you change as soon as you find a tear.

This way you can ensure complete safety of your hands, especially when involved in tedious and dangerous tasks.

2.) Test the gloves

Yes, you can make use of technology and test your gloves. Testing your rubber gloves can be done within a frequency of a few months. This is essential if you are using gloves for procedures that involve electricity.

Gloves are usually tested by the company at the time when the products are finished. The same procedure can be done after six months of initial use. 

Regular testing of rubber gloves is extremely important for it. Using them in bad conditions can cost you even your life.

If you get any clue that the gloves are not completely safe, then do not hesitate to replace them.

3.) Do an inspection before each use

Periodic testing and inspection before each shift are not the same. The latter can be done within a few seconds. Just mere observation is necessary to see if the rubber gloves are in good condition. 

Inspection with eyes before each use is a quick way to decide the working condition of the gloves. However, to have an in-depth analysis proper testing is necessary.

How can I extend the lifespan of my rubber gloves?

Here are some tips that I have tried and have proven to be useful in extending the life of rubber gloves.

1.) Wash the gloves after each use. Keeping the materials free from dust and other materials that post-work can help in maintaining the quality of the gloves.

Moreover, clean gloves give you a better idea about the condition of the gloves during the inspection.

2.) When it comes to rubber gloves that are specially made for industrial works, you can use them multiple times. But in case you are using a disposable rubber glove, do not try to use them for a second time.

3.) Make sure to store the rubber gloves in a place that is free of moisture and dirt. Keeping them safe from contaminants is necessary to make them last longer. As these are to be worn close to your skin, better keep them clean and dry all the time. 

If you are using insulated rubber gloves, make it a point to store them in a bag that is completely devoid of chemicals, solvents, or oils.

1.) Remember, rubber gloves can give you sweaty palms. The insides therefore can get very moisty during each use.

Make sure to pull the inside out and clean the gloves using soap and water to keep the gloves hygienic and ready for the next use.

2.) Insulated rubber gloves should not be creased or folded while being stored. Also, they should not be stretched or compressed.

Try to keep them in their intact form as much as possible. To ensure the same, keep them away from any kind of heavy objects. 

5 Best Rubber Work Gloves

Here is the list of the five best rubber gloves that can give you a good work experience while ensuring safety:

1.) ROYAKI Chemical Resistant Latex Gloves

Coming with diamond pattern, these gloves give the user a better grip. Doing tasks that need the user to hold heavy objects can be made easier with these. Moreover, these are suitable for a variety of industrial uses.

2.) Better Grip BGWANS Safety Winter Insulated Gloves

For a durable and flexible glove experience, you can go with these. These well-crafted latex gloves are available in various colors.

They are specially made for those who are looking for a comfortable cover for their hands while involved in tedious tasks.

3.) Long Waterproof Rubber Gloves, Pond Gloves

Made with quality material, these gloves come shoulder-length and therefore offer almost complete protection for your hands.

They are ideal to be used in processes that involve oil, acid, or any such harmful solvents.

4.) Electrical Insulated Lineman Rubber Gloves

These insulated gloves are designed to keep your hands neat and tidy. The material prevents skin chafing. Due to the thick and high-quality material used, these are extremely safe to be used for high voltage activities.

5.) Vgo 5-Pairs Freezer Rubber Latex Gloves

This pair of safety gloves are ideal to be used for heavy duties in a cold atmosphere. The material used can keep the palms warm in extreme weather.

Moreover, the fit of these gloves is claimed to be very comfortable for the user’s hands.

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To Wrap Up

Change your rubber gloves when you find they are not suitable for further use.

Keep a keen eye to find any change in the texture or any other flaw that can happen as a result of continuous use.

Do not hesitate to go for a new pair any time for they have the value of your life!

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