What Should Construction Workers Eat Before Work?

Well are you a construction worker? 

Are you all set to go out and build a villa or a skyscraper? Well it’s important that you get yourself a nice and wholesome meal to kick start the day. But what should you eat before work? 

The first meal must give you all the energy you need to keep going and it shouldn’t be so heavy that you end up yawning after an hour.

So if you are a construction worker what should you eat before work? If you have no idea what the answer to that question is, we have done some research to help you out.

We’ll help you decide what you should eat, when you should eat and how much you should eat to just let that Bob the Builder within you shine. 

What Should Construction Workers Eat Before Work

What should you eat before construction work? 

Well the construction sector requires you to stay energetic and alert all day and therefore, it is important for construction workers to have a perfect meal before they commence their days.

A worker who skips a meal has been proven to be much less productive than one that starts the day with a healthy meal. 

Construction workers have to be fit, mentally and physically. Being one of the most hardworking laborers out there, they have to lift and be active all day and has to be really alert and innovative at work to prevent any sort of mishaps. 

Construction workers must eat food with low fat content, but provides energy for a longer period of time without being a bit too overpowering. The food should also help you remain hydrated.

Fruits and veggies are indeed important to keep the body from wilting because of dehydration. Foods containing whole grains is a must as they can provide you with energy all day long. 

With healthy carbohydrates, fruits and veggies it is also pivotal to add the required amount of protein. Lean proteins can be added into the diet, but avoid a protein overdose as that can make you feel tired and drowsy all day. 

The following are diet essentials for every construction worker out there: 

1.) Vegetables 

Red, orange and dark green vegetables are indeed an essential part of a nutrient rich meal. Add some tomatoes and broccoli into your salad or have some yummy sweet potatoes. 

2.) Fruits 

Fruits are storehouses of nutrients and they help to keep yourself energetic and hydrated. Some avocadoes, berries or bananas with toast would do the trick. Dried fruits such as apricots and dates are also good to keep the blood sugar up and on. 

3.) Whole grains 

Fiber rich foods containing whole grains are nutritious and can keep you energized all day long. Instead of heavy processed foods, go for whole grain foods that can keep your gut healthy and body fit. 

4.) Meat 

It is necessary to have enough protein sources in your diet when you have to engage in challenging physical labor all day.

Lean meats with low fat content like chicken or turkey will fill your tummy and give you the proteins you need. 

5.) Fish 

Fish is a very healthy source of protein. It has very low fat content and hence it gives you the nutrients without any of the post meal drowsiness. Mackerel and sardines are the best choices.  

6.) Nuts 

Nuts are a great addition to your meal as they contain protein, healthy fats, minerals etc. Nuts are treasure troves of nutrients and adding them to a meal can make it more wholesome.

Nuts can also be used as snacks you can crunch on when you start feeling the energy levels depleting a bit 

7.) Eggs 

Rich in protein, healthy fats and calcium, an egg with your breakfast can easily provide you with all the nutrients you need. It is best to avoid having the yolk and use just the white as the yolk has the tendency to give you cholesterol. 

You can consume these foods as smoothies or porridge or wraps or sandwiches. Prepare meals that have a good amount of healthy carbs, proteins, fibers and fats. A healthy meal with all the necessary nutrients is the best way to start a construction worker’s day. 

What should construction workers have for lunch? 

For a construction worker lunch need not just be a subway wrap or some fries. The lunch should be filling and provide enough energy to keep going without feeling sleepy.

Fish, chicken or turkey can be used to make the perfect lunch for a construction worker. You can have tuna wraps, chicken or turkey sandwiches, chicken and brown rice or other low fat, protein- rich dishes for lunch. 

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What should construction workers have after work? 

The post-work meal must be nutrient rich and it can be a bit heavier than the rest of the day’s meals. Your dinner can be fatty or spicy depending on what you like or dislike.

But it is important that it is a wholesome meal because the nutrients from the dinner will replenish all the lost energy and arm you up for another day’s work.

You can have steak and rice, roasted fish or other fish dishes, you can have grilled meat or vegetable curries for dinner. Eat what you love but make sure you are getting all the necessary nutrients too. 

Foods construction workers should avoid before work 

1.) Fatty foods 

Fried or fatty foods are a big no before work. These foods require a lot of time and energy to be digested.

Fatty foods

Hence if you have fatty foods before construction work it is going to make feel drowsy and weak. Hence cheese burgers and fries or pizzas are not the way to kick start your work day. 

2.) Carbonated drinks 

Sodas and fizzy waters can give you gas. Most of them contain a lot of artificial sweeteners as well and hence they are not such a healthy choice. If you don’t want to have gas or diabetes, it’s best to say no to carbonated drinks. 

3.) Alcohol 

Construction work requires physical strength as well as mental precision and attention. Not only do they make you a bit dizzy, alcoholic drinks can cause dehydration and delay the breaking down of foods. Alcohol can give you cramps or muscle fatigue as well. 

4.) 100% fruit juices 

Gulping down a big glass of fruit juice will not provide you the calories you require in the desired amount of time.

Fruits contain the sugar called fructose and they take longer to digest. If you drink just a big glass of fruit juice instead of a proper meal, it can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea. 

5.) Spicy foods 

Spicy foods right in the morning can give you heartburn. 

Should a construction worker’s meal portions be big or small? 

A working man is expected to consume 3000 calories a day if he is to satisfactorily perform physical labor.

The first meal of the day, before a construction worker goes to work must be high is complex carbohydrates, rich in fibers, minerals, proteins and other nutrients.

Hence the first meal of the day would indeed be a larger meal that provides enough calories to keep going through the day. The remaining calories can be taken through small meals, distributed throughout the day. 

When should construction workers eat before work? 

Since construction workers have to consume enough portions of their meals to provide them will all the energy required to keep going through a day of hardwork, it is advisable that they have their meal at least two or three hours prior to their work time.

This gives the body enough time to breakdown the food and use it as fuel. If you have a nice large meal and head straight to work, the body will keep energy in reserve to break down the food thereby making you less productive at work. 

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