5 Best Golf Pants for Work

The first question that may arrive when considering golf pants for work is can you wear golf pants to work? Without a doubt, the answer is YES!

Most golf pants are versatile in design and will have a nice appearance, they may just be a tad more comfortable and above all lightweight, making them ideal for some work environments and climates.

Because there has been substantial innovation in the design of golf pants, they can actually be quite an attractive choice. Consider ventilation, and waistbands that are sticky on the inside, so that your shirt remains tucked in during movement.

Manufacturers are attentive to breathability and comfort and may add in a little stretch to aid movement. Plus, there is a lot of variety in selections so you can find your own personal style.

Best Golf Pants for Work

Our favorite golf pants for work are the Adidas Classic Ultimate Golf Pant. Our team quite a fun challenge testing the golf pants in varying work situations. In the end, these pants overwhelmingly took first place because they are well-constructed, durable, and offer a great fit.

But if you like the idea of classic-fit golf pants, the IZOD Microsanded Classic Golf Pants are also a great option for a polished professional look at work.

Golf PantsMaterialFeaturesStyle
Adidas Classic UltimateSoft 55% nylon, 11% elastane, and 34% polyesterFront and back pockets, Lightweight, Stretch fit for improved movementClassic Golf Pant Regular fit
Adidas Climacool Airflow88% polyester and 12% elastaneInsets and gusset in Climacool mesh, Lightweight, Moisture-wicking, Waistband is stretch, Silicone gripper, Water-resistantStraight leg fit
Under Armour Men’s “Match Play”54% nylon, 3% of elastane, and 43% polyesterMoisture-wicking, Stretch waistband, Four pockets, Odor-free capabilityStraight Pant leg
IZOD Microsanded Classic100% polyesterUPF 50, Moisture-wickingClassic Golf Pant
Nike Slim Flex Five-Pocket51% cotton, 4 % spandex, and 45% polyesterElastic waistband, 4-way stretch materialFive-pocket design

The Reviews

Best Overall Golf Pants for Work

1.) Adidas Classic Ultimate Golf Pant

A great pair of lightweight golf pants that are well-constructed, durable, and offer a great fit. A silicone gripper is positioned on the inside of the waistband so that your shirt stays tucked in.

Made in 55% nylon, 11% elastane, and 34% polyester, they have a silky feel against the skin. The design is regular with belt loops and a leg fit that is neither snug nor loose.

Storage space is guaranteed with both front and back pockets. Made for exceptional flexibility and movement, they nonetheless offer a dry fit.

Machine washable, they are advertised as true to fit. Available in sizes from 28 Wx30L to 44W x 34L. and in seven different tints


      • Soft 55% nylon, 11% elastane, and 34% polyester
      • Regular fit
      • Front and back pockets
      • Lightweight
      • Machine washable
      • Stretch fit for improved movement


      • Easily stained
      • Wrinkle easily
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Best Breathable Golf Pants for Work

2.) Adidas Climacool Airflow Golf Pants

These popular golf pants from industry powerhouse Adidas are both cool and comfortable. If you are looking for pants particularly indicated for hot climates, these are sure to be a viable option.

Adidas has designed these with airflow in mind so that you remain cool. Made in 88% polyester and with 12% elastane blended in, they also feature a gusset in Climacool mesh for increased ventilation.

They also are water-resistant so if you get caught outside in the rain while working, these pants will protect you as well. 

A stretch waistband enables your movement so bending or twisting around will not present any problems.  Stylish and lightweight, they are machine washable and moisture-wicking.

A silicone gripper helps keep shirts tucked in all day long.  Sizing starts with X-Small and goes to 3X-Large.


      • 88% polyester and 12% elastane
      • Machine washable
      • Insets and gusset in Climacool mesh
      • Lightweight
      • Moisture-wicking
      • Waistband is stretch
      • Silicone gripper 
      • Water-resistant


      • Some wrinkling reported
      • Length considerations
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Best Stretch Golf Pants for Work

3.) Under Armour Men’s Golf Pants “Match Play”

Under Armour manufactures this popular pair of golf pants in a fabric blend of 54% nylon, 3% of elastane, and 43% polyester.

As a result, they are exceptionally lightweight and comfortable thanks to that 3% of elastane that ensures just the right amount of stretch for movement on the job. 

This fabric blend is soft against the skin and maintains cool thanks to moisture-wicking capabilities that keep you dry all day long.

In fact, if the pants become wet, they dry very quickly and they are somewhat odor resistant. The style features a straight pants leg but with enough looseness to guarantee comfort.

If you like a looser leg, these are ideal. Four convenient pockets and lots of colors make these golf pants an attractive option. Sizes range between 30W x 30L to 42W x 36L.


      • Nylon-Polyester-Elastane blend
      • Machine washable
      • Moisture-wicking
      • Stretch waistband
      • Four pockets
      • Odor-free capability
      • Lightweight
      • Lots of sizes


      • May be baggy for some who prefer a tighter leg
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Best Classic Style Golf Pants for Work

4.) IZOD Microsanded Classic Golf Pants

Made in 100% polyester, these golf pants from IZOD offer both a great look and a great fit. The waist fit together with a loose but not baggy leg design make these pants very comfortable.

