What Does 9.5 D Mean in Shoe Size?

When we say the word “shoe size”, we generally mean the length of the shoe and we often make this mistake!

Why I am calling it a mistake that’s because the size of the shoe does not only mean the length but also the width of the shoe.

The width is the longest area at the ball of the foot (just below the starting point of the toes from the feet). Most people have average feet width so for them, not bothering about the width of the shoe while buying shoes won’t make a difference.

But if you have narrower feet than the general or wider feet, you must consider the width of the shoe while buying.

What Does 9.5 D Mean in Shoe Size

The width is generally mentioned under the tongue pad of the shoes, but if it’s not, you can contact the manufacturer for the width of the shoe you are going to buy. And make sure you do it!

But our question in hand today is…

What does the size 9.5 D mean in shoes?


The size 9.5 is for a foot with 10 ½” in length for a men’s shoe and with 10″ for a women’s shoe and the letter D denotes the width of the shoe which is 4 2/16″ for a women’s shoe and 3 15/16″ for a men’s shoe. 

But there’s some information that I have in store for you in this article that you should consider before making a purchase of your favorite pair of shoes.

What does D mean in shoe width?

According to the US sizing for shoes, the letter D in shoes means average or medium width in men and wide in women.

So, if you have normal feet shape and size which isn’t too broad at the toes, the width size D should be perfect for you.

What is the average shoe width?

Shoe width generally starts from B for men which indicates a narrow width for men, D stands for average width and then EE for wide. 

For women it all starts with AAAA which indicates very narrow width, then it’s AA indicating a narrow width, then B indicating an average width, D indicating wide and lastly EE indicating an extra wide width.

So, for men D is the average width and for women B is the average width.

What does a D size shoe mean?

The size D, as I have mentioned above denotes a normal or average shoe width which is the most common width found in men.

So, if you have no problem with the width of your feet, and do not know what size shoe width you actually need, just close your eyes and choose the shoe size with a width of D.

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What shoe size is wider M or D?

For a men’s shoe, both the letters D and M mean the same that is average or medium.

But for women, the letters D and M would mean different, wherein D indicates wide and M indicates medium. The letter M is synonymous to the letter B which is average for women.

So, for men, D and M makes no difference, but for women, D is obviously wider than M.

What does 9.5 mean in shoe size?

Coming to the length of the shoes, which is generally considered the size of the shoes, it also varies in men and women.

For example,

For a men’s shoe the size 9.5 is for a foot with 10 ½” for men and for a woman it’s a foot with 10″.

The difference between men’s and women’s shoes is huge. Seeing the above measurement do not consider that a man and a woman’s feet differs by only half inches. The calculation is actually quite difficult.

For a women’s shoe, the size 11 is for 10 ½ inches foot whereas it’s the 9.5 shoe for the same 10 ½” foot in men. And for a men’s shoe size 11, it’s 11″ foot in length.

What does D mean in measurement?

In width too you know that a men’s shoe and a women’s shoe differs a lot!

But what’s the exact measurements for the size D in men and women?

Well, the size 9.5 D in men’s shoes is for feet with 3 15/16″ in width and for women’s shoes it’s 4 2/16″ in width and while 4.5 inches is EE width for women, the width of 4.5 for the same shoe size of 9.5 is 6E for a men’s shoe.

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And it’s a wrap!

That’s all folks for this post!

Hope this article has helped you gain knowledge regarding the right shoe width for your feet.

If so, do remember us often and come back to us for more solutions to all your shoe problems.

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