While the leg itself has room, the ankle will taper just enough to give the classic look. The fabric does have some stretch so that the pants will not restrict movement while you are at work.

Due to the fact that they are made of100% polyester, they are easy to care for as they are machine washable. If you hang them correctly, they will not need to be ironed. This fabric is also exceptionally durable.

If you work outdoors or in sunny conditions, these pants offer protection from UV rays with a UPF of 50. Moisture-wicking properties mean you will remain dry and cool on the job.

Designed with two pockets in the front that are flat and two back pockets that are welted, the pants have ample storage. Available in a selection of five varying shades of classic colors, there are sixteen different size options.


      • 100% polyester
      • Machine washable
      • UPF 50 
      • Moisture-wicking
      • Durable
      • Classic look


      • Leg may be wide for some
      • Zipper could be improved
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Best Motion Golf Pants for Work

5.) Nike Slim Flex Five-Pocket Golf Pants

These are impressive golf pants made by Nike in their four-way stretch material. The casual style is flattering and if you need lots of range of motion on the job, these are some of the best the market has to offer. 

Produced in a blend of 51% cotton, 4 % spandex, and 45% polyester, they feature a button closure and zippered fly. The design features five pockets and denim-inspired stitching with rivets.

This flex fabric literally flexes with your body. Available in three colors, these slim flex pants start sizing at 28W x 32L and go up to 42W x 30L.


      • 51% cotton, 4 % spandex, and 45% polyester
      • Casual jean-inspired style
      • Five pockets
      • Elastic waistband
      • Button closure and zippered fly


      • Could be more color options
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All Things Considered

So, are golf pants much different than other work pants when it comes to choosing? Not really! Here are some factors to keep in mind when making your choice.

1.) Breathability

One of the primary reasons for selecting golf pants for the workplace is the amount of breathability they afford. Most top-quality golf pants will have good ventilation and airflow.

This can be a real advantage when working in warmer climates or in industrial situations where temperatures are high.

Another great feature that many golf pants can offer is moisture-wicking. Moisture-wicking will keep perspiration and thus moisture away from your legs, so they remain dryer at work avoiding irritation and chafing. 

Also, consider that golf pants may have pockets made from mesh, and this will also increase airflow and ventilation.

3.) Care

Since you’ll be wearing your golf pants to work, know that they will be subjected to wear and tear and probably more than what you might experience on the golf course.

So, look for pants that are easy maintenance and care. Look for pants that are machine washable and  wrinkle-resistant or even better, wrinkle-free.

4.) Color 

When thinking about golf pants, there are a lot of colors available. Light colors may be somewhat cooler if your work in the heat, but they may also stain much easier and get dirty quicker.

5.) Comfort

While everyone’s idea of comfort is different, when it comes to pants in the workplace, comfort is a priority. You don’t want to be uncomfortable in the workplace, or the discomfort can have a negative effect on your job performance.

Comfort may depend on several factors such as design, fabric, how pants fit, and of course the quality of the construction.

You’ll need to select the right pair for the climate or environment you work in, and potentially for the season of the year. You can look for heavier fabric weight if the temperature drops.

6.) Cost

You may have a budget to respect, so the cost of the golf pants will enter into the equation. In any case, choose quality. Name brands may be more expensive, but they bring credibility when looking for quality and durability.

7.) Material

The other factors will depend largely on the fabric used in the pants’ construction. These include durability, breathability, style, and even comfort. Golf pants are often produced in fabric blends that include polyester, cotton, nylon, and elastane.

The kind of material that you choose should be based on your personal taste and what makes you feel more comfortable. A popular blend for flexibility will be cotton and polyester with some elastane.

8.) Pants’ Fit

Getting the correct size is fundamental. Your comfort at work will depend on it. If you don’t have the possibility to try on the pants before purchasing, follow the manufacturer’s sizing guide, and if in doubt, measure both the waist and length.

If you can try the pants on, move around a bit to make sure the comfort extends to your typical work movements. Twist around, walk, and above all, bend over. If you are unsure. It may be wiser to go with a larger size as opposed to ending up with pants that are too small.

However, you don’t want a fit that is too baggy, so avoid selecting pants that have excess material at the ankles. Too baggy can be as much of a hindrance as pants that are too tight.

9.) Style

Style is about you and your personal taste. Some golf pants even come in patterns, but a neutral color will look good with just any type of work shirt.

Golf pants will look great in the office, onsite, or even when meeting with clients. The color and coupling are up to you. 


Any of the golf pants on our list are great options for a work environment. They are well constructed, fit well, are comfortable, and look professional.

Many have moisture-wicking properties and offer UV protection as well as enhanced airflow and ventilation if you work outdoors.

If you like the idea of golf pants for look and comfort on the job, take a look at our choices and in any case, consider adding golf pants to your basic workwear wardrobe.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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